2020-04-07 EVENT: IA/WI/IL/IN/MI

I’m up in southern Oakland county. Still mainly cloudy but looks like the sun is knocking on our doorstep. Mid 50s here but mid to upper 60s and a couple 70 degree readings west of me. Looking good tonight.
Definitely one of the craziest Michigan hail events I can remember. Numerous reports of 2” hail in Lower Michigan with some 3 inch stones on the Rockford, IL storm. The storms went nuts with the EML’s lapse rates.
We had small hail on and off for 10 or 15 minutes. Thought it might get loud, but all flash. The wind really didnt get strong. On radar, it looked like any larger hail may have stayed mostly west of me. I was seeing several pictures of what looked like ping pong to golf ball sized hail northwest of me and a part of the same storm that came through here. I'm glad there wasn't anything damaging here, I hate spotting that from a house. But it was definitely a lot less than what I expected. Nothing ever pans out here when it's coming from the northwest. I should have seen this coming for my particular location. I guess other spots had some much larger than normal hail, but not here.
Where I was, we didn’t even get direct storm impact. Everything was south of I-96 or north of I-69 in SE Michigan, nothing in between. I’d been looking forward to this event, so I’m disappointed nothing happened here, but I have some friends in Dexter who sent me pictures of ping pong ball sized hail. Those elevated supercells that started near Green Bay, went across Lake Michigan, and tracked southeast to Port Huron were monsters. I heard someone in Bay City reported severe hail sizes at his location 3 separate times with 3 different supercells!

Also had some some right/left movers that caught me off guard. Had the massive supercell that went threw Lansing down to Ann Arbor not had a right turn, it would have pummeled me.

But maybe I can boast that I didn’t receive hail damage because there are plenty of unhappy Michiganders tonight. 2-3 inch hail isn’t what you want during a pandemic.
Aside from the constant lightning strobe show in the evening, I was able to snag this shot of a dissipating horseshoe vortex! I'll count that as a win.


It was on its way out, so I didn't have time to get my good camera on it. The phone camera is all I had. Sorry y'all.