Can you tell it's winter in Michigan?


Now that's a beauty - A little something for everyone... :lol:
LOL I love how the Ice Storm Warning butts up against the Tornado Watch... Counties in southeastern OK are showing up as being under a tornado watch AND a winter storm watch now... Of course, the tornado threat is gone, and the winter storm watch doesn't go into effect until tomorrow (I think), but it's still interesting to see in the graphics.
When I read your (rdewey) post in the other thread my jaw slammed the floor. This is bloody NUTS. We had thunder and lightning here at about 5 pm. I have seen nothing like this in my life, it makes me kinda worried about May and beyond.
Yeah, it is interesting... Lansing is currently 33F with a Tornado watch in effect... Meanwhile, about 15 miles to the south... Temperatures are currently in the mid 50's. I'm still waiting for temps to rocket upward over here near PTK as well... METAR's all showing 41F, but my local thermometers say 37F. We got about 1.5 inches of snow on the ground from last night...

We didn't get the ice storm, so bring on the SVR and high wind event!
Ice Warning, I am in southwest Kent County, so far
nothing in the way of ice, had some pea size hail
today, a few good ligthning bolts and off and on
thunderstorms. Newaygo County to the north of
Kent County has seen 1/4 to 1/2 inch of hail, with
reports of trees limbs and power lines down.

6pm observations: A difference of 50 miles
GRAND RAPIDS TSTM 32 31 96 E9 29.58F FOG WCI 24
KALAMAZOO LGT RAIN 59 53 80 S16G28 29.54F

Didn't even have to go that far... I live in the northwest part of LAN, near the I-96/I-69 split and left at 4:30pm with a temp of 33. Got to the southeast part of LAN, I-96 & US127, with a van temp of 46. Went to Dayton, spent the evening watching storms roll in on the front porch with a temp of 64, and returned today to a temp of 6.
I took a little day trip north into Wisconsin today, and could really see the differing impacts the storm left behind. Definitely an interesting ride.

Left the Quad Cities this morning, following the Mississippi north. When we left, the ground was pretty bare, just a few spots of ice where the sleet and hail piled up. About 20 miles north we began noticing trees glimmering in a glaze of thin ice. The ice gradually became thicker the more north we went, to the point where the larger trees were really weighed down by the ice. The grass was all glittering in the sun in a glaze of ice.

About 30 miles north of the QC, a little snow was beginning to be noticed on the ground, near Thomson IL. North to Savanna the snow was a little deeper, nearing an inch. By the time we reached Galena IL the snow was about 4" deep, with no glaze on the trees by this point. We continued on into Wisonsin where just across the border the snow was about 7-8" deep, with 5-6' drifts along the edges of the cornfields.