2/21/05 NOW: AL, GA, SC

Dec 26, 2004
Booneville, KY
New tornado warning just issued for Bartow County, GA. Here's a radar shot at about the time the warning was issued:


It appears this will stay away from Atlanta, but isn't far from Rome. Conditions appear to remain favorable for severe storms to continue over this area, as ample moisture is available and temps are warm.

Also, I hope starting a second thread for this date is ok, as the previous one only had California in the title.

Just an update, that storm may also be packing hail up to golfball size, per CBS 46. I have Dish Network and outside my local stations in Lexington, I also get local feeds from Atlanta, GA. CBS 46 just did an interview with a lady in Adairsville, GA who said hail was piled up as deep as several inches in her yard. That's pretty impressive hail for Georgia.
Originally posted by George Tincher

Also, I hope starting a second thread for this date is ok, as the previous one only had California in the title.


Because we are very nearing active chasing season, and there are many new folks on this board, I'll address this by saying that an additional seperate thread for a given day may be warranted if there are two events that are distinctly seperate. In other words, George was correct in being able to post a 2nd thread for this day, since the California topic is distinctly / entirely different from the southeastern U.S. event.
Thanks Jeff for clearing that up. I thought it was ok, but wanted to make sure. Been a while since we have had much severe weather, let alone in two seperate locations!

BTW, CBS 46 is showing two low level shear markers stacked on top of each other on the NWRN side of Canton, GA at this time.

I've been watching very short-term forecasts of the energy-helicity index in this area over the last few hours...noted the index values continue to increase, now peaking out at 3.92 near Rome, GA for this early evening. May not be over yet!
"TVS now 5 miles NW (330 deg) of TWC studios. Moving ESE...looks like it will pass just to the north of them. TVS has a depth of 19,900 feet, base is 2800 feet."

This info was from board member Nick Smith who's chatting with me on MSN, about 5 minutes ago. He's watching it using GR Level 3.

Well, just as I type this he said the TVS has disappeared again. Hehe.