Who's itching for spring season already?

I'm deffinately ready for spring. I'll be out there for at least the last 2 weeks of May. Hopefully by then we'll have enough drough relief in the plains to help out tornado season. My only concern is the el Nino that we're experiencing right now. I'm not too familiar with how el nino affects it.
Ready here as well. Also hope to get some Texas panhandle dryline action as I haven't chased this area yet. Will be taking my ham test and getting a dual band radio for this season which is exciting. Chris I hope you have some luck this year. I will not be taking a chase vacation, but will chase just about every decent looking setup possible as just about anywhere is within a days drive to a target area.

When the TX Panhandle magic is on...just head for Carson/Gray/Wheeler Counties...you'll be sure to nail one. Just watch out for the softballs !! Ouch !!!
Panhandle Magic??? Oh yeah, baby....bring it on. No better place in the world for a good chase than the TX panhandle.
Hurry up spring!!!!!!
April can't get here soon enough. Driving me crazy watching the tornado warned areas in south / southeast. Is it me or are they a little harder to figure out compared to spring plains storms?
Dont forget that March has turned out some really good events the past few years (especially southern plains chasers). I know the storms tend to be racing but I would rather have racing storms than no storms which in the southern plains has been mostly the case post-March the past 2 years.
I don't know of a person who isn't ready for spring, at least around this area. We have had no winter to speak of.
I am ready to just get out and travel already. Like every year about this time the preventative maintenance and vehicle prepping has begun. So, am I ready? YES!
I'm definitely ready, even though winter really hasn't even hit here yet.

This spring will feature my first ever "chase vacation" so I'm definitely looking forward to it!