05/29/04 REPORTS: KS, NE, MO, OK & Northern Plains

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Larry J. Kosch

While storms are currently active in the forementioned states, I am starting a REPORT thread for first-hand chase reports. Nationally, we had 72 tornado reports, mostly in KS, NE and MO, and still counting. And I understand we had some serious damage and injuries as well. 8) LJK.

Edited: There were three fatalities and 18 injuries from a tornado near Weatherby in Dekalb county in MO. A total of 91 tornado reports were turned in yesterday. :( LJK.
I have heard 51 confirmed and plenty still trying to be confirmed and still plenty more on the ground as I speak.

Priliminary reports are starting to come in from the OKC area. so far:

Roughly 8900 people are with out power
Confirmed extensive damage to many structures in Geary, along with downed power lines
An overturned truck was reported on U.S 270 in Blaine County

if this storm had move 20mi South of where its path took it, it would have hit downtown OKC. Thank God that it went North.
Collecting myself after an incredible day! I have on video at least half a dozen tornadoes along Hwy 160 (been a magic number this year) between Harper and Wellington, KS. A half mile wedge near Agornia and a dancing quickly rotating storm in Sumner County. Those and a couple other brief touchdowns. Tack onto that about 4 to 6 I didn't get on tape while I was driving! This storm went bonkers! Wow, what a day. Unfortunately, I have heard reports of injuries and damage in the areas forementioned, but do not have details on that. I tried to resposition myself along Hwy. 81 when closed roads cut me off, but found myself in the path of a newly warned cell. I booked north back into Wichita and called it a night! Details and pics (stills) coming soon! What a day!
We are in SHOCK. At least ... we're talking a MINIMUM ... of 15 confirmable, on the ground touchdowns that we documented on our storm ... editing video right now ... will be a while before we can compile this. This was chaos on an enormous level ...

We got two very large tornadoes - both of which could be considered wedges - the second especially, which was only a mile or so away from us, in perfect contrast, and at least a MILE WIDE ... amazing day ... amazing ... going to have serious nightmares tonight.

Bethany is getting hit again right now - very large, bad storm ... will get back with everyone after while. Hope all are safe -
I have heard 51 confirmed and plenty still trying to be confirmed and still plenty more on the ground as I speak.

Priliminary reports are starting to come in from the OKC area. so far:

Roughly 8900 people are with out power
Confirmed extensive damage to many structures in Geary, along with downed power lines
An overturned truck was reported on U.S 270 in Blaine County

if this storm had move 20mi South of where its path took it, it would have hit downtown OKC.

Don't forget the report of a police officer being picked up by the tornado in his car and throw a couple hundred feet! He's okay though! (I believe this was in Piedmont)

Oh man, this storm was incredible! :shock: The inflow was very impressive (several miles out)! The tornado was up and down, and may still be even at this late hour! (Watch out South of Tulsa!) It was also heavily rain wrapped. I hope all that happened was some power outages. I know there were plenty of downed limbs, and I ran across several myself. Heavy rain and very LARGE hail reports. A friend of mine ran across some 5" hail when the storm was out near Thomas. Just amazing.

I'm so glad that it's missed most of the populated areas it's come near to. Very scary not being able to see it, and watching it setting down and lifting back time and again.
By the way - we were on the Republic County megastorm ... at sunset, after the wedges, the structure of this storm became beyond anything I've ever experienced. It was a true beast ... will get some pics up as soon as I get some things done that have to be done.
Just came in from that OK cell that started near Putnam in Dewey county.... wow I am exhausted!

I was on the dryline at time of initiation. I was in Woodward around 3 ish when things started popping. There were three distinct cells, one that I was under in Seiling, one to the north (Woods County) and then one just to my South... that is the one that swallowed up everything around and turned into a monster. I followed it E through Dewey, Custer, Blaine, and Canadian counties. As it crossed infront of me Near Thomas in Custer Cty I could see it was begining to wind up big time. As I drove through Thomas I came across baseball to softball sized hail... WOW! There were huge craters in the dirt on the sides of the road, and trees were shredded. I made a bad road choice which cost me valuable time, and ultimately any chance of seeing any of the tornados, because most of them were short lived or mostly rain wrapped. I did come across snapped power lines... I think on Hwy 54 in Custer Cty. Saw a few lowerings near Calumet in Canadian Cty.

