1/20/07-1/22/07 NOW:NM,CO,TX,OK,KS,NE,MO,IA.

Jordan Hartley

Snow started falling around 7:30am here in Andover,Ks. I heard we were only going to get 1-3 inches but we've already got 2". The wind is kinda blowing but im on a hill so Im sure its not as bad as it seems. My sister lives in Amarillo,Tx and she told me she has never seen so much snow lol. Winter Storm Watches and Warnings are in effect for much of the plains today and well into tommorow as this system gets squeezed into a mean snow makin' machine. If the snow keeps up like this were going to get a foot of snow!!!

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Big bust potential

Examing lots of data yesterday, I was becoming increasingly concerned that the warm air advection associated with the vortmax moving out into the southern plains would present a potential big bust to the forecasted snow totals for here in central Okla. This now may become a reality

As of 10am, here in Piedmont, temps are at 33F, with a steady light sleet/ice pellets... I did notice around 9:55am, a couple of stray, large snowflakes come down, unfortunately, that was temporary. I'm afraid the WAA is more than forecasted, with the lower 2km of the atmosphere barely able to support snow. I will be very suprised if we achieve forecasted snow amounts for here in northern Canadian County, which was 5-6".

I do believe as the main body of this storm system moves into my area later today, hopefully the atmosphere will cool just enough to give us at least 2-3" of wet snow... but overall, I think the projected totals may only be realized well to my north and northwest, with as little as an inch or two in the greater OKC area.
Completely sunny right now up here in northwest Illinois. Not even a single cloud in the sky. Only a few meager contrails. One would never know that snow is on the way without checking the forecast. It's still about 14-16 hours away. We're expecting a solid 3-5" of 14:1 snow to water ratio snowfall by noon tomorrow.
It is snowing to beat the band here in Amarillo. It didnt really start in ernest until after 6am but has been coming down at about an inch and hour ever since and at times heavier. By noon at my house we had about 7-8" and by looking at radar and the sat loop it doesnt look like it will let up for the next 6-7 hours so we should reach a foot easily.

TxDot is doing a poor job of keeping I-27 plowed and I-40 isnt much better. When I came to work a few minutes ago it looked like it hadnt been plowed in a few hrs with at least 4 inches of powder covering the road. You mostly had to follow in tracks and I used my 4x4 and could only cruise at 30-35mph and it was only by using the reflectors could you find the exit ramps. Side roads are buried and visibility is less than 1/4 mile.

Here is the link again to local TxDot webcams.
It's now all rain here in Piedmont, Ok. as of 1317cst.. temp. up to 34F.
I'll be leaving momentarily to head up Hwy 81 toward Enid and maybe Woodward. I'll definitely be staying off of secondary roads, hopefully, there will be some nice pics to be had up in that neck of the woods before sundown. As for here in Piedmont, I've thrown in the towel on anything more than an inch toward the end of the event.

BTW: We're not done with this pattern, last several runs of the GFS has the meat and potatoes of the Siberian Express coming down the first few days of Feb. and overall most of the plains staying below normal through day 16. Still not convinced on that yet. I'm sure a new thread will start on that when the time comes.

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I just clicked on the link that Jay gave....


Clicked on Vega's cam, and there are 6 semi's and a couple other vehicles parked on I-40. Looks like a semi rolled over up ahead and half on the road/half in the median. Traffic is going by on the service road. I don't know which way the cam is pointed.
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Its coming down pretty heavily here to the south of Omaha. Snow started about 45 minuets ago and we have probably a half inch or so already. Little bit of a band has popped up which really wasn't forecast. We set for 4-6 inches with isolated higher amounts. Look for things to deteriorate quickly now that its after dark and the snow will be coming down for a majority of the night/ Sunday morning.
Wow huge bust for you all in OK & TX all the snow stayed to the north and man did we get hammered here in Wichita. We've got 6-7" so far and it doesnt look like it will let up soon. The roads are horrible. I counted 17 vehicles abandoned on the side of the road. It took me an hour & a half to get home which normally takes about 30 min.
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It looks like a huge bust here in the mountains of north-central NM as well. The forecasts and models have been all over the road for the last 5-6 days, but I didn't expect anything less than 6-7". Some model runs had suggested upwards of 18". We've had about an inch, and it looks like we're pretty much done with this one.
Here in North central OK (stillwater) - temps stayed above 32 all day - cold rain presist throughthe entire morning and afternoon, now finally change over to light snow as the system moves out.

funny how only about 3-4 degrees changed the forcast from 6-10 inches to a cold rain..
Heavy overcast overhead now, with the leading edge of the snow aloft now above us.

Models are a bit wetter the last two runs. It's now looking like a solid 4-6" snowfall for this immediate area. Snow should commence between 11pm and midnight local time...
Here in Kansas City we have just been upgraded to a heavy snow warning. So far I don't see a bust for KC. As of now there is 2-3 inches on the ground. So we could possibly see up to 4 more inches of snow before this thing works its way out.

A light snow falling now with fairly large, wet flakes. The snow should pick up in intensity on and off throughout the remainder of the evening into the overnight eventually ending early Sunday morning.
We have been upgraded to a Heavy Snow Warning here in Omaha as well... I would estimate around 3 inches of snow at my home south of Omaha with a fairly significant burst poised to move in soon. Looking at totals in the 5-8 inch range.
Snowing moderately now, with about 1" of new snow so far. Dry punch is heading north fairly quickly, which is a bit concerning. Models indicate the dry tongue should slow it's northward progression as the upper low heads east.

Still looking like a 4-5" snow here as long as we can stay just north of the dry tongue...
Light to occassional moderate snow in Denver area. Went to bed expecting only an inch or so, woke up to Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory and 3-6 inches looks like a good bet by this evening. Turns out the departing low and incoming front working in tandem to enhance upslope flow for northeast CO when it was earlier thought they would not. I'm so glad I washed cars yesterday!:mad:
Here on the northeastern plains, we've been receiving the full brunt of the enhanced upslope flow caused by the interaction of the departing low and the incoming front that Patrick mentioned. A snow band of moderate to heavy intensity developed just after noon yesterday and has persisted for the last 24 hours over eastern Weld, Morgan, and eastern Adams/Araphahoe counties. At 7 a.m I measured 7 inches on our wind sheltered picnic table, and when I remeasured at noon, we had picked up an additional 2.5 inches to bring our storm total thus far to 9.5 inches. The snow is still falling at about 1/2 to 3/4 inch per hour with bursts to an inch per hour from time to time. The wind's blowing a steady 20 to 30 mph with 45 mph gusts, and all the roads are drifted shut AGAIN. A Snow/Blowing Snow Advisory blankets most of eastern CO, however the Palmer Divide area is under a Blizzard Warning due to topograpically enhanced winds/snowfall rates. I'm guessing that by the time the storm moves out of here late tonight/early tomorrow morning we'll have anywhere between 11 and 16 inches of snow stretching from the Palmer Divide to the Cheyenne Ridge.:D Quite a difference from last night's forecast total storm accumulations of 6 to 8 inches!