Storm Chase Almanac

Dec 4, 2003
I thought it would be worthwhile to maintain a list of significant chase events. I've often wanted to refer to such a list for forecast study examples, but have found the information on the Internet to be rather piecemeal. Stormtrack should have such an almanac anyway. So I'll start the list.

Criteria: This is a chase almanac, not a storm almanac. The storms should be significant to the chase community: either (1) chased by a diverse and large number of chasers (i.e. no 1997 Miami tornado) or (2) a very unique or newsworthy event on the Great Plains. Individual chasers may be noted if they have a noteworthy association with the storm. Please use good judgment.

To add your contribution, please follow the format shown and reply. Either myself or the moderators will periodically "scoop" up listings and insert them into the almanac and then delete your original post. If you wish, you may put your initials or last name in parentheses to acknowledge your contribution. Links to significant, information-rich pages on the event will be accepted as a unique numeral within parentheses that links to the page, i.e. (1). Also corrections are welcome.


Storm Chase Almanac

* May 19, 1982 - Major tornadic storm develops near Pampa, TX and is chased by Texas Tech team.

* May 8, 1986 - Tornadic storms develop near Canadian, Texas.

* August 28, 1990 - Plainfield, Illinois hit southwest of Chicago; DuPage chasers possibly on this storm.

* May 15, 1991 - Laverne, Oklahoma tornado.

* May 7, 1993 - Tornado outbreak in northwest Oklahoma with isolated occurrences further south through Wellington, TX.
* July 21, 1993 - Last Chance, CO. The most majestic, ominous tornado probably ever videographed on the High Plains by Bill Reid and Charles Bustamante

* May 29, 1994 - Significant tornadoes in northwest flow affect Newcastle TX; Gene Rhoden pulls up to a random house and seeks shelter with a family.
* August 17, 1994 - The Lahoma "pakwash" storm brings 113 mph winds to the Lahoma mesonet. Nearly all chasers miss this event.

* June 8, 1995 - Major tornado outbreak in central and eastern Texas Panhandle; significant tornadoes near Pampa and Clarendon

* May 1, 1997 - First classic chase event for 1997 following cool April, with nontornadic supercells in southwest Oklahoma.
* May 7, 1997 - Strong HP supercells develop north of Amarillo and move southeastward.
* May 25, 1997 - Storms develop along dryline in central Oklahoma with tornadoes north of Duncan eastward.
* May 26, 1997 - Rapid supercell development brings tornadic activity to area northeast and east of Oklahoma City.
* May 27, 1997 - A violent tornado develops near Temple, TX and moves southwestward through Jarrell, TX

* May 8, 1998 - Severe hailstorm develops north of ABI and moves eastward through Graham; numerous chaser windshields damaged
* May 24, 1998 - Numerous tornadoes develop in the Enid-Blackwell OK region; storms obscured by severe haze
* May 30, 1998 - Spencer, SD significant deadly tornado well-documented by a number of chasers, including motion-picture documentation by Martin Lisius.
* April 8, 1999 - Tornadoes in southwest Iowa; date of Carbon-Bridgewater mile-wide F4 tornado with 40-mile track
* May 3, 1999 - Very large tornado outbreak in central Oklahoma; Moore and Dover OK are hard-hit.
* May 31, 1999 - Sitka, KS tornadic supercell chased by a very large number of storm chasers...however a relatively small percentage of chasers actually documented the tornado itself due to road logistics, resulting in the genesis of the infamous "Sitka Bust Club".
* June 3, 1999 - Almena, KS long-lived significant tornado documented by many chasers. This was the only storm in the region and was extremely well-documented.

* May 17, 2000 - Major tornado hits Brady, Nebraska; the footage by Jeff Piotrowski was widely circulated.

* May 29, 2001 - Texas supercells(including the wedding cake of wedding cakes) and White Deer tornado
* June 13, 2001 - Seward Nebraska tornadic supercell and the other beast in ne KS...forget that town name.
* September 22, 2001 - Edgar, Nebraska tornado
* October 9, 2001 - Oklahoma tornado outbreak and Nebraska tornado outbreak

* May 4, 2003 - Tornado outbreak in southwest Missouri
* May 10, 2003 - Large tornado outbreak in MO/IL

* June 22, 2003 - The two beasts in se NE including the Aurora storm producing the record hail(other to the south was the tornado producer, and record mesocyclone and first killer NE tornado in many years.....only to follow up the next night with another tornado death in NE)
* June 24, 2003 - South Dakota Tornado Outbreak,Well documented outbreak, Many chasers, some with 10+ tornadoes in one day caught significant tornadoes. Day of Tim Samaras' lowest direct pressure reading in a tornado, Manchester, SD. (JM)

* May 12, 2004 - Attica, KS tornado day documented by many chasers. (TL)
* May 15th, 2003 Texas panhandle record outbreak. Biggest tornado outbreak in panhandle history.
* May 22nd, 2004 Nebraska outbreak including the largest recorded tornado that hit Hallam, NE. 86 tornados reported that day.
* May 24th, 2004 southern Nebraska/Norhtern Kansa outbreak with 53 tornados reported.
* May 29, 2004 - North central Kansas tornadoes. Also tornadoes in south-central Kansas (Conway Springs, etc) (TL).
* May 30, 2004 - Low-topped supercells form in the northern Midwest, F2 goes through southeast Indianapolis during the Indianapolis 500. WSFO IND watched tornado go by outside the office. (TC)
* June 10, 2004 - Storms in southwest Nebraska.
* September 15 - 17, 2004 - 117 tornadoes over 3 days. Most a result of the remnants of Hurricane Ivan, 8 fatalities.

* April 21, 2005 - Tornadoes in Neosho County, Kansas
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May 11, 1982 - numerous tornadoes across SW Ok and portions of the Texas panhandle, Altus AFB hit.

March 3, 1983 - Donley county Tx. tornadoes, well documented by Tim Marshall.

April 26, 1984 - Numerous tornadoes from central Ok into the upper midwest.

May 10, 1985 - Large tornadoes across portions of Ks & Ne.

May 14, 1986 - SW Ok. tornadoes, Windthorst Tx tornado.

May 7, 1988 - If busts are included, this was one of the biggest in the late 80's, lots of chasers burned.

March 13, 1990 - Hesston F5, tornadoes from Ok into Ia.

May 15, 1990 - Ok tornadoes, Stillwater F3

March 26, 1991 - Ok/Ks tornadoes

April 12, 1991 - NC Ok tornadoes

May 26, 1991 - Woodward Ok, Wichita Ks area tornadoes

May 11, 1992 - SE Ok tornadoes

May 5, 1993 - Ok panhandle, Sw Ks tornadoes

April 26, 1994 - Southern Ok/North Tx outbreak, Gainesville tornado.

May 7, 1995 - Ardmore Ok tornado, north Tx tornadoes...many chasers suckered further west to squall line.

June 13, 1998 - OKC area tornadoes others along the Ks/Ne border

October 4, 1998 - Numerous tornadoes across Ok.

May 7, 2002 - Sw Ks tornadoes

A few noteworthy High Plains events:

June 6, 1990: A half mile wide, highly visible F4 wipes out 80% of the town of Limon, CO. Several chasers observed this storm and collected amazing video, I don't remember who it was, I think Tim Samaras *may* have been on this one.

May 30, 1996: A mini-outbreak strikes northeastern Colorado. The Channel 9 KUSA news team out of Denver films the life cycle of two tornadoes from a supercell in Morgan County which were on the ground at the same time just after 4 p.m. One of them strikes a farmstead just southwest of Fort Morgan, inflicting F2 damage. Forty miles to the southeast in Washington County, several chasers document a spectacular, quarter mile wide F3 stovepipe that severely damages a farmstead near the tiny crossroads of Elba.

May 17, 2000: While better known for the spectacular F3 that was filmed by many chasers near Brady, Nebraska, this day also produced over two dozen tornadoes in northeastern Colorado from supercells rotating around a deep low pressure system centered over the Palmer Divide. Despite the high number of tornadoes, only a few caused damage and no injuries occurred. Not noteworthy as a chase event because all the supercells were rain-wrapped non-chaseable HP beasts, but noteworthy as probably the largest tornado outbreak to ever affect eastern Colorado.

July 5, 2000: A strong, quarter mile wide F3 tornado touched down just north of the town of Dailey, Colorado just after dark and devastated six farmsteads, causing over $2 million in damage and several injuries. Several chasers were on the storm, but did not observe the tornado due to darkness and rain wrapping around the mesocyclone.

July 21, 2000: A classic 'wedding cake' LP supercell develops east of Greeley and drops a spectacular, highly visible F2 tornado which tracks over mostly open country for over fifteen miles and twenty minutes before dissipating northwest of the town of Wiggins. Well documented by several chasers as well as the general public.
April 20th, 2004, "Surprise" tornado outbreak in IL and IN.

November 10th, 2002 tornado outbreak in the Ohio Valley and places south
Bradgate Iowa F2 tornado that moved through the valley and destroyed or damged almost every house in the town. This event happened 1-2 days before the May 22 of 2004 event explained below.

May 22 of 2004 a total of 36 tornadoes across IA making it one of the largest outbreaks in Iowa. Event started around 4-5:00 PM. Also a Bow Echo with a 106 MPH wind gust in Warren County I think it was and knocked a DOT truck off the raod. The Bow Echo formed into tornadic storms I think instead of staying a Bow Echo and moved through Warren and Jasper Counties with reported tornadoes on the ground through midnight. Also tornadic storms in NE and MO with this event I think.

November of 2005 the Woodward and Ames tornadoes. I think this event was on stormsof2006. I forget the exact day sorry.

