Calling all Moderators

I have tried for about a week now to get in touch with an administrator or moderator with StormTrack about re-posting a link on StormTracks Links Page, specifically Chaser Web Site Links, and have not received any response. My website www.TwisterChasers.Com
was previously listed on StormTrack before the update some time ago, as well as listing my name, Kathryn Piotrowski. Would someone...anyone PLEASE put the link back on as Kathryn Piotrowski's Web Site TwisterChasers.Com - Featuring Chase accounts, photography and video provided by the TwisterChasers Chase Team. I am sure this is simply an oversight.. And would you please post Jeff's name on the link as well. Thanks.

Kathryn Piotrowski
I have also tried to contact 3 different Moderators in the last week or two without a response. What's up with that? So, I will ask the question here and see if someone can respond to it. Is there a way to keep from getting logged off of StormTrack after being idle for a while? Any help really would be appreciated.
I'd change the link page if I could, but I think only Tim can change that. Hopefully he'll see this so he can add your site.


I remember another member having a similar problem (being logged off after a short time). This sounds more like a cookie issue, in my opinion, than something wrong with the system (otherwise, I would think that it was happen to more members). You check "Remember me" (or whatever the option is) when you log in? Try deleting the browser cookies, and make sure your computer clock (time + date) is correct. I'm not sure if cookies associated with this board software use the computer time+date, but it's worth checking out.

I don't think I got a PM from either of you... Feel free to "mass PM" all moderators (or multiple mods), but please make sure to mention that you are doing so in the PM.
Jeff is right about the cookies. Some browsers automaticaly throw out cookies after a period of time if they are set too. Likewise other "cleanup" programs will get rid of them.

If it were the board itself it would be happening to everyone.

As for stuff on the front page Kathryn, that's mostly Tim V's baby, but I will make sure he sees this.
My guess it is that "remember me" deal. It does that to me all the time when I'm at my parent's on their computer and I don't check remember me.
I have experienced browsers that SHOULD have worked with the "Remember Me" cookie thing (cookies were enabled) but refused to, for some reason. I believe it was a early (and therefore, probably, flakier) version of Safari (Mac). See if you have the same problem with a Standards Compliant browser like Firefox.