Can anyone recommend good CB radio??

Mar 10, 2005
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hey ya all. I was thinking of buying and installing a CB radio in my vehicle and wondered if anyone here was up to date on the new models. I haven't used one since they were fashionable back in the 70's. I looked online and saw that Cobra is still manufacturing, with some models including USB. Is there any particular model I should consider? Thanks for your advice.
Sideband is a waste of money, but only because hardly anybody has one. It is wonderful for communication purposes, but is still priced too high for most people to invest in one. Go with an inexpensive cobra unit...nothing fancy is really necessary.
Yeah, don't buy the wal mart CB... I bought one a couple years ago and it is a hunk of junk. I could only talk about 2 miles on it max.

On a side note: how many of the other chasers on hear actually use CB's I used one for one season, but never heard ANY other chasers use it, also it is quite annoying around a thunderstorm, because you get alot of static when there is lightning. However, with myself not being a ham, I would like a way to comunicate with other chasers in the area.
For the chasers that arent hams, FRS radios would work in a caravan situation. If you put a little FRS radio on scan while driving the interstate these days you will get more traffic than Channel 19!!
I they only put a half watt or so but they can be had for less than $20 a piece! I have four I bought at Wally World for $10 each, Ive been using them for years for paintball.
I rarely use my cb to talk to other chasers but I do use it to gather information from truckers about storms they just came through or the road conditions ahead. You would be surprised at how many trucks will drive right through the storm and can be a great source of info like hail size.

a bear report every now and then helps too :wink:
I have a CB its a Radio Shack Model, its a CB with built in Weather Band, IT does a good job and its relatively inexpensive. Great if your needing something to keep in touch with your chasing buddies. I would reccomend that you get an antenna that will accept VHF Weather Band Frequencies as well as CB to pick up on both clearly.