May of 2006 the 17th I think but I could be wrong. 17 tornadoes including one that hit Iowa City and three reported on the ground at the same time near Muscatine.
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are you guys going to update this soon? I could find lots of events on wiki if you would like?
Storm Almanac

May 14, 1986 Snyder Okla. F-2

May 24 1989 Iowa/Mo. Bi-State F-4

May 15, 1991 Laverne Okla. F-4

May 25.1997 Tornado at Middleberg, Okla.F-1

May 26 1997 Tornadoes near Tulsa, Okla. F-2

May 29, 2001 Lamar Colo. Tornado Outbreak F-3

May 15, 2005 Stratford, Tx. Tornado Wedge F-1 (Should B at least F-3)
May 22, 2004 Tornadoes S Cental Nebraska F-2

June 9, 2006 Hill City, Kansas Tornadoes F-1
May 31, 1999 - Multiple tornadoes in SW Oklahoma near Erick and Brinkman (the other event from that day)

June 12, 2004 - Multiple tornadoes (including the infamous "glowing" Mulvane tornado) in SC Kansas

May 12, 2005 - Large tornadoes and famous hail that crippled several chasers near South Plains, TX

April 15, 2006 - Large, high-contrast tornado near Beatrice, NE
Now that Tim is back I thought this may be updated. It has not been updated since it was started. I am going to add alot of info I had compiled and added to a wiki at another site. Feel free to use it. Sorry for spelling errors. Alot of these days were not chased by lot of people or big events but still nice to have the info.

December 14, 1810- United Kingdom Area affected: Portsmouth Portsmouth Tornado possible the strongest in Great Britan's history rated at T8 on the Torro scale and F4 on Fujita scale. Wind speeds were 213-240 MPH.
May 7, 1840 Nachez tornado LA and MS are hit hard this day by a killer tornado but the intensity of the tornado is unknown. 317 dead and 119 people injured. This tornado like the Comanche IA tornado moved across the Missisipi river and the death told could have been worse then listed. A piece of a steamboat window was carried 30 miles. Reports that "hundreds" of people were killed on plantations in Louisiana were never confirmed, but it is quite possible that there were many more deaths in areas away from Natchez. This was the pre-Civil War era of slavery, and slave deaths were not always counted. This tornado is ranked #2 in the top ten killer tornadoes for the US.
1860 Comanche IA tornado This tornado moved across the Missisipi river like the Nachez tornado and killed over 100 people.
1883 August 21, 1883 States affected: MN On August 21, 1883, Rochester MN was hit by a tornado that killed 37 and injured many others.
1886 April 14, 1886 States affected: MN The deadliest tornado in Minnesota history razed parts of St.Cloud and Sauk Rapids, leaving 72 dead and 213 injured. At a wedding party 11 members were killed including the bride and groom.
May 27, 1896 St. Louis tornado 255 people died and 1000 more were injured. This was rated as a F4 tornado. The death total probably does not include the loss of life to people living on shanty boats, whose bodies were washed down river. This tornado is ranked #3 in the top ten killer tornadoes for the US.

May 26, 1917- States affected: IL/IN IL 1917 tornado A strong tornado would touch down this day. This tornado was believed to be on the ground from IL to IN and had a possible record 7 hours and 20 minutes life span. The tornado traveled for 293 miles. Now remember this is 1917 so we cannot confirm if this was one tornado or if this was multiple tornadoes from the same storm or multiple storms.
August 21, 1918 States affected: MN Tyler MN is hit by a tornado with 36 dead.
June 22, 1919 States affected: MN Fergus Falls was hit by a tornado with 59 dead making this the second deadliest tornado for the state.
March 18, 1925- States affected: MO/IL/IN Tri-State tornado. Missouri, Illinois and Indiana tornado. One of the very few tornadoes to ever move across 3 different states. This is possibly one of the strongest tornadoes ever recorded and was on the ground for 3.5 hours. This tornado formed in MO and then traveled to IN injuring 2000 people and killing a total of 695 people a possible record for a single tornado. It traveled 219 miles, destroyed 4 towns completely and left 6 more severely damaged and destroyed 15,000 homes. Annapolis MO 90% destroyed. Gorham IL was 100% destroyed. Murphysboro IL was 40% destroyed. Desoto IL was 30% destroyed. West Frankfurt IL was 20% destroyed. Parrish IL 90% destroyed. Griffin IN 100% destroyed. 85 farms destroyed after this in IN. The tornado finally dissipated near Princeton IN. Over 15,000 people injured or killed in just 40 minutes. The town of Parrish was never rebuilt and in Murphysboro one witness said he saw the tornado pick a house up and then watched it explode and others had similar stories. Reasons why this could be the worst tornado in history for the US: longest continuous contact on the ground, third fastest traveling speed, continuous exertion of force resulting in damage throughout most of its lifespan, a 3.5-hour duration giving the tornado of May 26, 1917 a run for it's money. This tornado is ranked #1 in the top ten killer tornadoes for the US.
April 6, 1936 Gainesville tornado A pair of massive tornadoes moved east-northeast through downtown Gainesville at the start of the work day at 8:27 AM. Earlier a smaller tornado hit north of town and now two large tornadoes were moving through the town causing destructive damage. The tornadoes came in from the west and southwest and came together west of Grove Street, and a four-block-wide area was laid waste across the entire city, beyond which separate courses of destruction appeared again. The wreckage was astonishing, with debris filling the streets up to 10 feet deep. Around 750 houses were destroyed and 254 were badly damaged. Damage totalled $12,500,000. Cooper Pants Factory collapsed and caught fire killing around 70 people. At the Pacolet Mill, the funnel was seen in the southwest, and the 550 workers ran to the northeast corner of the building, adverting what could have been a even greater tradgedy. Newnan's department store collapsed killing around 20 people. The wreckage was so deep and so extensive and swept by fires that it was inpossible to determine how many people were killed in which buildings. At the time that the 203 person death toll was listed, 40 people were still missing. In the downtown area of Gainesville, most of the multi-story businesses and factories were blown over or collapsed. Letters from Gainesville, Georgia were dropped as far as Anderson, South Carolina. The tornado was rated a F4 on the Fujita scale and 203 people died with 1600 injured. Ranked as the fifth deadliest tornado in American history.
June 18, 1939 States affected: MN More than 220 people were injured and nine killed in the Champlin area from a tornado.
August 17, 1946 States affected: MN About an hour apart, tornadoes slashed through the cities of Mankato and North Mankato leaving 11 dead and 60 injured, and Wells where some 200 people were injured.
April 9, 1947- States affected: TX/OK/KS White Deer and Woodward tornadoes Possibly the second Tri-State tornado or a family of tornadoes. A supercell formed in the texas panhandel during the afternoon and traveled 220 miles from White Deer, TX (northeast of Amarillo) to St. Leo, KS (west of Wichita). A tornado formed near canadian TX and would later strike Woodward OK and it travled 100 miles. The towns of Glazier and Higgins in TX were both devestated by the tornado as it moved at 50 MPH. 69 fatalities in TX. In Ellis County, Oklahoma, the tornado did not strike any towns, passing to the southeast of Shattuck, Gage, and Fargo. Even though no towns were struck, nearly 60 farms and ranches were destroyed and 8 people were killed with 42 more injured. In Woodward county 1 death was reported. This violent F5 tornado then hit Woodward destroying alot of the town and over 100 city blocks were destroyed. Atleast 107 people killed and another 1000 injured. The bodies of three children were never identified, and one child who survived the tornado was lost and never reunited with her family. 36 homes were destroyed in Woods County with 30 people injured. Althought people believed the tornado continued into KS later study showed this could have been a differint tornado in a family of 5-6 tornadoes that occured with this storm. This was considered to be a family of tornadoes and the Woodward tornado which is believed to haved occured after the White Deer tornado is ranked as the sixth deadliest tornado in American History. Sixth ranked killer tornado in American history.

May 10, 1953 States affected: MN On May 10, there was three tornadoes in southeast Minnesota that killed 7 and injured 19.
April 3, 1956 States affected: MI A large tornado moves through GrandRapids MI. Footage is in Black and White.
April 2, 1957 States affected: TX A multivortex tornado touches down outside of Dallas TX.
June 20, 1957 States affected: MN June 20, 1957 The Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN tornado of June 20, 1957 left 10 people dead and more than 100 people injured.
April 30, 1967 States affected: MN,IA Tornado outbreak with 9 confirmed tornadoes and three of them being rated F4. NW of Alden MN a F3 tornado confirmed. A F1 in Steele County MN. A F4 near Hartland MN. A F2 east of Hartland. SE of Manly IA a confirmed F4 that did near F5 damage. SW of Twin Lakes MN a F4 tornado. A F3 tornado W of Carpenter IA. SE of Austin MN and Marion MN both had confirmed F2 tornadoes. 13 people died with 80 injured and 9 million $ in damage caused. Waseca MN had a 4 block wide swath of destruction.
June 13, 1968 States affected: MN Tracy MN was in the path of a destrctive tornado. The result is 9 people dead and 125 people injured.
August 6, 1969 States affected: MN The Outing area was struck by a killer tornado know to some as the maxi tornado which left 12 people dead and 70 more injured.

April 5, 1972, Vanouver, Washington tornado, Historic tornado Wensday morning cold air began moving inland from the Pacific Ocean and collided with warm air in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and the coastal mountains. A squall line formed between Eugene and Newport, Oregon, and moved north-northeast, gaining strength as it did so. By noon the sqaull line had southerly 50 MPH winds as it moved through Portland. A unofficial wind gust to 120 MPH was recorded before the equipment was damaged and the Portland International Airport had a official wind gust to 63 MPH. No one in Vancouver had any idea of what was coming. The only warning came when the storm reached the McLoughlin Heights neighborhood, about a mile north of the river. There the storm blew down at least a half a mile of transmission lines and sent showers of blue sparks into the air, which were visible to people several miles away. Most of the people who saw this had no idea what it was. 2 homes were demolished and 25 more were damged as the tornado continued into the city. At the Peter Skene Ogden Elementary School, the children ran inside when golfball sized hail and rain began falling. None of the students or teachers had any idea what was happening as the storm struck. Although at least 70 students from the Ogden school were injured, none was killed by the tornado thankfully. The bowling alley and discount store would be hit next.The tornado continued on its north-northeast track as far as Brush Prairie. This tornado lasted for atleast 9 miles and was a qaurter mile wide. Six people were killed and at least 304 were injured. The tornado remains the deadliest in Washington state history and possible the worst tornado for 1972. This tornado was rated as a F3.

