3/11/07 NOW: TX

Sep 17, 2004
We've got intiation 27mi NW of Sanderson. This cell has spiked up pretty quickly and the RUC shows a pretty favorable combination of low level shear, ML LCL heights and CAPE as the cell moves east over the next several hours. Closest radar site still over 100mi away. SPC mesoanalysis indicates cell is present with 50kts effective bulk shear, 1500 j/kg SBCAPE (1k MLCAPE). Low level shear isn't to strong right now but increases should be will increase in the next several hours.

EDIT: That cell pulsed pretty quickly. I still think that we will be seeing further intensification/development over the next two hours in the area near around Sanderson/Dryden.
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NICE couplet on that storm in Terrell County now...even though the radar is not sampling low levels. It's too bad we dont' have a radar in the Pecos Valley or that cell would have a tornado warning.
The tornado-warned storm over Bexar and Comal counties has an impressive hook on it. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few tornado reports from that storm.