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Chase Vacations...when is yours?

May 18 to June 10ish. Giving myself a 3+ week window this year.

I come out from Boston MA. It's a long way to go for a bust. I start pacing around the house in April. Man I'm already sweating the models... Usual pre-chase butterflies. I'm so ready though. Can't wait.

Since I'm currently unemployed, I'm free to chase pretty much every day. On the other hand, since I'm currently unemployed, I can't exactly afford to chase pretty much every day.

So, I'll be sticking with close targets and the best setups. If I can swing it, I might set aside a week in late May or early June to vacation. Thankfully, having an open schedule allows me to pick a week in which the weather appears likely to cooperate.

Of course, if I snag a decent job in the interim and have to pack my bags and move to Washington D.C., or something...well, that's that.
Mine started in March, but it stops on May 14th and starts again on the 15th. I live in Wichita and I am a full time student so I can get out chasing any time. I am graduating in a couple weeks and I am going to use graduation money to fund chasing full time this year. I will probably get a job at the end of August, but until then, I am on vacation.
My trip this year is gonna run from June 6-24. It's a little late in the season, but I'd like to see what it's like to chase on the Plains during that month.
My trip this year is gonna run from June 6-24. It's a little late in the season, but I'd like to see what it's like to chase on the Plains during that month.

I think you'll enjoy your June chases - best overall chase month of the year IMO. :D My vacation will be from June 11 - 26.

Mine is May 21 - 29, assuming current patterns change. Need to save 2nd week of vacation to take family to Disney World June 24 - July 2nd.

I'll venture out before then for a day or two if an outbreak looks imminent :D . I haul a lowboy for construction company, and this is our busy season so it's hard to get time off this time of year.
June 1 - 9, but I just applied for a promotion at work. If I get the promotion then my days off are changed, and that will play havock with my pre-approved vacation.
Mine is set for May 13 through May 30, Jeff Gammons will be driving out May 10 and returning June 1 (from FL). I will fly to DFW to meet up.
Well...my May is gross with graduation at the end of the month...but I'll try and venture out from May 30th through June sometime. Whenever the pattern goes bad...if, theres a good one to start with even.
Well I am hoping to see some good storms in central Oregon during July while i visit my mom for a month. After that..i am planing a little trip with my dad to go to Arizona in August to practice my lightning photography.
Well... In Spain we are waiting for the storms season that will begin soon in the late may. Then, any place inland Iberia would be a good place for chasing. Nevertheless, the best places are located in the SE of Aragón Region and the SE of Iberia in general. Both good places for the supercell development.

In the first case (SE of Aragon), two supercells took place in the same town (called Alcañiz) in 2003 summer. The first generated an F3 tornado; the second, large size hail that destroyed all roofs in that town. The one ocurred in July and the second in August (atention: less than 1 month between them :shock: )

In this way, I am living in a quite good place for chasing. So I hope to share with you good reports next summer :lol:
May 18th through ???? whatever it takes to land the big one - retired and camping in Colby, Kansas....hopefully it'lll find me cause Im a lazy chaser!!!