Lack of Sunshine: Grand Rapids MIchigan

My home town Grand Rapids MIchigan for December 2005.

18 days of 0 percent of possible sunshine
07 days in a row now with 0 percent of possible sunshine

~9.8 percent of percent of possible sunshine this month

Wow: 3 days we had 53% , 49%, 34% percent of possible sunshine

Estimated 2004 Population for Michigan, 10,112,620 why do we live
in this state. LOL

58% Oklahoma City OK
52% Topeka KS
52% Lincoln NE
46% Des Moines IA
23% Grand Rapids MI

I wonder if December will be a record for us, for the least
amount of sunshine.

I think theres a little too much sun shine in oklahoma andtexas right now, Look at it on thebright side at least your house isn't buring down like people in oklahoma city. Hhere in kansas we have the best of both worlds, just enough sunshine, but not too much. (no fires)
Hey, I will send you some of my sunshine, especially when it gets hotter. :roll: I'm sure Grand Rapids would enjoy an early Spring. :wink: