Storm Chasing Vehicle Project and Suggestions!

Yes they are stock shocks. I had thought about getting the Tundra Pro as it does not look as bad as the new Tundra looks. When I bought this Tundra I thought about the Titan ... not a bad truck at all.
I'm not so sure that a big truck is safer than a car, say a Subaru outback or impreza, or any AWD car. Cause trucks have such a high wind profile. Also a lot of exposed undercarraige, as tornadic winds are not straightline. There's a hefty vertical lift too. Also, going down a highway at 60 when RFD winds switch and hit broadside at 80mph is a real hairy thing in a low profile vehicle. The increased chances of rolling. The fact that I see pickup trucks take turns at about 80% their max speed, when my subaru is behind them and probably around 50-60% max speed.

We used to chase in sedans. Until Twister came along and showed us how it's done.

A hail cage is about the only thing I'd go for. Cause I love safety, but am not rich enough to spend a ton more to think I'm safe.

But that's all moot for me. Chase in what you're comfortable in. But please, since it's off-road, please park further than 6" off the sholder. I see all these jacked-up 4x4 park with driver's side wheels on the pavement, like they were a toyota Celica.

Best thing for safety would be a big flashing neon sign.

We park as far off as the truck allows us. I'll upload a video later you might like with that
Yes they are stock shocks. I had thought about getting the Tundra Pro as it does not look as bad as the new Tundra looks. When I bought this Tundra I thought about the Titan ... not a bad truck at all.
I really wanted the Pro-4X Titan but couldn't afford it. Maybe after I finish school and am making more money.

I did nearly buy a Tundra when I was on Active Duty. It was right after they changed body styles and put the 5.7 in. It was an impressive truck.

The most impressive thing about my Titan IMO is the handling. Something that weighs that much should not handle that well. And the Pro-4X handles even better which still blows my mind.
Using the truck for what I built it for - several vehicles in front of us had to turn around and bail on the storm. We were able to drive through and pave a rut for the vehicle behind us to follow in

So I now definitely understand why people are telling me to ditch the lift. I got home and had to drive our lifted 2009 1500, and it's a complete 180 degree shift from the lifted 3500. The 1500 has a very basic lift, and the suspension is extremely soft. The truck leans on every turn, moving the steering wheel two inches jerks the truck left or right, which would barely even move the 3500. The steering wheel turns extremely easy from driving over bumps or potholes, and the suspension and steering just feels so loose. The 3500 is completely the opposite. It's actually a bit harder to turn the steering wheel and bumps do nothing. We were in some pretty strong RFD winds in Salina, KS last week, and in Simla, Co a week and a half ago, and none of the wind really bothered me. I could definitely feel it more than I would in a smaller car, but nothing that had me the least bit worried. I'll post a rear view of the truck soon so you can see how wide it is, but it's extremely hard to roll over because of the wide stance of the larger dual rear tires. I would really love for some of you to see the truck in person so you'd understand it more
How come you don't see dual wheeled trucks at the road ralleys. Seems Subaru WRX rule there. Now of course they're going about 100mph on a muddy road. Which... is totally insane. Which is why I love to watch them on the YouTubes, but I myself would not like to go 100 on a muddy road in my Subaru, because, well, that'd be insane!

I don't think large trucks are safer. I think they just look more impressive on TV. The only reason to have one is if the herd of 200 cars is going so slow, you'd be forced to take a muddy side road or field. AKA May 5, 2010 south of Wakita. But 1) That's a real long odds 2) no guarantee it will save you.

When I crest a hill on a dirt road I scoot to the right. Funny, I see many dirt roads with 3 wear ruts. The middle one is shared! Strange how this works without more head-ons. Many a times I have come up to the crest of a hill to find some other chaser flying over it dead center. Trucks, cars, TIV, w/e. So ya, I don't care if you drive a big truck or a VW bug. Just do it with some common sense, please.

I personally would love a Toyota FJ. I see the soccer moms around here in them. Worst gas milage for an SUV at 19EPA so it gets prolly 15? Which... is why I'd love one if rich. I mean think about it. Job security! Global Warming leads to more energy for tornadoes. Burning gas helps Global Warming... It's a no brainer. I even have a Freon dispenser hidden in the back bumper.

Lastly on figuring out which storms produce. Well. :) Get accurate theta-e measurements all around the tornado vortex. Relay realtime to SPC. Combine about 3-4 phased array positions for a 3D wind flow. Throw it into a supercomputer, like ummm any 2gHz machine NOT running Windoze. This should get us to about a 25% predictive rate.
Quick update for now, a lot more to come for people who are interested.

Roof rack and hail guards being mounted!