TD26 forming in the Caribbean? It looks like it.

A quick check of the GOES Floater 1 on the NHC satellite page shows a clear cyclonic circulation off the coast of Nicaragua. Over the last hour, deep convection has begun to fire directly over the apparent LLC -- amazing how this season never ends, but, if there was one place where we were likely to see more development, this was it.

Advisories should be initiated no later than 5AM.
I noticed this as well and it was pointed out in the latest tropical weather discussion from the NHC. Tropical Storm Beta here we come........out of curiousity, how common is it to have hurricanes form outside of the normal Atlantic season?

There have been 3 post-season storms in the past 2 years. They aren't common, but aren't too uncommon either, particularly of late.
It DOES look like it. Look at the explosive convection in the center. It is getting pretty good structure, should be awsome, tommorow.
Current advisory has TD 26's winds at 35mph. We should see Beta later today.
Five weeks to go in the season...wonder how many more we'll see?
Yeah, the latest burst of convection centered very near / over the low-level center should bring TD26 up to Tropical Storm Beta later this morning. The 18z GFDL had an interesting forecast, bring the storm across Nicaragua (sp?), then into the eastern Pacific as a tropical storm. All models either move the system slowly northward, or northwestward and westward into Central America, except for the Canadian model, which brings it NNE into southern Florida.
Off-Season Tropical Storms

Good day everyone,

There is a possibility that tropical cyclones can form anytime during the year, as long as conditions are right.

In 2003, TWO named tropical storms developed in the Atlantic in the month of DECEMBER. Odette hit the Dominican Republic on December 6 and Peter developed the same week on December 9. Both almost became hurricanes too!

Also in 2003, tropical storm Ana formed on April 20.

Yes, it can happen!

Chris C - KG4PJN
We Have BETA

It's official,

TD #26 in the SW Carribean has been upgraded to TS "Beta". This is the 23rd storm this season.

A record not broken - Shattered!

The storm is even expected to become a hurricane and strike Nicaragua.

Chris C - KG4PJN