2024-04-15 EVENT: NE/KS/OK

Still 3 hours of shooting light, so the chase is still on. The sig. torn. parameters are nuts if something goes up, but the cloud cover is a problem. Maybe a retreating DL or a wave will set things off. There are cells trying to go up within the sig-tor outlook!

All's well that ends well.... so far. SVR storm passed within 29 miles of my original forecast in KCDS, so I'm OK with that. Don't think CAPE was sufficient enough to take advantage of / overcome sheer. Hard to guess what will occur later tonight and tomorrow, but danger still exists for nighttime tornadic storms. Congratulations to everyone who made the decision to stay put today.
As of 10:45 p.m. Central time, there has not been one tornado warning anywhere in the US. There certainly could be tornadoes, maybe even strong ones, overnight, but from a storm chasing standpoint, this day has been a bust tornado-wise. Glad to hear some are seeing good structure, nonetheless.