NHC wind speed forecast graphic

Dan Robinson

Does anyone know what the status of the NHC maximum 1-minute wind speed forecast graphic that used to be displayed in the graphical products for each storm? This was the black-background line graph that showed the forecast wind speed of the storm several days out (I attached an old example). It was a useful graphic that I see is no longer part of the forecast products. Just wondered if this is a permanent change.

I'm missing the graphic as well, but if you followed the storms last year it had some problems. Mainly, it was never right.

It seems like that graphic just became a liability for the NHC and too many people followed it is fact and not an experimental product.
True - it wasn't the most accurate of the products - but it did do a good job showing the trend and degree of expected strengthening/weakening, even if its exact wind speed predictions weren't verifying. The probability tables are still there that one can use to get the same info, but it is a little harder to visualize the numbers.

Particularly if a storm is expected to go CAT 4 or higher - the numeric probabilty tables only have a single column for CAT 4-5.