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Desperate For A Supercell !

:roll: Am I the only chaser here in the North Texas Region who has become severely storm deprived this year? It has been quite dead out here since the last good chase in April west of mineral wells. One HP this year and nothing since then. Last year was far better especially for those of you who got to see the May 29 2004 Geary Oklahoma HP beast What A great storm, great meso 11 tornados 5" hail! now that's a good high risk pds!!! Now here we are in 2005 November and even the fall time (second chase season) weather has been just too sunny. So I would like to leave an important forecast for all of us chasers out thier.

Extreme Stability Warning #25,793 :roll:
The Unprediction Center has issued an extreme stability warning for all storm chasers in tornado alley. An area of extreme stability has developed as CAPE values drop too record lows and the Cap strengthens. Enhanced stability will persist as the dryline fails and a persistant extremely annoying upper level ridge sets up in the area. If you attempt to chase you are wasting valuble time (and Gas money :( ) Clear blue sunny skies and fair weather cumulous clouds will be the primary weather threat!!! All chasers take shelter as extreme stability aproaches!!!. :!: :x

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