Who's itching for spring season already?

I can't even stand how much I'm ready for spring to start! It seems as each year goes by and my tornado count just gets larger my itch to chase just becomes bigger and it gets harder to cure my SDS as well. It calms down a bit sometimes from the winter storms we get, but we haven't seen a lot this year.

If it weren't for Stormtrack, I wouldn't know what SDS is; I would just be suffering from the itch without a proper name for the diagnosis. Prognosis here - bring it on! If it weren't for finances, I'd say bring it tomorrow.
Incidentally, I've already had my first busted chase in 2007. :confused: We went out after some cells the other night to maybe catch some CG's to at least ease the anticipation. The impressive broken line approaching from the gulf completely dissolved as it came ashore. We didn't witness a single lightning flash...in Florida! :eek: :mad: Hope my luck DOESN'T continue.
While I enjoyed blizzards 1 & 2, digging out for two days wasn’t much fun. I have lived in Colorado my entire life, and with the exception of the Oct ’97 blizzard, I have never seen snow like this. So to answer your question: yes, I am very ready for spring. Some Panhandle magic would really hit the spot right now, but a good Palmer Divide event would be just fine too.
While we are locked in with some major SDS, now's a good time to order the Storms of 2006 and pop some popcorn. March will be here very soon!
"I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow bell"...er...um...more supercell? :D
I'm ready and hoping for a better WI season. Only 13 tornadoes recorded in WI last season. So, hopefully we will get some action up here. Either way anything better than this pathetic excuse for a winter would be nice.
Am I "itching" for it? Nope. I can wait. I've wasted to many days of my life over the years staring at the computer, watching for that first glimmer of hope in spring (or late winter), wishing for a pattern change, wallowing in misery during the winter months. It only took me 20+ years but I finally realized there are more important things in life than counting the days until spring. Now don't get me wrong...I still look forward to chasing and hope to be out quite a bit...but this time of year I would rather enjoy the time I can spend with friends and family, getting projects done that have been piling up for ages and enjoying life while I still can. Chasing will always be there, but I can wait. And I am not knocking anybody who is "itching" for it...I know the feeling too well...I've just gotten past it.

I second what Rob said. Not only is there more to life than spring storms, winter has its share of camera-worthy weather phenomena. Winter is the time to take care of business so that I can enjoy spring. I don't enjoy chase season as much when I think about it constantly all winter. You'll get sick of filet mignons if you have them for dinner every day.

There's nothing wrong with looking forward to the spring season - but nowadays I try to reserve that enthusiasm for March and April, which things actually start happening. Of course, I'm still on this forum just about every day, so I'm not completely there yet.
I don't enjoy chase season as much when I think about it constantly all winter.

Come to think of it, last year's painful May and June might have been a little more bearable had its approach not consumed my thoughts all winter, and if March and April hadn't teased us so hard. A little perspective helps sometimes. Still, knowing what's important and actually putting that knowledge into practice are completely different things. The itch is still there. Maybe one of these days I'll grow up about it a little.
Ok, so I'm not dead....I just haven't been on in a while (my new job, computer problems at home not letting me get on, etc). I apologize for dropping off the face of the planet.

Anyway, I am ready for spring even though I probably won't see a whole lot in the mountaineous jungle where I now live. Actually, I was really looking forward to winter (which hasn't exactly really come to this part of the country) until last Friday when I was going out to my car on the way to work and it "felt like tornados outside"; that feeling in the air on the morning of a chase day (winds zipping from the SE, temps in the lower 60's, high Td's). Then later on in the day those 2 tornados in SC occurred about 40 minutes to an hour from where I live (which I didn't attempt to chase because I was at work and because they were the embedded frontal tornados rather than nice isolated storms with good visibility). So needless to say, it kind of whetted my appetite for severe weather :)
(In Spongebob Squarepants voice)

I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!

I'm all booked for the last week of May and first week of June for chasing with my good friends Ron Gravelle and Scott Keddie once again. I am considering getting a cheap but decent laptop so I can do blogging while on the road.

I'd love to see some true TX panhandle dryline magic as well. Noticed last year that a lot of the action was in the northern plains....

I am pretty excited about this year, but I need to get my Hawaii trip over with first!
Man am i ready! I have been suffering from the lack of CAPE flu for the last month.... MMM spring hurry it up! I plan to hit any target from SD to TX this spring,, We can only hope it's a better year then 2006,,, At least for me 06 was a major bust-o-ramma.

Look forward to seeing ereryone out in the action..
I think I will be fine.....that is until an early season outbreak hits around where I live. From January to March if I get some storm system to produce severe weather anywhere within 100 miles away from me....then ill be a wreck. Every clear, cold day I will be sitting right here going stir crazy, looking at outlooks and praying for a favorable outlook. So lets either start the show early OR lets keep it normal. NO EARLY SEASON TEASES! All it will take is a slight risk to be moved into my area.....thats when the little radar in my head will start beeping.