FCST 7/1/04 Canada


Jared asked me to start this thread for him for Thursdays set up in Canada..
There seems to be some buzz about this day being "Canada Day" and the possibility of storms in Saskatchewan on Thursday. I am still undecided as to whether or not it will be worth planning for a chase that day. I will be working in the evening but since it is a stat holiday, there may be other chasers active around here. Seems to me that conditions will be best in SE Saskatchewan but many holiday travellers will be at various lakes which could become a dangerous situation if indeed things come together. The tragedy at Pine Lake, AB a few years ago is always in the back of my mind. Hopefully it will be a safe Canada Day for all...

Radar Sites in Canada??


Are there any radar sites in Canada, like the NWS in the U.S., that we can connect to and watch the storms on radar? Thanks.

Southern Ontario - Please forgive my lack of forecast knowledge from a technical/science point of view, Laura Duchesne is way better equipped to confirm or refute my visual observations.

I'm watching a line of towers attempting to rise stretching from approx Exeter thru Stratford and eastwards. There is lots of rapid visible buildup in the lower levels, however, shear does not seem to be evident and they seemed to building out and not up. These guys will probably result in minor air mass boomers if anything. Fingers crossed....I'm suffering withdrawl :wink:

Be well, TR

Current Data as of 11:00h EDT - London Airport

WIND W 17 km/h
RELATIVE HUMIDITY 54% (down from this morning)
DEWPOINT 15°C (up from this morning, nothing major however)
PRESSURE 101.81 kPa & falling
CEILING unlimited
A line from Red Deer, AB to Rosetown, SK is forecast by Environment Canada for severe weather today. With slow moving storms there is expected to be flash flooding, heavy rain and some hail. Tornadoes are not expected today but...looking at the Red Deer radar at this hour (as I just woke up 30 seconds ago) there appears to be a very tight cell beginning to explode just east of Red Deer. Hmmm, 5 hour drive.