Request for model plots prior to May 29th Outbreak

Dec 8, 2003
Leicester, England
Request for model plots prior to May 29th Outbreak


I wonder if anyone has any saved models plots download a few days prior to the May 29th Outbreak. I normally save these but I lost them all in the “great laptop crashâ€￾ in August.

I am really only looking for some basic stuff – GFS or ETA 300,500, 850, SFC flow, Dewpoint etc. any CAPE of L.I or forecast sounding for south Kansas would be a bonus for May 29th – but looked at around say May 26th.

Strange request I know – but I am recording a documentary on Monday about our weekend tornado chase all the way from the UK and I need to show what I saw in the models that made me drop every thing and go – in addition I am giving a talk in mid Jan and I could use the plots then as well.

If you could email me off list I would appreciate it very much indeed !

Thanking you in advance

Stuart Robinson
Leicestershire, England