Vehicle Equipment Consoles

Mar 2, 2004
Northern Colorado
With the purchase of the new ride, I am obviously going to have the fun (and I mean that seriously, I love tihs stuff) task of installing my gear. Unlike the Tracer, I have plenty of room to install things without stuffing the hell out of my passengers.

With the added space, I've looked into purchasing (or making) an equipment console. I've seen various consoles on sites such as Jotto, Galls, and other security stores, but they're either made specifically for other vehicles, a bit pricey, or missing some features I would really want.

What I'm thinking is going with something similar to this model, but what I really want can't be done very easily with such an item. Its a simple and effective idea, but what I want is something that not only houses the radios, but that has a sliding cover I can close up when I'm not using the gear. Something like this (on the very bottom of the page) would suit me well if I could get a cover-type thing for it. Basically, I want my radios out of sight when I'm not using them, yet easy to get to when I am using them.

My HAM radio has a remote faceplate, so I'll likely install the radio under a seat and mount the removable faceplate on the dash. However, I have a scanner and a CB/WX radio that'll make their way on board and I'd like to house them in something I can get to, but close up.

Anyone having any suggestions or references would be great. I've searched sites like those I listed above and have found close to but not quite models. I know many of you out there have such gizmos and I'd be curious to know where to look outside of the realm I've been searching in.

BTW, my vehicle is a 1996 Chrysler Town & Country LX.

Thanks guys!
Tony, Im working on a possible between-the-seats housing in my 03 Astro to put my VHF/UHF radio, scanner and possibly a small VGA monitor, kind of like what David D. set up in hs van but floor mounted and with a slide cover to close and hide whats inside and use as a hard surface if needed.

Glad to hear of the new ride, thats a mental boost Im sure!

Mike R.
Tony, you have lots of options with a vehicle like that. In my case I'm just finishing off a custom made console that has a padded "lid" that will cover everything when not in use. The console is essentially just a "box" that holds the radios and goodies in a convenient location between the seats. Should look close to stock or at least un-interesting to the passerby.

You may also want to check some of those generic consumer consoles made for mini-vans to see if they are modifiable for your needs.. some of em are not too expensive and seem rugged enough.

Stay away from anything that says "Galls" on it...they stuff (for the most part) is cheap knock-offs of brand name stuff. It's not worth the headache.

Look at JottoDesk, Troy, Havis or Gamber Johnson for mounting solutions.

BTW, if you use any of these the equipment mounts into the console and isn't as prone to theft as a radio just laying in the open. Don't focus on trying to hide everything so much if you use a professional console.
I have to diaagree with Mr. West about the Galls stuff being cheap knockoffs. I and most of the guys I know in the Emergency Services/fire depts. use consoles from Galls and have never had an issue with them. They are solid and not near as expensive as Troy consoles.

Tony you have seen my setup so you can judge for yourself but I ouldnt trade my console. Have been using it for over 4 years now without any problems.