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Wow, what data are you looking at? I hate to disagree but I totally do. First, the 18z soundings have not even been received yet. They only launched a few minutes ago. Next, from this mornings 12z launches, soundings across AL and FL Panhandles have helicity values between 300-600!!! Not to mention 0-1km helicity values of 100-300 in many locations.

Please look at almost any thunderstorm in MS or AL now and look at the SRV. There are clear and strong rotation markers as a result of very strong low level shear and veering. You could not ask for much better of a setup for tornadoes than today. Hence, I am very excited about the setup and am confident we will see some long-lived tornadic superecells today...including some which are already ongoing.

I was looking at the 18z Jackson sounding, for one, which was already available by 18z (an 18z sounding is actually launched at 17z), as are the rest of them by now. A northeast-moving storm on the 18z Jackson sounding has very little 0-1km helicity to work with, and the same holds true for Montgomery, although Tallahassee looks a little better but still loses a fair amount of low-level helicity with a NE-moving storm.

Further, and perhaps I should've been clearer about this, but I didn't say I wasn't excited at all, I just said I wasn't excited until I saw storms gaining more of an easterly component to the motion. Given what we are seeing with the Selma storm, I stand by my original statement, and think it is being borne out by the observations, rather than contradicted.
Tornadic Supercell moving from Geneva Cty to Coffee County, AL looks very nasty. Latest scan using Ft. Rucker, AL radar site has a TVS and incredible gate to gate shear values. This is most certainly putting down a tornado from the looks of things.
Reports of wind damage with that cell...could possibly have been caused by a tornado. Strong enough to knock over trees, power lines, and a semi truck.
Coffee County, AL: 2 TVS signatures with the tornadic supercell. Likely putting down a large tornado now.

Near Selma, AL: Confirmed damage reports coming in from Orrville.


EDIT #2: Tornado confirmed on the ground by O.E.M. in Enterpise, AL. This is the Coffee county storm.
Indeed, that thing looks like a complete beast, it even has a textbook debris ball distinct from the main reflectivity core. Wonder if anyone is on that thing? They could have some great pics, if they can get away from the trees a bit, it looks like there are some nice fields in the area on Google Maps.
You can see it on both the NW Florida radar and on the Birmingham/E AL radar...impressive!
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Is there a Live feed from a Tv station covering this storm?
This Coffee County storm is heading almost directly for the radar site and a large military base (Fort Rucker). I imagine they are already sounding the tornado sirens there. I will look for some obs.

PS: Lets hope this beast does not strike the base head on!! Not to mention the 3" hail that's coming out of it too.
Ozark, AL should be on the lookout. The cell moving toward that town is winding up fast. It has 110kt gtg sheer and a well defined hook. looks like it will be hitting the town head on. If there is a chaser on this cell, it looks like thi8s could be a visible tornado (depending on terrain)
Wow, incredible damage ball signature with the cell going through Enterprise AL rigth now! Very intense couplet on all levels, and the nearest radar is only 20 miles from the tornado. The latest SRV1 scans clearly shows two very intense, yet seperate, couplets. Awesome:

Reflectivity (tilt 1)

SR Velocity (tilt 1) -- note the two intense couplets next to each other
SR Velocity (tilt 2)

It looks like the primary circulation has rotated up into the heavy precipitation. It'll be interesting to see if we get a new circulation in 'textbook' fashion (to the east-southeast of the occludding meso).

The couplet is heading straight for EOX, and it may pass within 2 miles of the radar site.
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I found a Live feed out of Montgomary, AL here it is:


EMA Director Ray Phillips confirmed a reports of a tornado around Rucker Blvd in Enterprise, AL. No word of if the tornado has lifted or not so as of this point its still on the ground. Possible damage at the Enterprise High School.
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Check out what I just found on Fort Rucker. This is in the path of the tornado that is confirmed on the ground. Fort Rucker has a Doppler Radar on site that we are using to view this storm. The base's alias is also known as "Echo".

To carry out our mission, we support a daytime population of about 19,000, including about 8,000 people in uniform, 7,000 civilian and contract employees, and 3,800 military family members.
An eyewitness currently being interviewed on CNN observed a large tornado from the airport at Enterprise. Reports continue to indicate a tornado is on the ground NE of Enterprise, near Ft. Rucker. Scary situation here folks. Keep your fingers crossed and hope everyone found cover in time.
CNN is using GRLevel3 on the air right now to show the Fort Rucker tornado. There is someone on scene, on the base for CNN by phone now. He was doing another story and happens to be there during the tornado.

Tornado sirens are sounding and one of the towers at Ft. Rucker has a tornado in sight.

EDIT: With a little bit of luck, the CNN crew might get some great footage of this storm.

EDIT #2: Numerous reports of a large tornado coming in to the NWS in and around Fort Rucker. 2:43pm EST.

You may already know about this, but with the storm being so close to the radar, you can use the BVEL32 Level3 product to see a higher-res velocity plot for a 32km radius around the radome. It's base velocity as opposed to storm-relative, but you can see a lot more due to the better resolution.
Wow that's the first time I've seen an MD for a specific storm/tornado before.

Do you mind posting an image of the higher res velocity? I would like to see it :)
TWC is reporting the high school in Enterprise has been hit and that students are trapped and there have been injuries. Seeing the damage ball, the strong rotation and hearing the eyewitness report of a large tornado, hearing this report of a school being hit has literally made me feel sick to my stomach. It's such a helpless feeling sitting here watching this unfold while being able to do nothing.
Tornado warnings go off left in right. Its turning out to be an outbreak after all. :( This is not good for the poor folks in the path of these storms. 6 counties in tor warnings at this moment. Homes damaged in Enterprise, Al confirmed by eyewitness also some students were trapped inside the high school when the tornado hit the school and caused heavy damage. Possible injuries at the high school.
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Unfortunately EOX is not on the Level II network, so the best data is not available... The BV32 is not a storm-relative product, so nothing dramatic visible at first glance. NWS is now issuing SVR warnings for that storm so must not be thinking it's lasting much longer...
CNN reporting that the tornado has missed the military base and that no damage reports have been received at the base.

Ozark, AL: Walnut sized hail and trees/power lines down.
Unfortunately EOX is not on the Level II network, so the best data is not available... The BV32 is not a storm-relative product, so nothing dramatic visible at first glance. NWS is now issuing SVR warnings for that storm so must not be thinking it's lasting much longer...

I don't see what you're referring to. Tornado warnings have been extended east of the Fort Rucker area...