Tenth Annual Ohio State University Severe Weather Symposium

It's less than a 3-hour drive so I'm considering going, but only for the afternoon talks. I'd like to see the whole thing - but last year, I left at 4AM to be there for the start - but that made for a long day. I'm still on the fence about making that drive just to see 3 speakers though. It would be nice if there was some sort of dinner or chaser/met get-together afterward, if so that would probably sway my decision.

If I do end up going, I'll have room for a couple of passengers. If anyone is interested in meeting me either in Charleston, WV or along the US 35 corridor somewhere, send me a PM. I'll probably be leaving here around 9-10AM to make it to CMH by noon-1PM.

If there is no planned dinner, we ought to get a big group together for the Spaghetti Warehouse or something. Any Columbus STers know of other good restaurants in the area?
Symposium weekend

Hey guys,

I am actually the Consultant to this year's Ohio Severe Weather Symposium committee. I was the Head Coordinator for last year's event and I'm helping out this year as well. Every year there is some type of dinner for the speakers and symposium committee to meet up and talk. If anyone would like to drop in on this dinner, we would gladly have you. Drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll give you all the details.

The Symposium this year is slightly different. It is actually a 2 day event. The first day is the regular line up of speakers like we've had in years previous and the next day, we will host an Advanced Spotter Talk. All the info you would need to know I posted already on the Forums....


Again let me know if you have any questions.

Symposium vendors

The thread about the Symposium in the Information Desk forum is now a Sticky.

We will have order forms for individuals to give them the opportunity to purchase the Storms of 2005 charity DVD. Last year, Tim Vasquez gave a Forecast School talk during lunch and he sold some of his books and software directly outside the auditorium. Also, we had F5Data and SwiftWX pamphlets inside the information folders. The purpose of this is to let everyone know that they have the opportunity to have their products/merchandise advertised at the Symposium. Contact me via email by March 18 if you would like to take the opportunity to have free advertising at the Symposium.