This storm had the most amazing structure. There were two different and distinct, and large, inflow bands. There were also, at times, two distinct hooks. It was like a giant vacuum, and was a difficult one to chase as it stayed in an HP configuration most of the time.
Got on the Putnam/Thomas etc storm around initiation.

Man, WHAT a DAY! This has to be one of the most exhausting chases I and others in my entourage have ever completed. I'm SO glad we chose to go west from OKC this afternoon instead of to our original target north near Enid. We would have been playing catchup all day.

Anyway, watched the storm mature west of Greenfield with several lowerings and softball hail near Thomas. Then made it into Geary where we were met by HORDES of chasers. I've never seen this many chasers EVER in one area. Here we saw our first tornado of the day after we had moved just south of Geary. By this time, the structure was INCREDIBLE on this storm. Warm, moist inlow of 40-50kts was not uncommon. Add to this the dust in all the surrounding farm lands and we soon had an amazing looking HP beast. We followed it east all the way to Edmond. We saw several other condensation funnels including an anti-cyclonic one that was reported to have a debris cloud on the ground. Also Channel 9 has been showing some awesome pics of a very skinny tornado just near Piedmont. We were there but it was after dark so visibility was a big issue.

All and all today made my trek from the mtns very worthwhile!
I too was on the HARPER/SUMNER County cell that produced a large wedge at least 1/2 mile wide maybe larger. I was located on the north side at 70th and Argonia Rd around 0100Z or 8pm. There were many spinups on the north side of the meso but i cant confirm any of those touching down. This was one incredible storm like i have never seen before. The anvil was a good 40 miles north of the storm. The roads prevented me from getting in front of the storm so i stayed north of it until it became invisible due to the hail and rain. There was at least 1/2 dollar hail if not larger and my truck shows it. All in all, it was a good chase, just wish it would have blown up several hours before dark. So far i have heard of minor injuries from this particular storm which is good. I think the NWS and media did an excellent job of warning the public.

Thanks to Scott Roberts at KWCH for getting my report on the air.
HORDES of chasers is, I think, :dontknow: the best description. Holy cow! :confused4:

If this had occured at the begining of the month before most of the OU students left, I can't even imagine! I was hovering around the Watonga area for several hours before the storm came through, and I only passed a handful of chasers, but suddenly I got to an area north of Geary and there was everyone and their dog, and it was like that all the way to Piedmont.

Sheesh, even the news 9 helicopter joined in the mess!
US 160 at Manchester Oklahoma

Picked up on the storm along the Kansas Oklahoma border at Machester. Tornado just north of Anthony Kansas (Post pix later). The distinct areas of rotation on this storm. Constantly produced tornados from Anthony to Wellington. Argonia Kansas recieved some damage. From there on in to Wellington, it was a madhouse! MOre rubber neckers than one could shake a stick at. Remember the threwad about SAFETY?) seems like if anyone out there read it, they didn't practice it.

Anyway, got pulled off this storm at Wellington to cover a storm that was builing around the Nash/Jet area. The storm died just as I arrived in Medford. Got some radio broadcasting in. Now I just need to adjust my bifocals and relearn distance estimation!

Bedtime now folks!

John Diel
We went in a 3-vehicle convoy today, targeting Blackwell, OK. Eric Collins (who was in OK an extra day at my insistance before his trip back home tomorrow) and myself were in his Jeep, my girlfriend Jo and Angie Norris were in Ang's car, and Chad Lawson and Susan Walling were in their car. Upon our arrival, it was obvious we were too far east, but driving west was hard to do because of the crappy surface conditions. Today we'd have to be patient and watch our cells develop, then move towards us into the better air.

After sitting in Medford for over an hour watching cells develop all around the area, we finally decided to target the cell in Dewey Co OK, which looked to be tracking right down I-40. We'd made about 10 miles worth of progress on this intercept (from quite a distance NE of the storm), when Dwain alerted us to a new tornado-warned cell in northen Woods CO, OK. We immediately switched track and turned back towards the NW and this Woods Co cell.