April 3, 1974- States affected: Historic super tornado outbreak During the Super Outbreak of 1974 some areas that were devastated include Cincinnati (where I, Skywatch_NC was raised) and an F4 had tore through the suburbs of Bridgetown and Sayler Park in Cincy. Another F4 nearly wiped out Xenia OH northeast of Cincinnati. Not only did this outbreak feature an incredible 148 tornadoes in only 18 hours, but an unprecedented amount of them were violent; six of the tornadoes were of F5 intensity, and 24 were of F4 intensity. More than 300 people, possibly as many as 330, were killed by tornadoes during this outbreak. Eric (Skywatch) was in the basement listning to his radio when a stong destructive tornado was moving near his area and I can only imagine what was going through his head. I would have been thinking I could die right now. Thankfully the tornado did not hit his block. Thanks Eric for the above information on the outbreak. This historic event will never be forgotten.
August 30, 1974 States Affected: Kansas Large tornado near Great Bend Footage is old but in color. Very spectacular to see on footage. A classic tonado.
May 30, 1976 States affected: OK A tornado touches down near Waurika OK and is photographed by David Hoadley and other chasers.
July 31, 1976- States affected: CO, Historic thunderstorm Big Thompson Thunderstorm and Big Thompson Canyon flash flood of Colorado. The supercell in just 3-4 hours grew to a height of 65,000 feet! It remained almost completely stationary dropping 14" of rain on a small area most of which feel in a 4-6 hour period. In 1 hour Glen Comfort recieved 6" of rain. When the Big Thompson river flooded it's canyon that night below Estes Park 144 people died.
June 14, 1981 States affected: MN A tornado in Minnesota tore across the Twin Cities from Edina to Roseville resulting in 1 death and 83 people injured.
May 3, 1982- States affected: UT President Reagan's star horse from Death Valley Days, Sinbad the Sailor, struck by lightning and killed at Kanab, UT.
May 11, 1982- States affected: TX,OK Numerous tornadoes across sw OK and part of the Texas panhandle. Altus AFB hit.
May 19, 1982- States affected:TX Intense tornadic storm develops near Pampa, TX.
May 29, 1982- States affected: IL,OH,KY Marion, IL devastated by a killer tornado. 10 deaths, 181 injured. Ping pong ball size hail fell at Louisville, KY and Columbus, OH had a wind gust to 76 mph.
March 3, 1983 - States affected: Donley County TX tornadoes, well documented by Tim Marshall.
April 26, 1984- States affected: Numerous tornadoes from central OK into the upper Midwest.
May 10, 1985- States affected: Large tornadoes across portions of KS and NE.
May 8, 1986- States affected: Tornadic storms develop near Canadian, Texas.
May 14, 1986 - States affected: Tornadoes in sw OK. Windthorst TX tornado.
July 31, 1987 Country affected: Canada, Historic tornado A destructive F4 tornado hits Edmonton Canada Cuasing lots of damage and killing several people. A baby less then a year old is thrwn from her tralier and lives. This tornado may have been more deadly then the Ellie 2007 tornado but not as strong.Still the deadliest/worst tornado in Canada's history. 27 people died and 300 million dollars in damage occured. The tornado formed from a severe storm, most likely a supercell that was dropping large hail.
March 13, 1990- States affected: OK to IA Hesston F5, tornadoes from OK into IA.
May 15, 1990 - States affected:OK OK tornadoes, and Stillwater F3 tornado.
June 6, 1990- States affected:CO, Historic tornado The town of Limon CO is hit by a half mile wide F4 tornado and 80% of the town is destroyed.
August 28, 1990- States affected: IL Plainfield, Illinois hit southwest of Chicago.

