DVD- Under The Meso 2004: "Season of Excellence"

I'd like to announce that the DVD highlights of my 2004 chase season are *finally* complete.

This is actually a 2-DVD collection, the first DVD being a 107-minute collection of all the great storms I experienced in the incredible 2004 season (and one fall 2003 chase), including tornadoes in Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and of course... Kansas... as well as other great non-tornadic supercells.

The second DVD is the complete 57-minute unedited and uncut footage from May 29th in South-Central Kansas. Perhaps the pinnacle storm in a pinnacle year, this storm spawned the most impressive high-contrast and violent tornadoes I have ever witnessed during an hour and a half period as the storm rolled through Harper and Sumner counties.

The DVDs will be available to buy as soon as I get paypal set up (in the next week or two). Snail-mail payment by check will also be available, and I would also like to arrange a swap with any chaser that wants to swap their 2004 DVD highlights (DVD only, please!).

For those who have been avid "swappers" with me, I'd love to continue the tradition... and I think you will find that this production will exceed past highlight productions I've put together. What an amazing season 2004 was. I'm priveledged to have been able to witness what I did this past season.

Please visit http://www.underthemeso.com/utm2004.html
for more detailed description.... AND

http://www.underthemeso.com/utm2004intro.wmv for a preview!

I will make payment information available no later than a couple days after New Year's Day. Swappers, I can make the DVDs available ASAP, please send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Mike Umscheid

I just watched the main video, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! By the way, the intro rules :wink: , you know, especially with that cool song in there and all!

DOH!!! What a video! Mike produces yet another video that is excellent in every way. I'd have to say this one is my favorite of his collection. There is honestly nothing about this video I could think of to complain about, and I'm video picky anymore. It is the definition of chaser video. Shot well, humorous person to listen to, amazing storms and tornadoes...it is just seriously well rounded.

You do not need me to plug each chase as he has the web page to do that(though Big Springs did make me cry). I don't take the time to review every single video anymore as it becomes tiring and hasslesome. Every vid is standout to me in some way or another, but some are STANDOUT vids and I must post on them. All years won't be like 04 was so I'd suggest getting your fix of amazing tornado videos now. I sort of see 04 as perhaps a collectible thing. It was historic afterall.

Mike is a structure freak, so you can rest assured when there aren't tornadoes being produced he is not wasting his time in close looking for scud tags to be touching something that is touching something that possibly is touching the ground. He is out there getting some amazing views that would otherwise be missed. There is a game of when to get out and away to get structure and when not to and he is great at it.

Mike is willing to sell OR trade, unlike some offering vids these days. If you aren't even willing to trade him vids and you sell one, IMO you are being SILLY. I can't imagine anyone that chases and has a vid not wanting to trade for this one, that is for sure.

Great work Mike.