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05/29/04 REPORTS: KS, NE, MO, OK & Northern Plains

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Me and My Tornado

Nice! Next time I'll get a shot of me standing on my head! :lol:

Actually there are other shots of me on "the road" with the tornado...however Dave has them all in California and I am awaiting my CD from him. I saw them briefly, there are some pretty funny ones. I'll post one when I get the disc.

Brian Barnes

Will chase for food!
Has anyone seen a PNS / Damage assessment out of NWSFO OUN regarding the intense supercell that trekked across OK?! I can't imagine they haven't released something other than the first mini-assessment on a couple of tornadoes just north and notheast of OKC. OUN is typically pretty timely in their assessments, as most are done w/in a week of the event. Anyone else know what's going on here? Certainly the storm should prompt a damage assessment, and I can't imagine why they'd be so tardy with it.
My May 29th was considerably less spectacular than most, but I finished the full report page with video grabs and stills a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to revive a RPT thread from one of the classic chase days. I chased the Concordia storm, along with the Weathervine crew, and we arrived to the party a little late, but in time to see a few things.

About 7:40 PM

About 7:50, five miles south of Munden

About 7:25 from near Wayne, KS looking northwest toward Belleville
northern kansas

Chased 4 satilite tornadoes and got stuck on a wet dirt road with a red dodge neon. If anyone saw me please send me pictures for laughs :lol: . My avatar is one of my pics but i dont have a web sight to download the rest to.
Were you the guy on the radio looking for help, but did not know where you were stuck at?? I got a kick out of that salvo of talk on the ham.

It is never good to get lost on country roads and then get stuck ;)

Nope. My chase partner and i just got out and pushed. the entire car was covered in mud and so were we. After pushing the car for about a mile and a half we got some tracktion and drove through a large goup of chaseres who couldnt beleave there eyes. We couldnt stop laughing. But i think i know who you are talking about. A couple had slid off the road. they might be who your talking about.
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