March 26, 1991 - States affected: OK,TX Tornadoes in OK and TX.
April 12, 1991 - States affected:OK Tornadoes in north central OK.
May 15, 1991 - States affected:OK Laverne, Oklahoma tornado.
May 26, 1991- States affected:OK,KS Woodward OK and Wichita KS area tornadoes.
May 11, 1992 - States affected: OK Tornadoes in sw OK.
May 5, 1993 - States affected:OK,KS OK panhandle and sw KS tornadoes.
May 7, 1993 - States affected: OK,TX Tornado outbreak in northwest Oklahoma with isolated occurrences further south through Wellington, TX.
July 21, 1993 - States affected:CO Last Chance, CO tornado. This was a spectacular tornado to watch and many chasers caught this on video.
April 26, 1994 - States affected: OK,TX OK and TX tornado outbreak, Gainesville tornado.
May 29, 1994 - States affected:TX Significant tornadoes affect Newcastle, TX and Gene Rhoden pulls up to a random house and seeks shelter with a family.
August 17, 1994 - States affected: The Lahoma storm brings 113 mph winds to the Lahoma mesonet.
May 7, 1995 - States affected: OK,TX Ardmore OK tornado, north TX tornadoes.
June 8, 1995- States affected: TX Major tornado outbreak in central and eastern Texas Panhandle with strong tornadoes near Pampa and Clarendon TX.
May 30, 1996- States affected: CO A mini-outbreak strikes northeastern Colorado. The Channel 9 KUSA news team out of Denver films the life cycle of two tornadoes from a supercell in Morgan County which were on the ground at the same time. One of them is rated a F2 tornado. Washington County, several chasers document a quarter mile wide F3 tornado.
May 1, 1997 - States affected: OK Supercells in southwest Oklahoma after a cool April.
May 7, 1997 - States affected: TX Strong supercells develop by Amarillo TX.
May 25, 1997 - States affected: OK Storms develop in central Oklahoma with tornadoes north of Duncan and eastward.
May 26, 1997 - States affected: OK Supercell development brings tornadic activity to eastern OK.
May 27, 1997 - States affected: TX, Historic tornado A violent tornado develops near Temple, TX and moves southwestward through Jarrell, TX. I think this was the slow moving F3-F5 tornado that did devestating damage.
March 29, 1998 States Affected: MN The greatest March tornado outbreak in Minnesota history was March 29, 1998. A family of 13 tornadoes that stuck St. Peter and Comfrey especially hard killing 2 people.
April 8, 1998 States Affected: GA, Atleast 34 people died and 250 were injured as 3 tornadoes rated from F2-F5 moved across GA with Jefferson County being the hardest hit. A school in Jefferson County was destroyed. Pickens and Tuscaloosa county also had tornadoes. Hail to the size of baseballs fell in Cullman and Marshall Counties.
April 23, 1998 States affected: NE Furnas County NE has 3 confirmed tornado touchdowns and the well known picture of Audra Thomas infront of a tornado with her farm in the backround almost taking a hit was taken by Marilee Thomas.
May 8, 1998- States affected: A severe hailstorm develops north of ABI and moves eastward through Graham with numerous chaser windshields damaged.
May 24, 1998 - States affected: OK Numerous tornadoes develop in the Enid-Blackwell OK region and the tornadoes were obscured by severe haze.
May 30, 1998 - States affected: SD Spencer, SD strong deadly tornado well- documented by a number of chasers.
June 13, 1998- States affected: OK,KS,NE OKC area tornadoes and tornadoes along the KS/NE border.
October 4, 1998- States affected: OK Numerous tornadoes across OK.
April 8, 1999 - States affected: IA Tornadoes in southwest Iowa including the Carbon-Bridgewater mile-wide F4 tornado that travled for 40 miles. Vortex times was on this tornado.
May 3, 1999- States affected: OK,KS,TX Historic Tornado in Moore OK. Very large tornado outbreak in central Oklahoma and Moore and Dover OK are hit hard. A very intense F5 tornado touched down and had it's sites set on Moore OK. Many people saw this tornado and later saw it's destruction. many argued this tornado was the first and soon to be only tornado that could have been a F6! Winds peaked to 318-319 MPH! The winds were not recorded at ground level but at midlevel. Atleast 10,000 homes destroyed in Moore OK. A baby is tossed many miles but survives and is reunited with it's mother at a nearby hospital. Strong tornadoes hit Dover, Shawnee, Perry and Bridge Creek, and the Moore and southern Oklahoma City metropolitan areas. Additional tornadoes also hit areas in south central Kansas, eastern Oklahoma and northern Texas, with over 70 tornadoes being observed across the region. The total tornado count makes this tornado outbreak the largest ever recorded in Oklahoma. 40 people died and 675 injured. The damaged cost a total 1.2 billion dollars. Five deaths, 100 injuries and heavy damage also occured in the Wichita, Kansas metro area. This event will never be forgotten
May 31, 1999 - States affected: KS Sitka, KS tornadic supercell.
June 3, 1999 - States affected: KS Almena, KS long-lived significant tornado. This was the only storm in the region and was extremely well-documented by many chasers.
August 11, 1999 States affected: UT, Historic tornado Salt Lake City Utah is hit by a F2 tornado.
January 3, 2000 - 12 tornadoes touch down in AR,MS and KY. 20 injured from the tornadoes. 101 severe weather reports.
February10, 2000 - 1 tornado in NV.
February 13, 2000 - 16 tornadoes would touch down in AR,TN,AL,GA,FL with 72 wind reports and 38 hail reports. 24 dead due to three tornadoes in GA. Magor damage was reported. 1 injured in AK from a tornado. Montgomery AL had a report of downed power lines and baseball sized hail.
February 14, 2000- 1 tornado reported in SC and 25 wind reports mostly in southern ID and surrounding areas.
February 18, 2000- 15 tornadoes reported in AK,MS and TN.
February 24, 2000- 61 severe weather reports and 5 tornadoes reported from TX to KS.
March 7, 2000 - 185 severe weather reports across the plains states with 6 tornadoes in OK. Severe weather reported from TX to SD.
March 10, 2000- 89 severe weather reports with 6 tornadoes in TX and LA.
March 11, 2000- A tornado was reported in FL,GA and SC.
March 15, 2000- 31 hail reports in OK/KS and 2 tornadoes in LA.
March 22, 2000- 38 hail reports and 13 tornadoes reported across TX.
March 25, 2000- 65 severe weather reports mostly in TX. Kingston Springs reported baseball sized hail.
March 26, 2000- 180 hail reports and 87 wind reports from NE/MO to TX/LA with 6 tornadoes reported in TX/OK. NWS Springfield MO had a wind gust to 60 MPH.
March 28, 2000- 77 severe weather reports and Fort Worth TX is hit by a strong tornado resulting in 2 dead and dozens injured. Downtown Fortworth hit hard and winds blown out of skyscrapers.
April 2, 2000- 15 tornadoes reported from TX to GA with 2 injured in TX. 121 severe weather reports fro this day.
Aprl 3, 2000- 18 tornadoes from LA to GA with 1 of the tornadoes in OH. 32 wind reports and 8 hail reports.
Aril 7, 2000- 73 hail reports from TX to IN and 18 wind reports. Hail was to the size of golfballs in some areas.
April 8, 2000- Wind event mostly for the Carolina's and 1 tornado reported in NC.
April 17, 2000- 66 severe weather reports mostly from SC to VA with 1 tornado reported in VA. Hail was the main threat.
April 19, 2000- 8 tornadoes in KS resulting in 2 injured and big wind event from OK to IL.
April 20, 2000- 189 severe weather reports for the lower great lakes and Ohio valley including KY and TN. 16 tornadoes reported in IL,IN and TN. 1 dead in TN. Mostly a wind event.
April 23, 2000- 138 severe weather reports with 8 torndoes reported. OK,TX,LA had most of the reports. Hartshorne OK 4 injured by tornado. Mostly a hail event.
April 24, 2000- 70 severe weather reports in TX,OK,KS,CO with hail the main threat.
April 29, 2000- 84 severe weather reports from TX to NE with a few in NC. Hail event. 69 hail reports with 15 wind reports.
April 30, 2000- TX/OK Event. 6 tornadoes in TX. 60 hail reports and 14 wind reports.
May 3, 2000- 99 severe weather reports mostly in TX/LA and TN/GA. 74 hail reports and 25 wind reports.
May 7, 2000- 6 tornaodes in MN with 73 total severe weather reports from SD,NE,MN,IA.
May 9, 2000- 10 tornadoes from MO to MI. 192 severe weather reports including 101 wind reports and 81 hail reports.
May 10, 2000- Waterspout in VA and a possible weak tornado in PA. Mostly hail reports for this day with a total of 134 hail reports.
May 11, 2000- 26 tornadoes reported in KS,MO and IA.Most of them in ne IA. 1 injured in BlackHawk county IA. Severe storms from KS to MI.
May 12, 2000- 1 dead from a ornado in Hill TX. 20 tornadoes from TX to MI.282 severe weather reports total. Hail and wind storms from TX to PA.
May 13, 2000- 105 severe weather reports mostly in the eastern states.4 possible tornadoes, 2 in PA and 2 in GA.
May 17, 2000 - States affected: CO,NE to WIMajor tornado hits Brady, Nebraska. Also over two dozen tornadoes in eastern CO but most did very little damage. 36 tornadoes in all and hail/wind storms from CO to WI. 183 severe weather reports.
May 18, 2000- States affected: IA,IL 22 tornadoes mostly from central IA to central IL. Hail storms from TX to OH and Windstorms for the northeast. 379 severe weather reports.
May 20, 2000- Isolated severe storms and 2 possible tornadoes. Local wind event in NC. 36 wind reports from central NC.
May 23, 2000- 26 tornadoes but the intensity is unknown for most of these tornadoes. A few were rated as F1 tornadoes. MO,KY,TN,OH,WV had the reported tornadoes.Knox County TN 1 injured.148 severe weather reports. Mostly hail storms.
May 24, 2000- 17 tornadoes reported mostly from OK to NC with the TN/KY boarder having several reported. 186 hail/windstorms reported from CO to CT.
July 5, 2000- States affected:CO A strong, quarter mile wide F3 tornado touched down just north of the town of Dailey, Colorado just after dark and devastated six farmsteads, causing over $2 million in damage.
July 21, 2000- States affected: LP supercell develops east of Greely and drops a F2 tornado documented by alot of storm chasers. This tornado travled 15 miles and was on the ground for around 20 minutes.
July 25, 2000- States affected: MN A tornado strikes Granite Falls causing one death and 15 injuries.
May 1, 2001 - States affected: NE,IA,MN Severe storms from NE to MN with 13 tornadoes in IA/MN.
May 4, 2001 - States affected: TX,OK,NE,MO 18 tornadoes in TX,OK,NE,MO. Mostly brief touchdowns but multi-vortex tornado reported 4 SW Pumpkin Center by Broadcast media(OKC).
May 5, 2001 - States affected: TX,OK,KS 6 tornadoes mostly brief reported in TX,OK,KS.
May 6, 2001 - States affected: TX,OK,IN (other states) 198 severe weather reports. Mostly hail but 13 tornadoes reported in TX/OK and 1 of them reported in IN.
May 9, 2001 - Severe storms from TX to WI with 11 tornadoes reported in NE,MN,WI.Appears the number could be smaller due to possible repeat of same report.
May 10, 2001 - States affected: IA (other states) 132 severe weather reports with IA getting hit the worst. 12 tornadoes reported in IA.
May 13, 2001 States affected: IA Hail storms across IA.
May 14, 2001 States affected: WI,MI Hail/Windstorms across WI/MI.
May 17, 2001 States affected: NM to OH Hail/Windstorms from NM to OH.
May 20, 2001 - 25 tornadoes reported across KS,MO,OK,AK,TX. Windstorms from CO to MS. 115 hail reports and 112 severe wind reports.
May 21, 2001 - Hail/Wind Storms from TX to KY/TN. 21 tornadoes reported in MI/OH.
May 22, 2001 States affected: VA,NC;IL Hail storms in VA/NC and IL. 4 tornadoes reported in IL.
May 24, 2001 - Hail/Windstorms from TX to TN/GA with 2 tornadoes reported in AL.
May 26, 2001 - Isolated hail storms across the US with TX and NC getting lots of reorts of large hail. Wind storms in IL and IN with 11 tornadoes reported in IN/OH and 1 of them in TX.
May 27, 2001 States affected: TX,OK,KS,MD Big severe weather day with 134 hail reports and 179 wind reports. Most reports in TX,OK and KS. 9 tornadoes reported in KS and MD.
May 28, 2001 - Isolated severe storms across the US with 6 tornadoes in CO and 1 tornado in NC.CO and Southeast had the most reports.
May 29, 2001 States affected: CO,KS,OK,TX Texas supercells and White Deer tornado. Lots of tornado reports from CO into KS and a few in TX and OK.170 total severe weather reports.
May 30, 2001 - Hail/Windstorms in TX,OK,AK,LA and 8 tornadoes reported in KS,NE and MO.
May 31, 2001 - Hail storms from CO to ND with Windstorms in the southeast. 6 weak tornadoes reported. 1 in KS,NE,IL,KY,CO and TX.
June 13, 2001 - States affected: NE,KS Seward Nebraska tornadic supercell and another intense supercell in ne KS.
September 22, 2001- States affected: NE Edgar, Nebraska tornado.
October 9, 2001- States affected: OK,NE (KS?) Oklahoma tornado outbreak and Nebraska tornado outbreak.
October 24, 2001 States affected: MI,IN,OH,Surrounding areas 25 tornadoes touched down in southern MI,northern IN and nw OH. A F3 tornado struck Saint Joseph County Indiana
May 7, 2002 - States affected: KS Tornadoes in sw Kansas.
November 10, 2002- States affected: OH,Areas south Tornado outbreak in the Ohio Valley and South. A F4 tornado touches down in Van Wert County OH

May 4, 2003 - States affected: KS,MO Tornado outbreak in southwest Missouri and a F3 tornado near Columbus KS.
May 6, 2003- States affected: MO,IL,KY Tornado outbreak for MO/IL/KY with several tornadoes reported. The strongest tornado was in southern IL and rated a F4. This tornado tracked 33 miles with peak winds at 210 MPH. 2 people died and a dozen more injured. A F3 tore through the town of Jackson MO causing over 10 million dollars in damage to this city. The rest of the tornadoes were rated as F2 or lower.
May 10, 2003 - States affected: MO,IL Large tornado outbreak in MO/IL.
June 22, 2003 Record Hail- States affected: NE Hail to the size of volleyballs fell in Aroura NE on this day with another storm to the south producing tornadoes. 1 person died from a tornado and another died the next night due to a tornado. The largest hailstone ever measured, 17.8 cm (7.0 in) in diameter with a 47.6 cm (18.75 in) circumference.
June 24, 2003- States affected: SD Many tornadoes touched down in SD this day with some very big tornadoes. Day of Tim Samaras lowest direct pressure reading in a tornado, Manchester, SD.

