Storm Chasing 2013 The Year of Extremes DVD review

Bill Hark

Jan 13, 2004
Richmond Virginia
I recently watched TwisterChasers presents: The Year of Record Breaking Extremes featuring tornadic storms from 2013. This is another in a series of storm chase DVDs by Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski. Both are well-known and highly regarded storm chasers who have had impressive success over the years. Despite this success, one of the main strengths of this production is the inclusion of footage from several other storm chasers in addition to Jeff and Kathryn’s video. No single chaser can be on every storm orobtain video from all perspectives. This combined approach allows for a comprehensive review of the main storm events of 2013. They feature the El Reno, Bennington, Moore, Rozel and Wayne/Correctionville storms. The wild Bray, Oklahoma video is especially frustrating for me as I was very close yet missed the entire tornado due to rain and positioning. Some of the tornado video is insanely close. The video and sound quality is very good. I am also impressed with the editing and documentation. This DVD isn’t just a series of video clips. Instead, each storm event is presented with ample maps, radar, narration and text. There are time-lapse videos and even aerial damage surveys. I also enjoyed beautiful structure shots of lightning, supercells and mammatus. This DVD is a great way to spend a cold winterevening while awaiting storm season. My only complaint is that only a DVD version is available. Almost all storm chasers shoot HD video and that video should be shown in its full glory. I still highly recommend this video. Length: 1 hour 13 minute

Bill Hark