How many tornadoes did you get this year so far?

I had seen 4 previous to Thursday. Thursday I still have to go over data and video which is going to take a few days.. I am thinking around 7-9 or so for Thursday counting 2 or 3 brief spinups in that number. Friday I believe I have a low-contrast picture of the cone tornado, time and place fits so I would count 1 for Friday.

So... grand total so far this season would be... 12-14.

Regardless of the number of tornadoes I have seen this year.. despite a fairly inactive and tough chase year I am very pleased with the storms I have intercepted so far.
Well, while all you plain's chasers are complaining about not having seen double digits in tornadoes yet this midwesterners who havent been able to get a break to head out yet havent seen any. ;)

I just had my first actually exciting chase on Friday...netted gustnadoes, but no tornadoes.
total score zero - miles traveled zero - in other words I need to get going soon - anyone got a gut feeling on a central play say - KS CO NB for later this week?
I havent seen a long term forecast in a while and would appreciate any input on a forecast for 18th 19th central plains? anyone?
Here's a more detailed stat chart:

May 10 - 1
May 11 - 1
May 12 - 3-4
May 13 - 1

So it's about 6 or 7 total - May 12th near South Plains, TX was my best day so far this season...
We just got to our base in Wichita, Kansas today. I opted for Wichita instead of Enid so we could be a little further north. So far this year I've seen 0, considering we havent chased yet. I've seen at least 10 while chasing since 2002 though

May 5, 2002: F1 near Seiling, Oklahoma
May 7, 2002: Weak tornado in the prolific tornadic supercell in SC Kansas
May 4, 2003: Baxter Springs F3 cone-wedge
June 11, 2004: 2 tornados near Fort Dodge, Iowa
June 12, 2004: 2 tornados near Mulvane, KS, and 1 near Rock, KS
June 13, 2004: 2 tornados near Lincoln, Nebraska. A wedge and a rope.

There have been several chases where I might have seen a tornado but dont count them because I cant confirm them. May 15, 2003, I might have seen the wedge near Wheeler, Texas backlit by lightning, but it doesnt count.
Zero, then again I have not chased outside Michigan this year and not flush with cash either. Once again location and money helps.

1...I've had the midas touch, as soon as I arrive a tornadic storm decides it doesn't want to drop another one. The lack of tornadic activity in Oklahoma hasn't helped only catch was the last tornado the eastern OK supercell dropped on March 21st. On Friday we were too far away from the Hackberry tornado to tell if there was ground circulation so I'm not going to count that., I have been chasing in the wrong places :p Then again I have not been out on some spectactular days in the Kansas city area either....
lol @ Jeff W's avatar ...

2 ... weak, poor excuses for tornadoes ... one brief spinup and one just as it was getting dark ... Nic Wilson and I both share the Midas touch this year ... though I think there are several of us in the same boat.
Maybe 4, maybe ZERO:

May 10th: Maybe one in Iowa.

May 12th: Most likely one near South Plains.

May 13th: Probably one low contrast stove pipe and maybe another no condensation funnel ground circulation.

I know, all the maybes suck but it has been a year of beautiful storms and hard to see short lived tornadoes for me.
How many tornados have you seen this year?

Atleast 6-still looking through video.
Originally posted by nickgrillo
How many tornadoes did you get so far this year? My current count is 6 so far this season...

Zero. (I don't count wishnados, gustnados, maybenados, sheriffnados, or tornados pulled out of my ass by playing with the contrast in pictures.)

Of course, the way some people count, maybe 26 would be more "competitive"?
How many tornados have you seen this year?

KMc Callisterwrote:
Zero. (I don't count wishnados, gustnados, maybenados, sheriffnados, or tornados pulled out of my ass by playing with the contrast in pictures.)

Of course, the way some people count, maybe 26 would be more "competitive"? End.

Sounds like a bit of jealously, I haven't seen anyone saying "I've seen more tornados than you", being rudely competitive, etc. or playing with contrast in pictures to "get more tornados". I think by starting this thread Nick was trying to find out what kind of a year it has been so far for many chasers.