We intercepted it near Hazelton, were the storm had an obviously-rotating updraft base but seemed to be having trouble getting its act together. We felt the storm was a sure bet for tornadoes as it moved east.....and we were not disappointed.

First tornado of the day was weird, began as a horizontal tube under the wallcloud, and rapidly rose into it, as the eastern edge tilted vertically and reached to the ground. As soon as it touched, it began to go "helicial or whatever the term is, as it visually "tied itself in a knot" upon dissipation. I recorded the times via my wristwatch during all of this, but we just returend home and I've yet to watch the video. Location for tornado #1 was about 6 miles NNE of Waldron, KS.

Tornado #2 was a classic, textbook, put-everything-down-and-just-look-at-it tornado, which stayed anchored in one spot for 20 minutes. We have the entire sequence of tornadoes 1 & 2 one tripod, save for about the last 5 minutes of the stovepipe, because we were needing to reposition further east for the next round. Despite this move, we were caught well-behind tornado #3 as the storm snuck in a cycle well east of us as we drove noth to Anthony.

Tornado #3 was a large barrel/wedge in bad contrast to our northeast, and we would've been able to drive right up to it had it not been for YET ANOTHER road closure in Kansas, in the middle of BFE. A small bridge expansion of maybe a few hundred yards was blocking our perfect path east to this tornado....we could see the driveable highway on the east side of this construction (destruction?) but could not reach it. So we back-tracked west through town, hitting about a dozen frame-bending caliber dips. We found KS 2 and blasted north.

Once clear of town, we could see a large tornado to the distant east; not sure if this was a continuation of #3 or #4. In a few days when ICT gets their damage tracks online, I'll have to use those to find the actual count for today. Hit Harper on KS2, then turned east onto US160 headed to Davenport. The circulation was just in front of us to the east, as we made great time (despite a TON of people who seemed to want to drive 10-15mph and almost pull off the road, but then decide not to) getting right behind it. A debris cloud (not sure if it was RFD or rotation) flared up to our southeast, and shortly after a nub funnel appeared above it.....not sure if this was a tornado or not, but the funnel was definite. The way this storm was - I'd imagine it was.

The area of concern shifted to just north of US160 as we continued east towards Argonia. We had trees blocking our view for about a mile, but we could see snakey funnels writhing rapidly in violent fashion, as a voice on the scanner said "you got one on the ground right now." This area kept spinning rapidly, violently, and as we cleared the trees briefly, our view to the ground showed a large dust bowl in progress under the rapidly rotating wallcloud.....tornado #?????.

We continued east to Argonia, where the rotation continued to increase and tighten up. We stopped as a merry-go-round low-level meso spun rapidly, practically a huge tornado. I looked away long enough to grab the map....and in that instant, a huge stovepipe tornado developed, and it was strong. This tornado continued to fluctuate, nearly reaching wedge status before disappearing.....about 20-30 seconds later, it re-appeared (or was a new tornado) and once again, took on the stovepipe shape, then grew into a wedge, then back to barrel, then stovepipe....basically going crazy. Thios one seemingly vanished, and then I saw something I'd only read about on WX-CHASE from Gene Moore.

A new tornado developed, then moved WEST.....rotating around the periphery of the entire merry-go-round meso....we could predict its movement once we figured out what it was doing. The thing would moe west, then seemingly sit still (moving south at us), then shoot east and then dissipate. After one of these, suddenly we had multiple tornadoes at once, all single funnels spinning around the meso, as Gene Moore desrcibed witnessing in the TX panhandle years ago. I honestly don't know how many tornadoes we actually saw....will wait for ICT track map to figure out an "official" count.

The last tornado to form in this vicinity anchored into the main meso, and became the largest of the day, a massive wedge at least a half-mile wide. This tornado was very near Ewell, KS, but fortunately we don't know of any major damage to property (save for a house that another chaser reported seeing) and best of all - no injuries that we could find out.

As the giant wedge was in progress, I looked west and there was what appeared to be a roping out tornado, but I hadn't seen a tornado in that spot. I glanced back there a minute later, and the rope was now a snake, roping out to dissipation. I video this one for a few seconds for documentation purposes, then went back to the wedge, whkich was now becoming rain-wrapped.

