Favorite tornado photos from chase 2005

With all of the spring and half the summer in the books, chase season 2005 is essentially over (barring the surprise late summer or fall outbreak, hey, I wouldn't complain 8) ). What, in your opinion, are the "best" (can be defined as photographic quality AND/OR by the appearance of the tornado/storm) tornado images to come out of the 2005 chase season? They can be from any chaser, on any storm, on any day.

A few of my favorites (so far; quite a few chasers don't have all of theirs online yet) in chronological order:


Eric Nguyen, April 10, 2005, western Kansas.


J.R. Hehnly, April 21, 2005, Parsons, Kansas.


George Kourounis, May 12, 2005, South Plains, Texas.


Mike Peregrine, June 04, 2005, Hiawatha, Kansas.


Mike Hollingshead, June 09, 2005, Hill City, Kansas.


Jason Politte, June 12, 2005, Girard, Texas.


Doug Raflik, June 29, 2005, Minkato, Minnesota.

Congrats to everyone who made lemonade out of a "lemon" of a chase season! :D

I had to piece this together since I couldnt fit this thing in one frame while tapeing. It was only about 200-300 yards away. This was up in MN on June 29. But this picture make s it look farther away. Very memorable day.
Little larger image than on my website. The actual image is very large and appears I am very close.

Edit: Like Ryan (below) I guess I read this wrong too and thought the post was for each individual chasers favorite shot from the year so I posted mine. However this is still one of my favorites from the year even if I did shoot it. It was a dramatic storm and I think this captured some of that.
Andy -

You're making some of us feel left out. :lol: Favorite TORNADO photos of the 2005 season? Hmmmm.......

I guess if I had even ONE still photograph from my 2005 season under my belt.....it wouldn't feel that bad, but....

I don't think a thread for your favorite bust of 2005 will ever exist......but - if it does - give me a shout!

OK OK - all this is tongue-in-cheek - yes. :wink:

The worst thing I did in the 2005 chase season (apart from attempt to hold down a job) is let that old Canon AE1P out of my sights. Never again.....

I'm still somewhat in disbelief that I have not one still photograph to my name for 2005. Just how does that HAPPEN? :? :lol:

Sorry to be off-topic. I like Mike Hollingshead's photo of Hill City from 2005.

This pic's of the June 5, 2005 monster supercell as we (Myself, Jon V., & Sean Mullen (not the one on ST!) intercepted this incredible twisting mountain of a storm just west of Limon on I-70, around 6:50pm MDT.
I couldn't figure out how to actually insert a pic into the post, so I provided direct links instead:

The 1st one's a link to 'My Favorite Pic' (modified shot might be a little small, so u can download it & enlarge/improve as you wish).
The 2nd link should take you to my online album of the event. This album's viewable to everyone, but not all pics have copyright tags, so PLEASE include proper credits if you use these! Thanks 8).
Note: Be sure to check out the ThreatNet screenshots at the end! Always fun when you've got ALL arrows pointing right at YOU :p !!

From Holdrege, NE, this May:



*edit* Aw, shoot! I thought it was "your best" of the year. For "best of the year" I'd pick Mike H.'s shot above. My best this year were pretty mediocre, IMO. :)
No Question that Mike H has the best of all shown all above, But I still think that his pictures of the GI supercell blow them all out of the water even though there were no Tornadoes.