8/10/2004 NOW: Central & High Plains

Dec 11, 2003
Denton, Texas
Tornado watch issued at 1915 for Eastern Colorado as convection currently firing on the higher terrain in CO and NM. Chasers are out in usual force for August, from the panhandles to north of Denver.
Tornatic storm near Greeley moving southeast; it is heading towards the city of Greeley with reports of funnels by spotters. Hail up to 1 inch has also been reported with this storm.

Am I up there? Hehehe.. of course not.. I'm in Kiowa right now, debating on trekking north to I-70 near Bennett/Byers. Nothing firing nearby, although some towers are going up in the vicinity of Colorado Springs.

Maybe some outflow from the Greeley storm will make its way down acting as a focusing mechanism for storms to fire closer to me. Still early, still waiting.

***EDIT*** Max hail reported with Greeley storm now up to 1.75 inches.