March 27, 2004- States affected: OK to WI Big hail event for OK and KS with severe weather as far north as MN/WI this day. Hail was golfball-baseball size in Custer County KS. 7 Tornadoes were reported in OK/KS this day with with a F3 wedge near Kinsley KS.
April 4, 2004- States affected: TX Tornadoes reported in TX this day and a storm in Seminole TX dropped Golfball sized hail for almost an hour with the hail being reported as 1 foot deep.
April 8, 2004- States affected: NM New Mexico event. Tornadoes reported in NM this day but the intensity and the number of tornadoes in unknown. TWC has a picture on their site of a tornado near Roswell NM this day.
April 16, 2004- States affected: IA A bow echo forms and races through central Iowa. Wind speeds were at least 60 MPH with this bow echo.
April 17, 2004- States affected: IA,MN,WI Severe storms in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin on this day. Mostly a hail event but a few tornadoes were reported in ne IA, ne of Mason City. Also a report of strong winds blowing vehichles over on I-35.
April 18, 2004- States affected: SD,NE,MN,IA 10 tornadoes were reported on this day in NE,SD,IA and MN. Intensity is unknown. A mean squall line formed from MN into NE and moved south east. 224 severe weather reports from this day.
April 19, 2004- States affected: TX,NM TX storms including a wedge tornado reported near Peyton and baseball sized hail and another wedge reported near Pampa. Storms also formed on the NM/TX boarder this day.
April 20, 2004- States affected: ND,SD,NE(2 t),KS,OK(2 t),IA(3 t),MO,AK,IL(31 t),IN(14 t),MI IL/IN outbreak. Dozens of tornadoes were reported this day mostly in IL and IN. Utica IL 8 people died in a tavern basement with only a 3 minute warning by the sirens.
May 12, 2004- States affected: KS Attica KS tornado.
May 15, 2004- States affected: TX Biggest tornado outbreak the TX panhandle has ever seen.
May 19, 2004- States affected: Mostly ND Could only find storm reports from this day with 15-16 tornadoes reported mostly in ND and severe storms from the central plains to the east coast.
May 20, 2004- States affected: IL,IN IL/IN outbreak. SPC had OK/KS to be the main show this day but the big tornado outbreak occured north of the area in IL and IN. Many people were surprised. Over 40 tornadoes touched down this day causing lots of damage. Des Moines IA also had a strong storm with rotation move over the city this day but thankfully no tornado reports with this storm. This outbreak is remembered as the IL and IN "suprise" outbreak.
May 21, 2004- States affected: IA A tornado hits Bradgate IA rated as a F2 destroying or damaging all but one building. Chris Rozoff and Erin Norris witness this tornado and another tornado estimated around 100 yards wide. The sirens did not sound until after the tornado hit because the sheriff was hurt by debris.
May 22nd, 2004- States affected: NE,IA,MO Nebraska and Iowa outbreak and possibly the largest recorded tornado ever that hit Hallam, NE that was reportedly around 2.4 miles wide (could have been multiple tornadoes) and a bow echo in Warren County IA with a wind gust to 106 MPH. 86 tornadoes reported that day with 36 of them in IA making this possibly the biggest outbreak for the state. Tornadic storms (strong rotation) also hit MO with this outbreak but unsure if any confirmed tornadoes with these storms.

May 24, 2004- States affected: NE,KS 53 tornadoes were reported in Southern NE and Northern KS.
May 29, 2004- States affected: KS Central and Southern KS tornado outbreak.
May 30, 2004- States affected: IL,IN,OH Big severe weather day with almost 100 tornadoes reported and almost 900 severe weather reports. Low-topped supercells form in IL along a intense sqaull line and move east. A F2 tornado goes through southeast Indianapolis during the Indianapolis 500. This was a holiday weekened and many tornado warnings were issued for Miami Vallley of Ohio, possibly the most for any one day.
88 tornadoes, 235 hail reports (max 4.5" diameter), 516 wind reports (max 104 kt) occured with this event.
June 10, 2004- States affected: MT,WY(2 t),CO(1 t),SD(1 t),NE(12 t),KS(2 t),IA,IL(6 t),IN(1 t),MY,VA.NC 25 tornadoes in all mostly in NE and IL. Kieth NE had a tennisball size hail report.
June 11, 2004 States Affected: ND,NE(1 t),KS,TX(1 t),MN(8 t),IA(32 t),WI,IL,IN,OH,KY(2),WV,VA(1 t),NC(1 t) A total of 243 severe weather reports. Tornado outbreak in IA but the intensity of the tornadoes is unknown. 47 tornadoes would touch down this day. Terrell TX had tennisball sized hail falling with very little rain or wind and then heavy rain. A 65 MPH wind gust was reported between Bath and Bellhaven NC. Ocracoke NC had a 58 MPH wind gust reported by a spotter. Hatterasvillage NC had a 60 MPH wind gust reported.
July 18, 2004 States affected: ND,GA,SC,NC,NJ,NV,KS 17 tornadoes reported in eastern ND with supercells. Intensity of these twisters is unknown. A few wind/hail reports from other states.
August 12th and 13th 2004 36 tornadoes from FL up the east coast and atleast 2 in TX.
August 26 2004 States affected: MT to MI including IA 13 tornadoes mostly in IA and 163 severe weather reports from MT to MI.
August 30th 2004 States affected: VA 19 tornadoes in VA.
September 6th 2004 States affected: Mostly FL,SC and IA 21 tornadoes with most from FL to SC with 4 of them in IA.
September 7th 2004 States affected: FL,SC,NC 54 tornadoes from FL to NC.
Setember 8th 2004 26 tornadoes from NC to MD.
September 15-17 2004- States affected: (15th) FL,LA,MS,AL,GA//MO//WI (16th) GA,SC,NC,FL,VA (17th)NC,VA,WV,MD,PA,NJ//KS,MO,IA Overall in 3 days 117 tornadoes would touch down with 8 fatalities mostly due to Hurricane Ivan. Storms also hit the midwest mostly producing severe hail and most likely were associated with a different system. The 15, 29 tornadoes would touch down in FL and GA with 7 dead. The 16, tornadoes would touch down in FL to SC with ne GA getting hit the hardest. 23 tornadoes reported this day. 1 dead. The 17, 59 tornadoes would touch down from VA to PA. Glan Gardnier NJ had a 62 MPH wind gust and penny sized hail. Peary VA had estimated 60-70 MPH winds destroyed a barn. Stewartsville MO had golfball sized hail for around 20 minutes and Kansas City also had some golfball sized hail. 2 dead.
September 27th 2004 States affected: SC,NC 23 tornadoes in SC and NC.
October 4th 2004 11 tornadoes with 10 of them in CO and 1 in TX.
October 18th 2004 28 tornadoes from MO to AL.
October 29th 2004 8 tornadoes from MN to MO. 133 severe weather reports that day.
November 10th 2004 States affected: OK 6 tornadoes in OK.
November 16th 2004 States affected: TX 4 tornadoes in TX.
November 23 2004 66 tornadoes from TX to AL and 229 severe weather reports. Around 30 of the tornadoes occured in TX.
December 6th 2004 Big wind event with 19 tornadoes from TX to KY/AL. 136 severe weather reports.
December 8th 2004 States affected: LA,MS 8 tornadoes in LA and MS.
December 28-29, 2004 States affected: CA December 28, 4 tornadoes are reported in CA and severe winds that caused damage. National City reported the top 200 feet of the KSON braodcasting tower was snapped off by strong thunderstorm winds striking 20 cars. The next day 1 tornado was reported in the same area.

January 7th 2005 States affected: MS AL 6 tornadoes in MS and AL.
January 12th 2005 6 tornadoes from MO to LA with 89 severe weather reports.
January 13th 2005 11 tornadoes from MS to VA with 114 severe weather reports.
February 21, 2005 175 severe weather reports from TN to GA/SC and 1 tornado reported in CA.
February 22, 2005 60 severe weather reports with over half of them in TX/OK.
March 8th 2005 126 severe weather reports from GA to VA.
April 21, 2005- States affected: KS Neosho county KS has tornadoes touch down but intensity unknown.
July 28, 2005- United Kingdom Area affected: Birmingham Birmingham tornado rated as a T5 on Torro scale and F2 on Fujita scale causing lots of damage to the suburbs of the city. The worst tornado in nearly 30 years and it did a costly 40 million $ in damage. 3 months later a second tornado would hit almost the same exact place with winds estimated at 80 MPH. After this tornado widespread flooding to the region wreaked havoc on Birmingham.
August 18, 2005 States affected: WI A F3 tornado with winds of up to 200 MPH carved a ten-mile long, half wide path of destruction across rural subdivisions and farms just north of sStoughton WI killing 1 person. This tornado is remembered by many storm chasers and there is some nice photographs of this tornado.
November 12, 2005- States affected: SD,IA,MO,AR Iowa outbreak with 30 tornadoes this day. Severe storms formed dropping hail to almost 3". Then the tornadoes came with a F3 tornado that hit Woodward IA, the Stratford tornado, the Ames tornado and the Hospers tornado. Many tornadoes touched down this day and this outbreak is on the "Storms of 2006" charity dvd that shows the Hospers IA tornadoes. MO and AR also both had a reported tornado for this day and several hail reports in southern MO and se SD

March 12, 2006- Historic tornado outbreak for MO. Many supercells and one supercell that formed near the KS/OK boarder tracked all the way to the IN boader. Many chasers out this day. Large hail to baseball size was also reported in and around the Kansas City area. 57 tornadoes,593 hail reports (max 4.5" diameter), 125 wind reports (max 93 kt) occured with this event.