We moved east on US160, then north on KS49, seeing either a continuation of the wedge or the next tornado, NE of us and very close, maybe less than a mile away. The road was blocked a few miles north of 160 by a cop, so we turned east onto a crap road and went maybe a quarter mile (as far as we dare with impending darkness). This white cone tornado moved NE as it eventually disippated. By this time it was dark, our only good raod option was blocked, so we called it a day.

We saw at least 7-8 confirmed tornadoes, and there's more that I have to sort out in the video. I'll post a follow-up report once I have the final stats from this amazing day.

NOTE: I was very pleased to see a post from Rocky on here before I went to write this post; obviously he, D, and the Fam are okay, despite a (what we heard was) a very close call. Hope things are all okay with the Rascovich gang.
Wel I was on the huge HPish cell near OKC. I wont post much becuase I saw about what every other chaser & their dog who lives in the OKC metro area saw. I cant believe the number of chasers I saw but I think 70% of the folks I saw were locals out trying to get a peak instead of taking shelter where they needed to be. I know everyone has been talking about the bad karma that the hoards are bringing and today I saw first hand. I am leaning more and more on the side that chasing will be made to where poeple have to be certified to chase. The local police did not seem amused today by the vast numbers out storm "looking".

BTW Kenneth McCallister & Robert Sternadel intercepted an amazing cell near the Aticca Nebraska area yet again with as many as five tornadoes!
Overall a pretty decent day... Started near Enid, learned of a nice cell in Roger Mills county... Intercepted a nice storm which rapidly developed a nice wall cloud near Putnam. However, a storm to it's south cut this one off just as it was starting to go tornadic... We, with some luck, punched through the southern storm, and made it to 1 mile east of Thomas as we heard of larger than baseball hail breaking windows in Thomas. Whew, that was close...

Rapidly rotating very low wall cloud near Thomas tried a few times to put something decent down. Saw several brief spinups with this, but nothing real concrete. The only road to get east of the river now that didn't include the town of Thomas was I40... So, had to take a brief detour to I40... Ended up back on the storm near Geary... Very strong rotating rain curtains here, but again, nothing sustained as far as tornadic circulation is concerned. Finally, near Calumet, a quite photogenic anticyclonic tornado dropped north of town. From here to Piedmont, things were pretty crazy. There were several instances where there were 3 rotating wall clouds in sight. The HP nature of the storm was quite evident, as the main meso stayed wrapped in precip most of the time. To the southwest of the main meso, however, we saw numerous rotating wall clouds, and saw a few brief, yet quite violent spinups. A couple more anticyclonic wall clouds also developed and persisted for a few minutes mainly south of the monster main meso. Followed the storm northeast of OKC where we had to give it up for gasoline.

Overall a pretty good day. Was disappointing that it didn't pan out exactly as I was expecting (e.g. no long-track signficant tornado), and the HP nature of the storm (most of the time it was HP at least) made seeing tornadic circulations pretty difficult at time. However, still can't complain with 2-3 tornadoes... Really looked like it was going to put together a large on near Thomas, though.
Oklahoma Chase 5-29

Here is a summary of my chase in western Oklahoma today, which began early from our vacation base in Santa Fe, NM. I will eventually post a complete report with pictures on my Web site.

7 a.m – Out the door from Santa Fe. Stop at Allsups for coffee and breakfast burrito, got sausage, egg, cheese sandwich instead.

12:20 – Data, lunch, pit stop in Amarillo. Situation pretty much unchanged, high CAPE just east of dryline, jet max coming over panhandle and W. OK, good convergence, 986 MB low projected over W. KS at 0Z. High risk over central, N OK east of about Weatherford.

1:30 – Cu field evident along and just ahead of dryline ahead as I’m between AMA and Shamrock

2:00 – Cu have grown to TCU, I’m just west of Shamrock looking E

2:20 – TCU to NE is now CB as I’m about to cross into OK. Other weak CB form SSWrd next few minutes.

Around 3 – Data stop planned for Sayre becomes quick radar check. PDS tornado watch now in effect until 10 p.m. for central, western OK; also parts of KS, TX. Radar shows two storms, in NW of Sayre moving NE or even NNE, other about to cross from TX into SW corner of OK. Both strengthening; weaker convection between. I decide to target the southern storm figuring easier to intercept plus “tail end” storm usually better.

