For those wanting to learn about weather...

like me, just a reminder to be sure to keep following the threads in the Target Area. Discussions in there (Frances dominating now of course) are fantastic and the evident collective knowledge is way kewl!

Thanx to all for the great posts, link reminders and discussion. I've learned so much in the last few days regarding hurricanes and over the last few months regarding severe weather in general.

Be well, TR
I've gotta agree with him on that! This season in general has been as much education as I have seen before in my entire life. Not only did reading through forums and keeping tabs on things going on help me, but I was able to spend a ton of time in the field to put some of this to work as well as learn hands on. Its been an incredible season, and what I've gotten out of it has been invaluable! Major kudos to ST's forum and everyone in it! 8)
I really do have to say that I have learned alot from this experience. I'm glad I'm allowed to partake in the activity, and very thankful.
As someone else who was allowed to join the forum to learn,there has been so much going on that sometimes it is hard to comprehend it all.
Thanks to every one for sharing your information with us all, I know we all have to start somewhere and this is the best I have found.