April 13, 2006- States affected:IA,WI,IL 20 tornadoes would touch down with 18 of them in Iowa including a strong F2-F3 tornado that would hit Iowa City and do lots of damage. At one point 3 tornadoes were reported on the ground at the same time near Muscatine IA. 249 severe weather reports came out this day with the main states being hit IA,WI and IL. 1 fatality with this outbreak. April 15, 2006- States affected: Severe weather outbreak for tornado alley with a tornado near Beatrice NE. Several storm chasers saw this tornado.
May 5, 2006- States affected: TX TX outbreak with large hail to the size of baseballs that pounds storm chasers cars as they punch the core. Storm chaser Tony Laubach was under this storm and recieved car damage including a window destroyed from large hail. Amos Magliocco was also on this storm and witnessed a few tornadoes later in the day from other storms. Event is on "Stormsof2006" charity DvD.
June 2006 (day?)- States affected: TX Sean Casey onwer of the TIV which looks like a tank and Dr. Josh Wurman owner of the DOW trucks were chasing a tornado in northern TX and let it go afer a second tornado formed to thier west. After Josh Wurman watching the radar gave the go ahead the TIV positioned itself and the tornado moved right over them. Winds were estimated around 80 MPH. The first time we got a look at the bottom of a tornado from inside a vehicle with the weather instruments collecting data. (Happened before with discs on the ground by Tim Samaras and also the Outlaw chasers) A support crew was also caught in the tornado and debree travleing at fast speeds almost hit thier windshield. Sean Casey is still looking for his final scene for his IMAX movie he is making.
August 24, 2006- States affected: MN,SD Minnesota and South Dakota tornado outbreak. Atleast three F3 tornadoes this day. Beadle county SD getting hit hard by a F3 tornado that lasted nearly 25 miles and was on the ground almost a hour. This tornado was 400-500 yards wide. A second long lived tornado occured from this storm that was rated a F2 (around 300 yards wide) and a third F0 tornado occured at the same time with this storm. McPherson county SD also had multiple tornadoes including one rated at F3. Minnesota had a F3 rated tornado in Le Seuer county and another strong tornado touch down in Nicolet county. 1 death in MN.
September 16, 2006 States affected: ND,SD,NE,MN Conditions became favorable for suppercells and tornadoes and a PDS tornado watch was issued for part of SD and MN after several strong tornadic storms formed. Earlier in the day several tornadoes were reported in ND. Then in SD several storms formed and several tornadoes touched down. The strongest tornado ocurred in SD and was rated a F1-F2 tornado witnessed by seveal storm chasers. Storms continued into MN but no strong tornadoes to my knowledge touched down in MN. A 10 year old girl did die from a tornado in Rogers MN.
December 24-25, 2006 States affected: GA,FL,SC
December 24, a few severe storms bring strong winds to se GA knocking down trees and powerlines and injuring 1 person by Kibbee. December 25, several severe stoms in GA and FL. As many as 6 people injured from around 4 tornadoes. A F2 tornado touched down near Daytona Beach FL. Many homes damaged near Wake City and near the Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club.
December 29, 2006: 22 tornadoes across TX with 1 dead and a few people injured.
January 4, several injured from tornadoes in LA and AL/MS with 7 tornadoes reported. 5 dead and 15 injured.
January 5, 15 injured in SC from a tornado. Numerous severe wind reports from GA and SC. Gainesville has a reported wind gust to 62 MPH.
February 12, 15 tornadoes with 1 dead and many injured. New Ibrea possible hit and a tornado reported in New Orleans.
February 13, tornadoes sighted in AL and MS.
February 23, tornadoes in TX and KS.
February 24, tornadoes in KS,MO,AK,LA and AL.
February 28, Big day for KS and MO and for February! Suppercells in KS and MO with many tornadoes reported in KS and MO. A few big tornadoes reported new New Colony MO with a supercell. Rare event this far north for February.
March 1, 2007- States affected: AL Southeast outbreak where a EF3 Tornado hit the school of Enterprise AL killing 9 people. The path of this tornado was 200 yards wide and it went for 10 miles. Many tornadoes touched down this day including two EF3 twisters that touched down in Dallas and Wilcox Counties. Elsewhere in Alabama, the Birmingham office said EF2 tornadoes touched down in Lowndes and Montgomery counties, Monroe County, on the Lee-Russell line at Phenix City and in Winston County. EF1 twisters were reported in Barbour, Fayette, Tuscaloosa, Jefferson and Shelby counties. Baseball sized hail also fell in Tuscaloosa. This was the 4th costliest tornado outbreak in US history. Three EF3's and three EF4's would touch down this day across parts of the south and southeast.
March 21, Numerous hail reports from TX to MI. Tornadoes in IA and MO. 137 severe weather reports.
March 22, Tornadoes in OK.
March 23, numerous suppercells in NM and TX with lots of tornado reports from NM and TX. 15 total tornado reports with severe storms as far north as IA. Winds up to 82 MPH was reported near Tatum NM and hail to 2.75" was reported in some areas. The NM/TX Boarder was hit the hardest.
March 25, tornadoes in TX.
March 28, 2007- States affected: TX, NE, IL, KS, NC Historic tornado outbreak for March. 80 tornadoes reported from TX north into NE with 2 in IL. Mike Hollingshead chases big wedge near Ogallala NE and Storm chaser Mark Farnick found himself taking shelter in a house after a huge tornado went by Bird City KS and possibly over the house he was in. Many chasers out this day. NC received several reports of hail up to golfball size and Rocky Mount NC had hail to the size of baseballs. 298 severe weather reports were recieved from this day.
March 29, Tornadoes in OK.
March 30, Tornadoes in TX.
March 31, Numerous severe weather reports in IA and IL with tornadoes reported in NE and WI. 140 severe weather reports.
April 2, Numerous hail storms in NE and IA and as far south as TX and AK.
April 3, Big severe weather outbreak with 520 severe weather reports. 389 hail reports, 126 wind reports and 5 tornadoes were reported. IL, IN, MO, AR, AL, GA, TN, SC, KY, MS, TX, NC all had severe weather reported with the central US getting hit very hard. The states of MO, se IL,KY and TN are covered with reports. Hail to 4.25" and a few measured wind gusts to 67 MPH were reported.
April 11, 174 severe weather reports from AL to IN with tornadoes reported in AL and IN. Hail to 4.00" and winds to 80 MPH were reported in some areas.
April 12, Severe storms in TX and OK.
April 13, 114 reports of severe storms with tornadoes in TX.
April 14, 71 severe weather reports with tornadoes reported in AL,MS and GA.
April 15, Hail storms in NC with tornadoes in FL,SC,NC. 91 severe weather reports. 1 dead and several injured.
April 17, 10 tornadoes reported in TX with 1 in Oregon.
April 20, 8 tornadoes reported in NE.
April 21, 128 severe weather reports from TX to MN with tornadoes in CO,SD and several reported in TX. 19 reported tornadoes. Hail to 2.75" and a wind gust was measured at 66 MPH.
April 23, Many tornadoes reported from TX to CO/NE. 29 tornadoes in all with central TX, OK panhandel and ne CO/nw KS getting the reports in clusters. Suppercells mabey? Hail to baseball size was also reported and winds to 64 MPH. A tornado was reported near Del Rio TX and close to same area would be hit the next night.
April 24, 23 tornadoes in TX,OK,KS and eastern CO recieving many of the reports. Eagle Pass hit hard from a tornado that formed with a suppercell. Many houses damaged or destroyed. Remember this area is on the TX/Mexico boarder. The next night a suppercell that formed in Mexico comes close to EaglePass I think but feel apart before crossing the boarder.
April 25, 10 tornadoes reported in IL and 1 in MS.
April 26, 11 tornadoes reported in CO,IL,IN,OH,KY and TN.
May 1, 110 severe weather reports mostly in IN,MI and OH. Northern OH covered with reports. Tornadoes in TX,KS and OH.
May 3 to May 6 tornado outbreak- States affected: CO, KS, OK, SD May 3, 7 tornadoes are reported in CO which would be a sign of things to come. May 4, around 30 tornadoes were reported with the worst tornado hitting Greensburg KS as a EF5 destroying 95% of the town, killing 10 and injuring another 60 people. In Pratt County 2 more people died from another tornado. Tornadoes touched down in CO,OK,KS and SD that night. May 5, another person died in Ottawa County KS as 91 tornadoes were reported in the same area. Most were in open country. Atleast 10 tornadoes were reported in the same area on May 6. May 7 more severe weather was possible as part of eastern KS was under a slight risk but no tornadoes were reported thankfully.
June 2, 2007- States affected: IA IA event with several tornadoes in eastern Iowa. One tornado travled through Fruitland and Muscatine after touching down in Grandview and caused lots of damage. This tornado was rated a F2 tornado with winds to 143 MPH.
June 7, 2007 - A strong tornado rated as a EF3 moves through Wisconsin in Shawano, Menominee, Langlade, and Oconto Counties and the long damage path is seen from outerspace. (Satalite Picture on NWS site)A cat is reunited with it's owner months after the tornado hit the owners home destroying it completely. Long-tracked E-F3 with max winds in the 140-160mph range. On the ground for more than 40 miles and was over 1/2 mile wide at it's peak width. 15M dollars in damage and 14,000 acres of trees destroyed or knocked over. The worst tornado to hit in many years and a strong tornado like this has not been seen since the Stoughton tornado in WI.

