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Your Best Lightning Shot to date...

Incredible photos! These aren’t nearly dramatic but took them flying about FL350 over Texas.


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Fantastic. Can wait to be out chasing one day with my gear. I shoot with a 5D Mark IV which does incredible at night although it’s not dark during lightning :)
May 16, 2017 near Gotebo, Oklahoma. UNREAL lightning strike that occurred directly in front of our car and right in the middle of my camera frame. Probably will never get a lightning shot even comparable again in my lifetime. I was in the car and had a remote trigger for my camera. Settings were ISO 100, f/22, and 20 second exposure.


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I shot this out my balcony door at my apartment on August 20th 2017. Using my Canon EOS Rebel T3, F/3.5, ISO 100, Exposure was 3.2 seconds and focal length was 18mm. I only toned down the exposure a little on the flash on photoshop to bring out the bolts a little more.


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Admin note: Just a reminder to everyone to consider uploading your BEST lightning photos to the media area here on ST as well as this thread. Our media area is great for exposure and images ALWAYS remain the property of their originator.
Just now got around to looking through a timelapse I did of an over night line of severe storms back in the early morning hours of 18 May. The line eventually produced multiple EF2 and EF3 tornadoes in and around San Angelo, Ballinger, and Abilene, TX. These are the best lightning grabs I was able to get so far
20190518 Lightning.jpg

20190518 Lightning3c.jpg

20190518 Lightning2b.jpg
Taken a few minute ago. The scrawniest lightning producing tower I’ve come across.


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These are mine, taken a few days ago, I have never really tried to photograph lightning before, low ISO and long exposure time. Canon 800D and a 50mm prime lens. Next time I hope to have a lightning trigger to make things easier. Taken in Suffolk , UK.