EMWIN Mobile

Anyone here using EMWIN for mobile WX data?

I'm looking to get things going on my laptop, using the VHF EMWIN feeds that are available throughout the plains states.

Any suggestions on getting started?

I'm hoping that I can receive this feed mobile and have a "poor man's WXWORX", so to speak.


Ft. Worth, TX
I'd first verify how many of the VHF retrans are still being used before investing too much...
Sure thing.

I can easily check the local ones with my scanner.

I figure there has to be something there for mobile. Mobile sat is far from optimal.

If you can pick up a transmission, you'll need a demodulator, and a program to display the info.

I'm currently looking into this as well for the Peoria, IL area. We have a rebroadcast tower. I'm going to try and use my Kantronics KPC-3+ in Modem mode. The manual says you can use this for EMWIN. I'd mainly use it for skywarn around the local area, especially since I'm most likely going to use the TNC for APRS when chasing.

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