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2023 Chase Partner Thread

Hi All,

Since we don't have a formal 2023 thread for chase partners, and I need a chase partner--at least for April 14, 2023 if not more generally--this will kick off the thread for this year.

I leave from Tulsa, OK, and am willing to share costs, etc. For this Friday (April 14), as my wife is unexpectedly unavailable, I am willing to shoulder all of the fuel costs as I don't chase alone so a partner is the only way I am getting out for the 4/14 event. My wife is a reluctant chase partner, so if things work out it could become more than "a one event partnership."

Please DM me if interested, so we can explore the potential for chasing on 4/14/2023. Many Thanks.
Hey everyone. Im located in Columbus, Georgia, looking for someone to chase with in the south (georgia and alabama preferably). I just started chasing this year, and would like to gain more experience. Ive been wanting to do this since i was a kid. Ill be happy to handle the driving part, mostly need someone to watch the radar and split expenses. I work full time, so i might not necessarily be available on all chase days, but I can always work things out with my job if theres a really good opportunity. Would like to steer clear of extreme chasing unless I'm with someone with a lot of experience.
Hey everyone! I am moving to Charleston, SC around father's day weekend if anyone in that area is looking for a chase partner for this hurricane and storm season! I'm fine with driving or watching radar along with splitting costs for fuel and such.

I've completed my advanced training with the NWS and have also completed a forecasting and observation minor from Harvard and many many MetEd courses. This is my first year chasing though. Until now I have been mentoring with someone in the Ohio Valley (where I'm moving from) who's run a highly successful social media platform with over 50k followers. I have the book smarts, just finally looking to get out on the road. I've been on a few chases on my own but we all know that's not the same thing. Let me know what you think!