8/31/05 FCST: Tropical Depression Lee (dissipated)

Jul 18, 2004
Westport, CT
Advisories to be initiated at 21z on TD13. I know we all have our hands full with Katrina and the last thing anyone wants to hear about is a new cyclone, but ex-INVEST 90L is shaping up to become TS Lee within the next couple days, posing a possible threat to the NErn Windward Islands by mid next week. Hopefully this one will be a fish, because the wave behind it (91L) is already well organized and looks to eventually take a more southern track into the Caribbean by the end of next week.

EDIT: The SHIPS model brings this system to hurricane status in four days.

Jeff -- http://twister.sbs.ohio-state.edu/text/tro...models/05082818

We may be through the 'M' name before the climatological peak of the hurricane season!
And it pulls a TD10!... Shear has been persistent enough to degenerate the storm and all the last advisory has been issued on the storm.
Well....TD13 regenerated and has now been upgraded to TS Lee as of 21z. Lee is welllll out into the open ocean (900 miles E of Bermuda), poses no threat to land, and will likely be drifting around the N.Atlantic as a weak tropical storm for the next few days.
Tropical Depression Lee didn't do much of anything and has dissipated. He was never really a threat to land, no further advisories.

Moving on, TD14. Nothing has changed. Some development indicated, but probable recurve. Worth keeping an eye on for those in the Caribbean though.