August fronts in the South

Dec 6, 2003
Brookshire, TX
I don't understand. Why are we getting fronts coming down to the Gulf coast in July and August? Even the local Mets at NWS are pondering this (as seen on the forecast discussions). I know this is not the norm, but what is causing this to happen this summer? Even our normal sea breeze action seems tame this year. What's up with this? :?:
Dear God:

Please send a front/dry line through Louisiana the morning of September 5th. We (Oregon State), play there that afternoon, and 90/55 sounds a lot better than 90/75.

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This has been a very strange year. The jet stream has been unusually strong and often very far south throughout the summer. I've never seen anything like it. I recently saw an AFD from Al Moller stating the rarity of what's happened and happening this year.

I don't understand it either (although I hope to at some point) but I'll take the cooler weather over the 95/75 we had the other day anytime! I've quite enjoyed the cool summer here in Norman, I was expecting the hot muggy one!
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a day or two of lower humidity! But this weird pattern is keeping the seabreeze storms at bay (I love them). With a very wet June and an arid July, was hoping rain would fall in August to protect my H2O bill a little bit. It is getting a little dry out here. Has been 102-103 with a dewpoint hovering 76-79 for the last several afteroons. Today it is 89 so far with a dewpoint of 77, but will fall later today! :)

I need a good rainstorm to see how well my new Vantage Pro works!! Plus just lost my a/c in the car. :evil:
Any chance that this pattern will still be in place for winter??

Does this mean snow for September??

Also, is that large Low still over Hudson Bay? Could that be the cause??
(does anyone know where to get a Sat. picture of that area??)

(This pertains to the whole northern teir of states)

Lots of questions...

I don't like snow when we are trying to get 70 miles a week of running and track workouts in without an indoor track :) Though it's a blast to run on ice :)

Last time I checked that low was still in the Hudson Bay area.
We haven't had a good winter in awhile, 'bout time we had one. Hasn't snowed in SE Texas in years, would be a hoot to see the reaction to it here. But if it does, I am staying home, these drivers here can't drive in rain, I would be afraid to see them on ice or snow. :D
We haven't had a good winter in southern Oklahoma in years. The last time we had anything mentionable was a major ice storm in 2000. I can't wait for something other than just a few dustings.

Originally posted by Carrie Halliday
I am staying home, these drivers here can't drive in rain, I would be afraid to see them on ice or snow. Very Happy

Carrie, just set up the camcorder and get good video! :lol:
LOL Bill!! Would be some good fodder on Max X. :D

Still makes me laugh to see folks bundle up when the temps hit the 50s here. I am still in shorts........... :) We had some heavy frost hit last winter and it was so bad I had to go get an old cassette case to scrape the windows. Didn't think I needed to bring the old standby scraper from up home with me. :wink: And I had to don my winter coat too (a hoodie).