Hurricane Prophetic Article or Chinese Weather War Plot?

Take a look at this:
Text Follows (from Dallas Morning News):

"That Sinking Feeling: When Houston's gone, will anyone miss it?

12:02 AM CDT on Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Houston, you have a problem. The Gulf of Mexico is coming back to reclaim you. At least, that's what a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report says, more or less.

Southern Louisiana? Good as gone. What the Big Hurricane left of Galveston? Soon to go.

You're next.

We'll miss Cajun Country and historic Galveston. You? Not so much.

Like a guy losing his hair, you can look at it as your land mass receding or your gulf growing. Either way, someone else will have to become Sweat City, fattest town on the planet.

This is what happens when you keep building sporting palaces without knocking down the old ones. The cumulative weight makes the ground sink. Hope that last Super Bowl was a good time. Next, an America's Cup qualifier.

From up here in Dallas – "higher ground" to you – the view is not so bad. We're several centuries from your fate. So, on the bright side:

Unless Roger Clemens takes up synchronized swimming, he might as well pitch for the Rangers.

The Cowboys' loss to your Texans won't mean so much when another of your NFL franchises has to move.

Your 17 billion mosquitoes will need new habitat (and we're suddenly flush with bat houses up here).

Thousands of exotic dancers will need new stages. (We've got 'em!)

You won't need your city charter anymore, not that we'd know what to do with it. (Have you not heard of the virtues of council-manager?)

No need for a zoning plan, and your sprawl will be under water.

No more floods. (This is what happens when you build on a swamp.)

No more refinery funk. Our air quality improves without your ozone blowing up this way. (That's what they tell us, anyway.)

Two fewer airports to compete with D/FW.

Our drive to the beach is two hours shorter, and we get better seafood."


Anyway, I thought that article was amazing because it mentions New Orleans and Galveston being gone? Was this some type of prophecy taking place, or have the Chinese learned how to manipulate weather and they are now wrecking our country?
... Or we realize that those are some of the most vulnerable cities in the Gulf. We've all known New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen, and Galveston is up to get tagged again. It's coincidental I fear...
I am glad someone is finally bold enough to write that. I can't stand one more story about the poor starving people of New Orleans...
Hey, let's consult with that looney tune Scott Stevens and see what sort of scalar energy weapon is causing this sort of bad mojo in the Gulf.........