Australian and Tornado Alley DVDs

.[Broken External Image]:[URL][/url]Jimmy Deguara, Michael Bath and David Croan feature in some well edited footage from Down Under. Anything from violent hailstorms, spectacular powerful microbursts, and awesome lightning shows, the Australian DVDs have proven popular since they uncover the wild Australian landscape along the journey.

[Broken External Image]:[URL][/url]Since the 2001 season, David Croan and Jimmy Deguara have roamed the Tornado Alley region in search of supercells and tornadoes. Included in the DVDs are the maginificent White Deer tornado and the mean looking mothership 27th May 2001 with incredible lightning. And then of course there is the 2004 bumber season with anything from LP supercells to HP motherships and the tornado fest! The 12th May 2004 event features well with up close and personal footage. Don't forget the collection of high contrast landspout and "grinder" tornadoes on the 24th May 2004 in Nebraska.

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