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  • Karen Leszke

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  • Tony Laubach

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  • Jason Boggs

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  • Jeff Snyder

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I probably won't make a lot of friends with this observation, but this is a pretty weak field. I personally prefer photos that do not include people or chase vehicles in them (for the Stormtrack forum image). Of the storm pictures, some otherwise good ones were pretty much ruined by extremely poor choices in the typography used for the word "Stormtrack" (font, spacing, color, size, placement, etc.). I think if the word "Stormtrack" would have been simply left OFF (allowed in the rules) the submissions would have been stronger (overall).
I wasn't talking about just this field, I was talking about all of them.

If I can be so bold as to try something... I think that (at least for this year) a better logo can be made by combining images by several people. Here's an example of what is possible from a composite logo:

This image contains two photographs submitted as stand-alones:
Rockwell Schrock's in the middle, Karen Lezske's on the left, and an April, 2006 image by Ryan McGinnis that he did not submit (probably due to the vertical format). I took some photoshop liberties with Schrock's image (adding to the top of the photo, so I could make the horizons line up).

A composite image allows the use of vertically oriented photos. I think photos just look better on the web when they have black borders, so this allows for that. Also, I get a pretty big area of solid color on which to put the "Stormtrack" type - sizing it so we get a color break right between the "Storm" and the "track", which draws attention to the natural break in the word. I've also done the "Stormtrack" in two layers, one white and one black, offset by one pixel, which gives you better readability of the white letters on the salmon color.

While the three images could be placed in any order, I chose this arrangement for visually pleasing contrast (and I like the fact that I could make Schrock's lightning bolt appear to come out of the word "Stormtrack"). I think we have a much more graphically-strong logo, which (by virtue of the three photos, instead of one) gives a better overall view of our interests (storm shape, lightning, and 'naders). These three images also share a "NW to SE" sort of line movement (tornado, bolt and beaver tail) which I find pleasing.

I realize it may be too late to go with something like this for this year, and 3 pic composites could probably be made from others photos, as well. Just wanted to see what the group thought of such an idea.
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Neat idea but to late too try. Looks like MH has this.
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Neat idea but to late to try. Looks like MH has this.

I have no idea why you say "Looks like MH has this.". Didn't you read the contest directions? This isn't even the final voting round. Regardless of the fact that I have lost - that doesn't stop any one of three potential people winning the banner contest.

FWIW - I think Darren's composite looks neat but I guess I'm in an untenable position given that my image was one of the ones he used. Pity he didn't enter it in time.

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In light of recent events, I suggest (tongue-in-cheek) another entry in the Stormtrack Logo contest:

With apologies to Ryan McGinnis for the mashup.
: )