June 26, 2007- States affected: TX New Mexico and Texas Derecho event where winds gusted to 98 MPH in Gaines County and numerous damage reports across western Texas with this Derecho.
June 27, 2007- States affected: Several states in the Northeast Northeast outbreak with numerous storms and lots of reports of wind damage.
June 30, 2007- States affected: MO Southern Misouri has a few tornadic storms with 5-6 weak or brief tornadoes and some damage being reported. A few severe storms also occured in the southeast this day.
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July 1, 2007- States affected: Southeast states and also SD, ND, MT Wind event for the southeast with numerous trees down and a hail event for the Dakotas and MT with penny to quarter sized hail comon.
July 2, 2007- States affected: MT, NE Montana and Nebraska had several severe weather reports this day with tennis ball sized hail reported in Sheridan NE. Mostly a hail event.
July 3, 2007- States affected: CO, WI, IA Severe weather occured from CO to WI on this day with 8 tornadoes reported mostly in eastern CO in the form of landspouts but some described as large. Also a tornado reported in NW IA.
July 3, 2007-New Zealand- Area affected: Plymouth A single destructive tornado moved through New Plymouth and did damage to the town.
July 4, 2007-New Zealand- Area affected: inland from Tasman Sea. A series of thunderstorms moved in from the Tasman Sea spawning numerous twisters causing lots of damage. 20,000 people lost power due to twisters destroying power poles and power lines.
July 4, 2007- States affected: MD, CO, NM, KY 1 tornado reported in Maryland by the public. Storms with winds 50-65 mph and hail to half dollar size also occured this day from CO/NM to KY and MD. David Dildine chased storms in MD and saw some very nice storm structure and a possible funnel cloud.
July 5, 2007- States affected: WV, WI, MI 1 tornado reported in WV and severe storms across WI and MI.
July 6, 2007- States affected: TX and several states in Northeast and New England. 1 tornado sighted at an intersection in Santa Fe TX and severe storms across the Northeast and New England.
July 7, 2007- States affected: ID, MT, WY, SD, NM, U.P. MI, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC Severe storms in ID, MT, WY, SD, NM, Upper Peninsula of MI and also in MS, AL, FL, GA and the Carolinas. Also, a brief tornado touchdown causing some roof damage to a restaurant and apartment complex in Port Orange FL.
July 8, 2007- States affected: TX, MT, MN, WI Severe storms from TX to MT. Numerous large hail reports in MN and WI.
July 8, 2007 Ontario Canada- Area affected: Waterloo North of Waterloo a severe storm had at least 2 tornadoes reported with it and hail to the size of tennis balls.
July 9, 2007- States affected: SD, ND, MT and several Northeast states. 262 severe weather reports so far across the country. The Dakotas and Northeast had the most severe weather reports. Reports show hail penny to golfball size and winds in excess of 60 mph were common. An 85 mph wind gust near Howes SD and baseball size hail near Baker MT. 1 confirmed EF1 tornado near Warner OK.
July 9, 2007 Netherlands- States affected: Netherlands to near Island of Texel. Waterspouts and landspouts form in the Netherlands, one of them occured near the island of Texel, that's near the undeep estuary of The Waddenzee, and lasted for nearly a hour. Video showed this waterspout to have a nice tube with it.
July 10, 2007- States affected: CO, Gulf Coast, Southeast, O.V., Great Lakes and New England states. A small brief tornado reported near Raymer CO photographed by Mark Farnik. He was the only person to see this tornado I believe. Numerous severe storms from the Gulf Coast through the Southeast to the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes to New England with scores of damaging wind reports.
July 11, 2007- States affected: MN, CO, TX, NY, GA, SC, NC Severe storms in MN, CO, TX, NY, GA and the Carolinas. Heavy concentration of damaging wind reports across a good portion of SC. Quarter size hail in Sumter SC and nickel size hail near Aiken SC. Also, ping pong ball size hail near Lamar CO and near Anton CO. Trees blown down on a highway exit ramp near Moncure NC and also down across a highway in Old Ford NC and near Rougemont NC. A tree fell on a convenience store in Augusta, GA trapping 3 or 4 people and killing 1 person.
July 12, 2007- States affected: NE, WY, CO, NE, KS, OK, AK, MS, FL Gosper County NE had tennis to baseball sized hail and a report of 65+ winds in ne CO. Only 66 severe weather reports so far. Severe weather also occured in WY/CO/NE/KS/OK/AK/MS/FL. Small wind event in AR and a brief tornado touchdown in NE. NE had the most severe weather reports. Tony Lubauch and Micheal Carlson chased a storm in Greely county that was tornado warned but never saw a tornado.
July 13, 2007- States affected: NE, NC A brief tornado touchdown reported near Sutherland NE. Also, baseball size hail near Sutherland and Platte NE and a 64 mph wind gust in Ocracoke NC.
July 14, 2007- States affected: FL, KS, SC A tornado touched down for two minutes at an AFB in Mayport FL damaging a small building. There was also a brief tornado touchdown in Elwood KS before dissipation. Four inches of rain in two hours in N. Myrtle Beach SC.
July 15, 2007- States affected: NC, NE, ND Waterspout onshore touchdown in Rodanthe NC about 1/4 mile from a KOA Campground and then dissipation. Golf ball to baseball sized hail near Arnold NE. A 68 mph wind gust near Sheldon ND. An unconfirmed report of a tornado near Cogswell ND.
July 16, 2007- States affected: IA, FL, MD A tornado reported near Haskins IA. 75 mph wind gust near Armstrong IA and a 70 mph gust at Estherville IA. Baseball to Tennis ball sized hail was also reported at least twice with the storm that fired near Waterloo IA. Also, a tornado near Webster FL tore a roof off a double wide home, then quickly lifted and dissipated. Baseball sized hail near New Hartford IA and Giant hail near Janesville and Hudson IA! An EF1 tornado touched down near Fallston MD.
July 17, 2007- States affected: SD, NC, IA An 80 mph wind gust near Winner SD. Quarter sized hail reported at the NC State University Campus/NWS Office in Raleigh and in Chocowinity NC. Nickel sized hail near Osterdock IA and Turkey NC and in Leggett NC. Dime sized hail near Monticello IA and Warsaw NC and in Harpers Crossroads NC and Stumpy Point NC.
July 18, 2007- States affected: NY, NJ, MT, WY, SD, NE, IA, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH, KY, TN, FL A tornado touchdown reported in Islip Terrace, Long Island NY. Baseball sized hail in and near Hill City SD. One mile from Hill City had 6 to 8 inches depth accumulation from the hail! Numerous broken windows in a building as a result from the hailstones, too. Lake County MT 1 tornado reported. Reports of 60-70+ MPH winds in IA and IL.
July 19, 2007- States affected: CT, OH, WV, VA, MD, GA, WY A tornado reported in New Milford CT (locale says Hurds Corner) but comment description says New Milford. Dime to quarter sized hail in OH, WV, WY and GA. A 64 mph wind gust in New Preston CT, 63 mph gust at Quantico Marine Corp Air Station VA and a 60 mph gust at Patuxent River Naval Air Station MD.
July 20, 2007- States affected: MT, AZ, TX, AR, MS, AL, GA, SC, FL An EF1 tornado with at least 3 touchdowns in a track about 2 miles long and up to a 150 yards wide near Seguin TX. Damage mainly to barns, businesses and homes. A heavy concentration of wind damage across GA. Dime to golfball sized hail in MT, GA, SC and FL. A 66 mph gust at the Kennedy Space Center FL and a 65 mph gust near Gadsden AL.
July 21, 2007- States affected: AZ, GA, FL A funnel cloud made a brief touchdown near Cape Coral FL and a confirmed small tornado over an unpopulated area near West Kendall FL. Dime to golfball sized hail in AZ, GA and FL. A 60 mph gust near Hypoluxo FL.
July 22, 2007- States affected: ND, MN, IA, NE, KS, FL A waterspout reportedly moved onshore at Flagler Beach FL. Softball sized hail near Sharon ND. Elsewhere in ND, MN, IA and FL hail ranged from dime to golfball sized. A 75 mph gust was reported in Williston ND and two 62 mph gusts were reported at the Waterloo IA Airport. Also, a 60 mph gust near Gypsum KS and a 58 mph gust at Nebraska City NE.
July 23, 2007- States affected: MT, AZ, CO, KS, OK, KY, TN, VA, NC, FL A tornado near Port Saint Lucie FL with some tree damage but no mention of any structure damage. Dime to golfball sized hail in MT, AZ, CO, KY, TN, VA, NC and FL. Wind gust to 70 mph reported near Inverness MT and 60 mph gusts near Canute OK and Ingalls KS.

July 24, 2007- States affected: MN, AZ, OH, WV, KY, VA, TN, FL There were two tornadoes and one waterspout reported in Florida. One took care of a few trees and signs near North Port FL. A funnel cloud became a waterspout when it moved over Lake Apopka near Ferndale. Also, a brief tornado touched down in a vegetated area near Groveland. Dime to golfball sized hail was reported in MN, OH, WV, KY and FL. Wind damage of unknown speed occured in Weber City VA and Parkersburg WV and near Cookeville TN. A 63 mph gust occured at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona.
July 25, 2007- States affected: UT, CO, TX, ND, SD, TN, NC, AL, FL, MI, IN, IL, MD, GA, CA There were two tornadoes reported today - one was a brief touchdown beside a highway near Taft TX and another was a small and short-lived touchdown near Masaryktown FL. Dime to quarter sized hail was reported in ND, SD, UT, CO, TN, NC and AL. A 73 mph gust was measured by a personal weather station observer in South Weber UT and a 63 mph gust by a spotter in Dandridge TN. Both a 90 mph and a 75 mph gust were measured in White Owl SD along with a 69 mph gust near Salt Lake City UT and a 61 mph gust in Pine Ridge SD.
July 26, 2007- States affected: UT, MN, WI, IA, MI, IN, OH, PA, WV, KY, TN, NC, GA, SC, FL Heavy concentration of wind damage in parts of MN, WI and WV. There was a 76 mph gust in Charleston WV. Dime to golfball sized hail in MN, WI, IA, MI, IN, OH, KY, WV, TN, NC, GA, SC and FL. A 77 mph gust near Wendover UT.
July 27, 2007- States affected: AZ, NV, OH, KY, WV, VT, NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, FL Dime to ping pong ball sized hail reported in NY, PA, OH, KY, WV, VA, NC, SC, FL and NV. Ping pong ball sized hail near Sumter SC at Shaw AFB. A 61 mph gust observed by a spotter near Lamar SC that blew down a billboard. Also, a 60 mph gust at Lagrange OH and a 63 mph gust at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona. Scores of unknown wind gust speed reports from VT to FL.
July 28, 2007- States affected: AZ,WY, TX, MO, WV, MA, CT, PA, MD, DE, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL Nickel sized hail reported near Cheyenne WY and in some neighborhoods near the Norfolk VA Int'l. Airport. Law enforcement report dime sized hail near Smithfield NC. Also, quarter sized hail in Waco MO, nickel sized hail in Hopkinton MA and dime sized hail in York PA and Newport News VA. A 60 mph wind gust was reported by a spotter with wind equipment at Flagler Beach FL. Also, elsewhere around Flagler County at Palm Coast, among two unknown wind speed reports, was damage to a garage door of a resident home and at Flagler Beach several tree limbs 4" in diameter were blown down. Other unknown gusts were in North Charleston SC, Beverly, Boxford, Danvers, Framingham, Malden and Princeton MA, Frankford DE and Screven GA and near York PA.. Golfball sized hail at West Ashley SC, quarter sized near Blitchton GA, nickel to quarter sized at Harpers Ferry WV and dime sized at Bel Air MD. A 60 mph wind gust near Wall TX downed several trees. Some other unknown gust reports include near Blitchton, at Patterson and Pembroke and near Springfield GA, at Peeples Valley and near Tucson AZ, near Fort Eustis VA, near North Haven, Hamden and Higganum CT, near Jasper and at Live Oak FL, at Newville and Orbisonia PA, near Hagerstown and New Market and at Bel Air MD, and at Harpers Ferry and Romney WV.
July 29, 2007- States affected: AZ, WY, MA, NJ, PA, OH, WV, MD, VA, GA, FL Half-dollar sized hail was observed in Buckhannon WV while dime sized hail was in Scottdale and Smithfield PA, Montrose WV, and Glen Allen and Leesburg VA and also near Vero Beach FL. A 60 mph wind gust was reported in Lottsburg VA. Unknown gust reports were near Chambersburg PA where some structural damage occured to the Letterkenny Army Depot and some trees were down in Coplay PA. At Oxon Hill MD some roof damage to a corner of a gas station awning and on the main building occured. Other unknown gusts were at Pembroke MA, at Freehold and Medford Lakes and near Millstone NJ, at Blacksville and Westover and near Fairmont and New Martinsville WV. Quarter sized hail in Greencastle PA, nickel sized at Shamokin PA and near Cheyenne WY and dime sized near Charlottesville VA and in Bainbridge PA and Griffin GA. A 60 mph gust near Kingman AZ. Unknown gusts in Colonial Beach, Dahlgren, Manquin, and Shadwell VA and near Gordonsville VA. Also, at Charlestown and Lynn Camp WV, Maugansville MD, Antioch OH and at Dexter GA and near Mount Vernon GA, in Lebanon PA and near York PA.
August 13, 2007- Storms would move from ND south into IL. They would be severe and later form into 2 bow echoes. Hail to 2.50" was common across MN and winds 55-65 MPH occured with the bow echoes in MN and 60-70 MPH in WI. SPC has a report of a wind gust to 69 MPH in WI but does not say if it is measured or not. St. Croix County WI 1 person was injured due to winds.2 confired tornadoes touched down in ND and 2.00" hail was also reported in ND. Severe storms would occur in ND,SD,NE,MN,IA,IL,TN,GA,SC and a few isolated reports in other states.
August 14, 2007- SD had winds 60-70 MPH that knocked down trees and powerlines. Mostly isolated storm reports across the US but several reports do come from SD/NE. Hail to 1.75" was reported in NE. 1 person injured in LA when a gaurd shack at a oil service company flipped over with 2 people inside. Trees and powerlines also knocked down. 1 possible tornado on the FL coast as reported. Most likely a water or land spout if anything. Only 33 total severe storm reports so not a very big event.
August 15, 2007 States affected: IL,IN,OH,MI Intense line of storms forms in IL and moves into IN around 8:00-8:30 PM. Tail end storm (charlie) becomes a suppercell with a hook and a tornado warning is issued. Tornado watch issued east of the line of storms. The line quickly becomes severe and reports of golf ball sized hail and destructive winds in excess of 65 MPH start coming in. More lines of storms form nw of this line and move se into the first lne. Intense suppercell tracks seward into central IN and is warned for destructive 80+ MPH winds and nickle sized hail. Several tornado warnings issued for this line of storms and reports of toradoes start coming in. Also reports of numerous power lines and trees down. Suppercell falls apart before hitting OH but severe winds 60-80 MPH continue into OH and a new tornado warning issued for Van Wert County OH. NWS says strong rotation,nickle sized hail and destructive 80+ MPH winds are occuring. (Not sure if winds did actually get over 80 MPH yet with any of the storms) The line of severe storms begins to fall apart as it enters central OH but penny sized hail and winds 50-60 MPH continue past 1:00 AM with the weakining comma head/bow echo/LEWP. 2:00 AM the storms are almost dead but south end of storms still capable of winds to 60 MPH. Several areas without power.
August 16, 2007- Severe storms would again hit IN the next day around 2:30 PM. A line of storms moving east out of southern IL moves into IN poducing strong to destructive winds. A 68 MPH wind gust was reported at the Lawrenceville Airport. At the same time a storm with supercell like features (could have been a supercell) moved across northern NY capable of damaging winds 60-70 MPH and large hail. DBZ on NWS radar were around 65 with DBZ around 70 on the composite radar. Storms would continue into the day at times producing severe weather in the north east.
September 18, 2007, States affected: IA,WI
Severe storms would form in central IA and move north east into WI bringing with them 60-70 MPH winds. More severe storms would form in western IA and move into central IA before dying out. Few severe thunderstorms from TX to NE. Benton IA had a reported wind gust to 79 MPH with sustained winds at 46 MPH. Dallas had 2 reports of winds to 70 MPH.
September 20, 2007 States affected: Mostly MN,GA,FL A few weak tornadoes were reported in FL and GA but unconfirmed. A line of severe storms moves through MN and a hook echo forms with a cell moving from central MN to eastern MN producing damaging winds in excess of 60 MPH and large hail. Storms moved through Minniapolis aswell. Pman chased the storm and he said at times it had a wall cloud under it. A EFO tornado did touch down and do some small damage by Woodbury MN. Dean Baron also watched the storm from his house and had hail to penny size from another storm. Fargo ND had hail to 3.50" reported.
September 21, 2007- a few weak tornadoes reported in FL and AL. North west IA and south west WI had winds 60-65 MPH with severe storms and Inronwood MI had 70 MPH winds reported in the UP. Little Saumico WI had a measured wind gust to 67 MPH.
September 22, 2007- Severe storms would form in a line ahead of a cold front in MN and move into WI and then extend sw into IA and to MO. The storms brought winds gusting in the 40-50 MPH range in Jasper County IA and then moved east into Poweshiek County producing winds 60-70 MPH. A reported wind gust to 69 MPH was reported. In Wayne County IA another wind gust was reported to 69 MPH with the line of severe storms. A trained spotter reported a unconfirmed wind gust to 70 MPH in Dallas County IA.
September 30, 2007 -
In IA a storm formed strong rotation in Warren and Marion counties and moved north east into Jasper and Poweshiek counties around 6:15-6:30 PM. The first tornado to touch down was rated as a EF2 and it tracked from 4 miles north east of Pella to west of Malcom around Interstate I-80. It lasted 22 miles and had peak winds of 125 MPH and sometimes was as wide as 7 tenths of a mile. Co-Line manufacturing plant and a home was damaged pretty good. I am sure alot of farmers lost important crops from the tornadoes and winds. (Harvst season) The second tornado formed north west of Malcom and was rated a EF1 tornado with maximum sustained winds at 100 MPH. It lasted 5 miles and had a maximum width of 150 yards. A house was damaged.
Lot's of chasers in western IA and Brian Stertz saw a short lived tornado in northwest IA. Was not very strong that I know of. Hail to 2.00" also fell from these storms. They occured in Ida Grove and surrounding areas. Severechasestudios saw several funnel clouds sometimes as low as 1/2 from the ground I think in Souix City area with that storm but I could be wrong. Also had a tornado warning in SD and severe storms did occur in IA,SD,KS,OK,MO and mabey AK. Not sure about NE or MN. Two days later in October of 2007, 12 tornadoes would be reported in IA,IL and MO. Lots of reports of tornadoes in ne MO and a possible tornado reported in Des Moines IA.
October 10, Just one day after severe weather hit the midwest and southern plains more severe weather and tornadoes would hit on this day across parts of the greatlakes south to LA. Many chasers out this day.

October 18, Tornadoes in AL and MS with several chasers out this day and a few tornadoes confirmed on the ground.
SEP 28, 1986 F4 tornado in Jasper County IA.

I remember people telling me about a F3-F4 tornado that hit around Baxter in Jasper County IA. This one family I talked to said it took thier cieling and floor and they were staring up into the tornado from the basement. People said cars were flung into trees and dead animals was carried all the way to Rhodes a small town several miles away from the town of Baxter. (around 10-15 minutes drive) The tornado hit outside of the town devestaing some farms. I checked dates and this is the most likely date the tornado occured.

1896 may have been one the the worst years for tornadoes with atleast 40 killer tornadoes and one tornado that killed more than 100 people in two seperate cities.
April 16th, 1998 - F-5 Tornado to strike Lawrenceburg, TN.

This tornado is still known today as the "Forgotten F-5" because of the ongoing tornado outbreak in all of the Nashville, TN market area. Since an F-2 went through downtown Nashville, they kept the attention in that area so this tornado was pretty much left in the dark.
May 8th-9th, 2003-Tornadoes strike the OKC Metro on back to back days.

A powerful F4 storm struck the Metro on the 8th, while the 9th brought a F3 to the city.
Tornadoes in Virginia!!!

Hey Tim Vazquez. This is Daniel from Norfolk, VA. I just wanted to thank you for the list of tornado outbreaks. On u may want to add is the recent tornado outbreak we had in Virginia on April 28th, 2008. There were 6 or more confirmed tornadoes, I think, including the one that struck Suffolk, VA.