AMS Presentation at UWGB

I just attended a multimedia presentation put on at UWGB by the Packerland Chapter of the American Meterological Society and Dr. Bruce Lee of Project A.N.S.W.E.R.S.

The major focus of the presentation was the influcence of the Rear Flank Downdraft on tornadogenesis. Dr. Lee showed video from the 2003 project showing RFD punches wrapping into wallclouds coincident with the formation of tornadoes in west Texas on June 4 (same day as the "You want dust you got it" storm, don't know if that was the same one they were on), O'Neil, NE on June 9, south-central SD on June 11, and all over eastern and southeastern SD on June 24.

He had some incredible video of the formation of the Manchester tornado, when it went from huge spinning wall cloud to double vortex to monster wedge. His team was parked on the side of the road...there were power lines on the other side of the road and the wind was blowing from that side at about 60-70 MPH :shock:

I got a chance to talk to Dr. Lee a little bit after the presentation. He came across as being somewhat contemptuous of those chasers that are not involved in some official scientific if they are all reckless yahoos to him.