Denver 2007, whose going, whose not?


Several of us are planning a snow mobile run up in the mountains before the conference in Denver and I'm just wondering who all is going this year to the Denver conference?

I know there is a poll on their site but the spyware freaks out on it saying cookies must be enabled. Right now I know of almost a dozen chasers that said they are not going. Main factor was the cost since they are saving up for the chase season. $600 - $800 average for 3 nights hotel, airfare, food and conference fees, that equals up to an extra week out chasing for a couple people in one group.

Tim is there a way to put up a poll on stormtrack for the conferences to who is going to which one such as Iowa, TESSA, Denver, and the rest?
Several of us are planning a snow mobile run up in the mountains before the conference in Denver and I'm just wondering who all is going this year to the Denver conference?

I know there is a poll on their site but the spyware freaks out on it saying cookies must be enabled.

I can state for an absolute fact there is NO spyware on the website, nor are there any cookies being used.

EDIT: There is a cookie being used when you go to register through's required to make PayPal work.
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Hi Doug,

Certainly, everyone has their priority with their $$$. We don't expect every single weather weenie out there. If I was a poor college student-chaser living on Ramen noodles, I'd save my $$$ for gas.

Based on the poll thus far, there are ~100 folks who are planning on it...and we're still in December!

I started this 'gathering' many years ago at my home (Doug, you are in one of the group pictures back then! :) ) for passionate chasers to share and learn...and to break up the boring late winter season.

Indeed, there are other really good conventions-I've been to most of them, and they are fantastic. TESSA put on an astounding convention last year honoring Dave Hoadley.

What sets our convention apart from the rest, is the pure fact that we focus ENTIRELY on you...the storm chaser....and everything related to it. We fly in world-class speakers to talk to YOU about the latest in severe weather research, we try our best to bring excellent educational tools so that YOU can enjoy this great hobby with more confidence each Spring.

As a reminder, this is something that Roger and I do out of our passion...we always keep our fingers crossed that we break even each year. We are not in it for the $$$...we do it for the love of the hobby, and the socialization of chasers in a non-storm environment.

I hope that David answered you question regarding the 'spyware' issue.

I really, really hope to see many of you there!

All the best,
Tim Samaras
I have only been to one conference in my life and it was back in 03 to Des Moines, Iowa. I asked my dad if he wanted to go to Denver for this one actually I was surprised because I told him about storm chasing conferences and he told me about going to Denver. So I dont know if that was a hint he was going to take me? Or he was just letting me know about it. He is very familiar with Colorado and that area so maybe I will be attending. I would feel a little weird at first on account it would be the first time I was there but after a couple of hours I am sure it'll be like the old days when I was in high school and everybody knew everybody.
I am definitely planning on going. I have gone for the past 2 years and the convention is always awesome. Tim and Roger and everyone do and incredible job. It is definitely worth going to!
I SO wish I could go this year. Unfortunately, one of my jobs didn't withhold taxes for me, and neither did I, so I have to pay the price between now and then. Perhaps next year!
Monica and I are going. She assured me that was really what she wanted to do over our anniversary, Feb. 15th. Thass ma kinda woman! :)
Tim, I just looked at the site again and now the cookies required for the poll is gone. Wow, looks like it is still on track for last years numbers.
I won't be able to make it out to Denver this year. Conflict with something else I can't move. I'll be at Iowa though.

Unfortunately, I have a family commitment that weekend (stuff that goes with being married) that I can't get out of. That won't affect me for future conventions. Otherwise, I would be going.

I have gone the last couple of years and always have had a wonderful time. The convention is a great learning experience and alot of fun. The organizers are able to achieve a nice balance for new chasers and experienced chasers.

I definitely recommend attending whether you are a beginner or veteran chaser or are considering chasing.

Below are links to some images that I took in 2005 and 2006.

Bill Hark
Tim is absolutely right about the convention. It is focused on nobody but the attendees. And Tim is also right (OF COURSE!) about us flying in speakers from all over the country (AT OUR EXPENSE) to make presentations, TEACH their favorite severe weather subjects, etc. There will be even MORE vendors this year too!

And I can assure you, we are DEFINITELY NOT in it for the $$. We sweat it out every year and try to price attendance to cover the speaker fees, airfare, hotel costs, FOOD, ice breaker cost, etc, and to have nothing left over. The convention costs us an average in the 5 figures every year to do it! Why put ourselves at risk? FOR YOU!! FOR THE CHASER COMMUNITY! FOR THE ABSOLUTE LOVE OF CHASING. Nothing else.

BTW, I am sure everyone has seen, but we had 2-4 FEET of snow from that blizzard and I for one AM heading up snowmobiling next week LOL!!

Tim, Dave and I VERY MUCH hope to see many of you there!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and I hope you have a fantastic New Year filled with supercells!

Roger Hill
I'll be at there. It is actually my first time going there and i can't wait to meet and talk with everyone.

My dad and I are planning on going skiing after the convention as a matter of fact.:)

Merry Christmas,
Michael O'Keeffe
As of now, I plan on going... however, I'm applying for work and if I land a job... well then at least I'll have a few more bucks when chase season does arrive. as for snowmobiling, I'll be game for that but I'll prefer skiing instead.

I'm not 100% sure, but as of now I am planning to be there. Probably will also do some skiing before or after. It is a great conference and I would recommend it to any of you who have considered going but have not done so yet.
Nope, I would rather use that $$$ to chase on next season. I will have to go to the thing at least once in my lifetime to see what all the whoha is all about. Just not this season.

I'll be there. Living in the metro area and working 1 exit south of the hotel definitely helps to keep the costs down.
Last year was my first year attending and from the perspective of being new to the chaser community, the thought of going and not knowing anyone, or not knowing what to expect was more than a little daunting. I quickly found that my trepidation was misplaced. It was a valuable experience and I got to meet some great folks. I highly recommend it to anyone new to chasing or considering it.
Happy holidays to everyone! Looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.
I've always had a great time at the convention. However, this year I'm going to have to choose between the convention and having sufficient financial resources to make trips to the Plains in the spring. For me to make it out to Denver, the cost is well over $800. So, I will probably not be able to make it this year :(
Unfortunately...I won't be attending this year. I am very committed to
saving vacation days and $$$ for the 2007 spring chase season. It would be nice to go one year and see some chasers I have never met or not seen a very long time. Maybe see you out there in Deshler NE or Harper KS this spring ...likely points further south if this flow pattern continues :confused:
I'm happy to say I will definitely be attending this year!
I had to miss last year because my dad had a commitment the weekend of the conference he couldn't get out of. Plus my parents didn't feel comfortable letting me drive up to Denver by myself, as I had only held my driver's license for a month at that time last year. But after hearing about the blackouts, I'm thinking I didn't miss much.
But this year thankfully nothing's going on that weekend, so me and my dad will drive up to Denver the afternoon of the 16th. It's only a two hour drive from Fort Morgan so travel is a non-issue with us. Also my dad is covering all the costs, which allows me to save money for the purchase of some much needed equipment and gas come springtime. This is one of the few times I'm grateful to still be living with my parents...
I look forward to seeing everyone who can make it there! And for those who can't, maybe I'll see ya out on the open prairie this spring.:D
Me and the lady were talking about some fun time while there.. Who is doing the snowmobiles?? How do we get hooked up??

Yea!!! We get to go, after all. Looking forward to meeting many of you in person. See y'all then.
Kanani and I wont be able to come this year :(. She just moved up to manager at her job so she is having to save up time off for vacation and the convention $$ I saved is now going into a new transmission since I blew mine yesterday.