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Feb 27, 2004

The DVD video section is being updated with new DVDs on offer. The latest releases of fully edited storm DVDs are the Australian 2003 - 2004 spring and summer season and the 2004 Tornado Alley DVD.

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For those interested in giant hail events, two such unique very large and "Gorilla" hail events are featured on the Australian 2003-2004 highlights tape. Turn up the volume as the vehicle get pounded by hailstones to 8cm in diamater. This set of 2 One Hour DVDs also includes some unique and incredible structures, timelapse of rotation and squall lines, incredible lightning and powerful winds from the inside of storms. Sit back and relax and watch the Australian landscape come alive with explosive and electrified activity. The incredible nature of the 2003 and 2004 season meant that the scenery varied from the flat Hay Plains to the hilly Batlow region. Sorry no tornadoes - this is Australia:) [Broken External Image]: copy.jpg

For those who were fascinated by this year's exciting US tornado season, the long awaited 2004 Tornado Alley DVD is now available. In this volume, you get to watch the life cycles of about 20 tornadoes captured by Australian storm chasers Jimmy Deguara and David Croan as they journeyed across the vast and violent US Plains. Be it the famous 12th May 2004 Kansas outbreak when a cyclic supercell spawns 5 tornadoes (as well as an F4). Or for those who enjoy the beauty of tornadoes dancing across the countryside, your favourite may be the 24th May 2004 tornado fest in Nebraska. For those supercell fanatics, the 29th May 2004 beast is one massive supercell! This incredibly scupltured storm produced multiple tornadoes over a life span of 11 hours and was in our own opinion the largest supercell we had ever observed. This storm was so powerful it dominated the environment right across the state of Oklahoma killing all other storms and supercells to its north. Inflow was so strong it was virtually impossible to use a tripod. And of course, there are the electrified lightning shows, low Precipitation supercells, high contrast squall lines, and other tornadic supercells. This is by far the most successful season for Jimmy and David.

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Be a part of the chase for Only $20 per DVD or ask for a swap.


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