Bad Season for Northern Ranchers

Geoff Boyle

Environment Canada meteorologist Ruping Mo said the long-range forecast for the province is mostly dry for the next three months.

Alberta will also be high and dry. It's shaping up to be a very bad year for them. Most the cattle trade has been suspended, and the grain and feed reserve is empty from last year's drought. If they don't get any moisture soon, the local ranchers won't have any feed for next winter.
An initial look at this situation reveals that it could be more serious that I first imagined. Just the possibility of the ranchers not having food for next winter would be catastrophic.

Here in Oklahoma - our lawns have just dried out for the first time in I don't know how long.......our backyard has been like a swamp for the longest time.

Interesting to imagine what the rest of this year will hold for them...

Yeah, the Canadian Government is going to be shilling out big bucks to try and re-stock the grain and feed reserves for the summer. Last year things were so bad, that the government had to ship in most the feed and hay from Ontario and BC. However, there wasn't enough of that to go around either. I would imagine that things would be worse this year, because BC might have problems with the hay season as well.
The thing that will make all the difference is if the boarder is re-opened to the cattle trade. In the event of failing crops, the ranchers can sell off their livestock. They can’t do it in Canada, because everyone will be trying to do the same thing.
I seriously doubt they will open the border until the FDA is sure Canada has the Mad Cow situation cleared up. The U.S. cattle producers will raise a major "beef" :wink: with the government and since Bush is an ex Texas cattleman I dont see it happening. But Canada can always buy feed from down south. it will just cost a bit more.