Help with some Questions

Dec 8, 2003
Leicester, England
Sorry to come cap in hand here – but I am after some information for a presentation that I am giving in a months time at the UK Tornado and Storm Research Organisation.

Roughly how many SPC tornado forecasts do verify/don’t verify into a tornadic event – I would regard an single tornado occurring within the watch box as verification – a rough percentage would do – is there any online analysis available – I am trying to balance this against our own UK tornado watch box forecasts.

Also, does any one have a ball park figure for the cost of setting up a NEXRAD 88D Doppler radar site as well as the annual running costs – as many of you know we don’t have Doppler here in the UK (apart from a few research installations) – I Am trying to come up with a setup and running cost figure for a network that would cover the UK. My current thinking (based on range) is that we would need 7 sites to cover the UK and southern Ireland.