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2015 Winter Making History with All-Time Lows in Most States

Shawn Strader

The Weather Channel says that 2015 could be the coldest year in history for some states across the U.S. Most of the Northern Plains, Great Lakes Region and North Atlantic reached temperatures below 0. Winter is expected to continue through mid March and temperatures are expected to stay consistent and possibly get even worse.

Syracuse, New York dipped below zero for a record 20th time in 2015, Tuesday morning, topping the previous calendar-year record of 19 such days in 1948. Bangor, Maine chalked up its 17th day with a subzero low this month alone, setting a February record there (Chrissy Warrilow and Chris Dolce, 2015)

SOURCE: http://www.weather.com/storms/winter/news/another-cold-arctic-blast-great-plains-midwest-northeast
Winter Just Won't Quit: Another Cold Blast for the Plains, Midwest and Northeast (FORECAST)
Author: Chrissy Warrilow and Chris Dolce
Published February 26, 2015
Denver just recorded the snowiest February ever, according to an article I just read a few minutes ago. I didn't even realize it had been snowing in Denver a lot this month until I read that, and I am merely about 220 miles from there. As anyone who has spent any time in Colorado knows, that doesn't necessarily translate to good skiing in the mountains. The weather in the mountains can be entirely different from Denver, and in fact the high-terrain snowpack is a little below average right now.
Compared to the last two winters it's been pretty mild here in the Twin Cities. Last year we had over 50 straight days with lows below zero. This year has been a rollercoaster. It's been cold, but nothing compared to last year. Snowfall totals are down as well significantly. At the same time, temperatures are still well below average for this time of year.