Winter in Baghdad

Mar 3, 2004
Mt Prospect, IL
Yes, the weather here is far different than it was a month or even a week ago. Climatologically, the city gets about 18 days of subfreezing weather, that's subzero weather in this area, lol. I think we had one the other morning when the thermometer read 31F/-1C, but it is slightly off. It was quite chilly though. There is a spot where water leaks and makes mud, and that spot wasn't very soft. I would think Baghdad could get a trace of snow if the subfreezing temp occurs with precip in the area. Surely this has happened before?

Also: Baghadad may have 4-12 thunderstorm days over the next 4 months :D Cool Beans!
Well it hardly feels like winter here right now. We now have temps in the 70's and 80's with lows around 60. There is some moisture, as there is fog in the mornings Come on, cold front!!
Originally posted by Susan Strom
Fog in the desert? That is weird. Once every two years or so the Sonoran Desert will get fog. Every photographer comes out of the woodwork.

Yes, and the fog is pretty dense in patches. The wind is not blowing much this time of year, and there is ample low-level moisture, 64/55 T/Td yielding 72% RH currently in Baghdad at 10:08 pm. Should be fog in the morning, before a high of 83F :shock: