Australian Supercells 2004/2005 Retrospective

Jeff Brislane

Hi Stormchasers!

I've recently finished reports on a few supercell events I personally witnessed here in Australia this season just gone, and i've posted some links here for anyone who's interested in southern hemisphere supercells. These are the only events I managed to get to out of about 20 or so seperate supercell events we recieved this year.

LP Supercell February 1st

Classic/Lp and HP supercells December 7th

Classic Dry Line Supercell with Twin Wall Clouds December 8th

Classic/HP Supercell October 24th

Thanks for looking!

Regards Jeff.
I enjoyed that! Those LP shots are beauts. I live in Nebraska in the States -- and I find it interesting that in a good number of those pictures, it's hard to tell whether you're shooting in Nebraska or Australia. You've got more trees than we do, but it would seem that the topography of the area you're shooting from is flat as a pancake for as far as the eye can see. :)
Those are some absolutely gorgeous pictures. They remind me of the visibility and land features of west Texas, but some of the land is definitely more beautiful.

Makes me want to plan a trip!
Thanks Guy's! :)

I'm glad to share some of our beautifull storms with you. We've had a really great season for supercell structure and I was fortunate enough to be in place for some really special storms. Unfortunately I witnessed no tornados, but we don't get many anyway.

A lot of areas around New South Wales are a lot like the western side of tornado alley with open plains and a lot of semi-timbered country, allthough the frequency of severe weather events here pales in comparison to your own Mid-West and Tornado Alley areas.

I'm looking forward to seeing the best the U.S.A. has to offer this season though!

Jeff Brislane.
Sydney Australia.
Hi Jeff,

Awesome pictures!!

I agree with you that it was an incredible season. And unique in that the storms we have had did experience relatively good inflow comparitive to what normally is experienced!


Jimmy Deguara