Google Earth - After Hurricane Damage

May 8, 2005
Twin Cities, Minnesota
As I thought, Google Earth has been updated with new images. Right now it's only a very small area but it says today they will be adding more. This is probably the fastest I've ever seen images updated. Go to for more information. I hope they update the images of downtown New Orleans.
Those are probably the most graphic images so far out of everything I've seen from this event. The extent of structural damage, vegetation damage and debris is absolutely surreal. There is so much visual information in those photos it is hard to know what to highlight. But I'll try.

Nothing left.

Nothing left near the coast but foundations. Ground covered with debris.

Unbelievable debris. Almost nothing left.

Parts of town literally scoured.

Bridge with all decking collapsed. Look at the debris buildup on the road at the left-hand curve on land.

Very long stretch of this same bridge with no piers. All of the decking is gone, not even visible in the water.

There is a *lot* more here at this site. This page is the main index: