Storm Chase Almanac

It's all good, just a hunch on your part. If I didn't know Rob and his utter hate for the sheer mention of that date, I'd have presumed it was a mistake too. In fact I had to look the date up to see if there had indeed been tornadoes :D

Bah! Actually, I just left it off...not sure why. Must have been one of those subconscious things. But it does make me think of something Shane...June 13, 1998, June 13, 1998!!!

Another one for the list:

El Dorado, Kansas on June 10th, 1958 at 5:50 p.m. had the "wrong-way" tornado come out of the northwest and headed to the southeast across the southwest portion of town. Killed 13 residents and destroyed 100 homes. They just dedicated a memorial for the fiftieth anniversary this past summer in a park where the tornado went through. It was the first tornado that I had seen and I've been hooked ever since.
June 1, 1999: Supercell develops along outflow boundary/coldfront intersection in eastern OK and produces 8 tornadoes including an F3 near Ft. Gibson Lake and Checotah OK. Gene Moore witnessed first F3. Myself and Justin Teague witnessed Checotah F3.

May 27, 2001: Intense derecho event unfolds from southern Kansas through Oklahoma and into Texas. Top winds measured by DOW near Meade, KS of 112mph. Witnessed by many chasers.

April 21. 2001: Intense supercell develops along warm front in central Kansas. After storm crosses warm front it produces half mile wide F4 which destroys 1/3 of Hoisington, KS. Witnessed by Kathryn Piotrowski and myself.
March 12th, 2006 140 tornado outbreak across Missouri and Illinois.

Teenage boy in Fordland Missouri broke the record for longest distance tossed in a tornado and live to tell the story.

In Fordland Missouri , Matt Suter was sucked into a tornado and landed more than 1, 300 feet away... a new world record. That is 1/8 of a mile in this historic outbreak.

I personally chased this fast moving F-3 tornado down HWY 65 from Springfield to Seymour. Filmed the tornado illuminated by lightning. (Link to story about the young man) Really cool!!!!
May 29, 2004--Clinton and Dekalb Counties, MO-Weatherby, MO F-4 tornado....several miles of destruction, numerous injuries and 3 fatalities....several supercells formed many tornadoes....this was the largest and most deadly.....seemed like this night would never end for us....we were under a tornado warning several times over a few hours.....seemed surreal....I responded to Weatherby and was the Incident Commander for the rescue first and hopefully last experience with the devastation an F-4 tornado causes.....there were other tornadoes in the KS/MO area but this one is still to vivid for me.....
Tim this seems like a pretty cool idea. Perhaps later URL links could be found and then set up / pointed for each event detailing the chases, chasers, and the storms.