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Perhaps this has been done before but I didn't see anything immediately pop up when I was searching ST. However, I was wondering what the interior of everybody’s chase vehicle looks like. I think it would be interesting to see all the gadgets that you throw into your car for a chase. Perhaps you have allot of technology at hand or very little. Either way I was hoping people here could post a pic or two of the inside of their vehicle all set up for chasing. I was thinking of throwing my stuff in my car tomorrow and just making sure it all works, I’ll post the pic(s) after.
Mine is pretty much simple. Laptop,ham radio,Digital tv tuner and tv card for laptop. Wifi and also have data card and plan,(the card I got off ebay failed me friday though:mad: )inspeed anemometer w/ data logging,cameras,scanner and hustler mag mount antenna. Thats about all:) (Click To Enlarge)


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Finally got a photobucket account. This is the inside of the Dodge pickup we chase in. We also have a dashmount for our camcorder now. The dashmount was being sold at the 2005 chaser convention.

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Pretty standard setup. Two Dell Laptops, Weather Radio, Some Davis equipment, Anemometer display, camera mount...

The front laptop runs Mobile Threat Net and the back one runs our GPS, since we always chase with three people it works out nicely. We also have wifi on both computers and two webcams (one forward facing and one rear facing) that feed images into the rear laptop every 3 seconds.

In the back of the truck we have a cooler and first aid kit. On the ceiling we have a switch panel and cell phone holders. We also have a drop down map of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska that shows all the counties and their names.

That's really about it...although theres probably something I'm missing...

I've kept the tech toys to a minimum in the car for chase purposes....

John, I agree. Though my setup certainly won't impress any judges, it allows me plenty of room to operate the laptop, tripod and most importantly have unrestricted access to my camera bags on the floor. I simply remove the passenger seat, bolt on the jotto desk, bring in a 25lb-weighted tripod (never liked window mounts since they block my view too much), and wire up the GPS and WxWorx. I have a permanent scanner inside, but as a whole it's simple enough to set up and has worked great over the last four years. I chase with a Saturn mostly for the great gas mileage, but I would prefer a slightly higher profile vehicle for some of those gravel and dirt roads!
Here's my car. This will be the first season I will be chasing with WX WORX, I purchased it at the end of last summer. I also recently got a cord to connect my gps to my computer, so I can track my position and path with some mapping software I have. I also have a usb tv tuner to pick up tv stations. I'm not planning on using that as much because it's a little slow on tuning, and I originally got it for my workspace at home.


I haven't shown the pile of cords on the passenger side. I'm still trying to figure out how to prevent all the cords from turning into a rats nest.
I posted earlier in another thread, but I'll throw a few pics back in.

1. Chase Vehicle 1 - 2005 Chevy Impala
2. Chase Vehicle 2 - 1999 Chevy Silverado Z-71

The GPS unit also has the XM weather package for doppler radar, etc. I'm in the process of installing an in-car camera system for this chase season. I'm also pricing toughbook laptops (possible acquisition this year) and I have a mobile anemometer (not pictured). The radio equipment is standard ham, two-way (110 watt high power) and scanner equipment. If I ever get married and have kids I'm sure chase vehicle number 2 is history.

I figured I'd throw in a shot from the home station too of me running one of the wx nets last year (I'm usually in the field but this was a rare exception).:)


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HAM, laptop, PC card, GPS, GPS PC WAAS enable Sensor, video camera and mount.
Very happy with the set-up. Everything's right within reach.
Now we need a good year!


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it looks like a hummer, a real one too, H1 :eek:. i could be wrong though

certainly wouldn't have to worry about getting stuck on those muddy country roads:p
LOL... thanks but don't be jealous when I fill the tanks (even though I use biodiesel its expensive) or when it's time for the 12k service! YEEEOOW. Bend over time.
I work hard (as everyone else does I'm sure) for the "toys" in life.
Like I said... all the fluff and toys don't do much for Ya if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate!
Drive safe!
I have a different radio setup, but the picture shows the console and laptop setup.

The radios shown are: Unitrol TM4 siren, Icom V8000 2m ham, radioshack pro-2096 digital scanner, radioshack pro-2066 analog scanner, Kenwood TK 930.

Current radios have been narrowed down quite a bit, due to me moving and not needing digital reception anymore. Currently I have the same console, minus the siren. The radios are: Uniden Grand LT CB, Icom V8000, Uniden BCT15 scanner, Kenwood TK930



On a side note, aren't any of you guys concerned about theft? What do you do to protect all the electronics you have in your car?

When parked at a hotel, etc- even though it's a pain, I pull everything out I can. Other than that I use comon sense with where I park- under lights, near the door, not in "bad" areas, cover things, nothing in plain view, etc.
On a side note, aren't any of you guys concerned about theft? What do you do to protect all the electronics you have in your car?

We have tinted windows (which also help with laptop screen glare) and an alarm system on our Xterra. While chasing we don't really venture too far from the truck theres not much to worry about there.

Whenever we are gone form the truck for an extended period of time, like overnight, we take the most valuable items out....laptops, camera, and whatnot.
On a side note, aren't any of you guys concerned about theft? What do you do to protect all the electronics you have in your car?

All my gear is in quick-release mode which means I can have my van cleared out in less than 10 minutes. My HAM radio, scanner, laptop, cameras, etc are all mounted in a fasion that they can be quickly removed when I get out. Makes it nice when I want to get my electronics out quickly and reattach them later. I shove all the gear into plastic storage containers and take them inside with me. Nothing left in the van to steal after that! :)
As one of the main rules for chasing is safety, I'd just like to remind everyone to take air bag deployment into consideration when mounting their equipment. I can't even begin to tell the number of stories I have regarding people, including police and fire officials, injured (some quite seriously) by laptops, cell phones, radios, etc. because they became dislodged by an air bag in an accident.
On a side note, aren't any of you guys concerned about theft? What do you do to protect all the electronics you have in your car?

The laptop and camera come out but otherwise it all is hard mounted. I have one advantage most people dont though. Most criminals try their best to avoid law enforecement or any vehicles that have 911 decals like mine. Red/Blue lights work wonders for security :)