3:30? I’m west of Willow. Southern storm appears to have weakened; radar confirms this. I head back N on 34 to intercept northern storm north of Elk City.

4:00 I intercept storm, now SVR warned, turning W from 34 onto 33 at Hammon. About 6 miles west of there I see nice rainfoot as storm produces golfball hail NNE of Cheyenne at 4:20, then later a small rotating wall cloud, as storm goes TOR warned. Other chasers, TV vans also on the storm.

Visible rotation ends for a time; I follow storm N and E on 34 and 47, just after it produces 70 mph gust at intersection of 34 and 47.. New TOR issued as I’m on 47 between 34 and 183. Storm looks better again; DOW also watching it. Nice rainbow forms in east; around Burmah I hit heavy rain from next storm S being pulled into my storm by inflow. Meso becomes hidden. I turn N on 183 to try to get out of it and approach meso again, but rain is so heavy I have to turn back west at Putnam. Blinding rain w/ 50 mph(?) Wind from S, with sun shining. Finally break out and see retreating meso to my NE about 1-2 miles W of Putnam. 4 miles N of Putnam, storm produces 2.5-inch hail just after 5:30. Southern storm now looking awesome, straight, rock-hard tower with increasingly backshearing, knuckled anvil. 2 other storms are now between, so almost entire area to E between the two main storms is filled with other storms, rainbows form as dominant storms draw in rain from 2 weaker storms, northern storm pulling rain to N and southern storm to S. I return to 183, go north toward northern storm for a while. It’s looking OK, but moving into difficult road area (and also making my return to Santa Fe more difficult the farther N I go, while souther storm looks better and better.) I decide to return S on 183 to try to catch southern storm.

Heading S, lots of cloud motion in E, nice rainbow, flanking line of southern storm directly ahead of me. As I approach 47, I see lowering form under tilted updraft of storm to my SE. Minutes later, TOR is issued as tornado is reported 4 mi SW of Thomas (time?) My lowering was diffuse but somewhat funnel shaped and in the right place – not more than halfway to ground, if that. Tornado?

I pursue the storm east to Thomas. West of Thomas, I see 4-inch hailstones, and stop with lots of chasers just west of Thomas to watch storm and photograph 2.5 inch hailstones. Talk with spottern who had windshield broken by hail. Lowering has quickly become hiden by rain. Major street flooding in Thomas.

I turn S just E. of Thomas on 54, then East on E0950 Rd, which goes east, then south, then east, then south again ending up at Hydro. Perhaps 4 mi. S. of Thomas, I come to 2 emergency vehicles where tornado appears to have crossed road. 3 or 4 power poles are down (luckily on E. side of road, toward E so not across road) and branches are also down. This is between locations of reported touchdowns, so likely tornado was on ground for some distance. In the second place where the road goes east, I see chasers looking NNE and looking there see ropy funnel at least halfway to ground, probably more, at 7:30 p.m. Because at least halfway down, I’m calling it a likely tornado. Being under the flanking line, it’s probably a landspout. It ends in less than a minute, before I can stop and turn on video camera. Likely location: just west of American Horse Lake. I start up again, only to see two short narrow funnels form simultaneously around 7:33. Again I stop; again they dissipate before I can video. Main meso is now over Geary (it reportedly caused a rain-wrapped tornado about 6 miles west of there at 7:25.) I briefly see distant lowering; no idea whether or not it was associated with the Geary tornado. But storm is getting away from me.

To catch up, I have to go to 40 and blast east to 66 and 270 to re-intercept near Calumet. Storm produces multiple tornadoes N of Calumet just before I can get to it. I pass DOW again, scanning east into the darkness. Now I’m getting play-by-play on radio from Gary England, Val Castor, and others on TV chase teams. I see (and they report) anticyclonic rotation just NE of Calumet. This was quite photogenic, and I got some nice video. Couldn't confirm a tornado, though some say there was. Spotters also report tornadoes without condensation/lowering NE of Calumet and near or just NE of Concho. I watch numerous lowerings, including what looks like large wall cloud to NE, from 3 mi ENE of Calumet. But I can’t confirm any tornadoes from this location, although TV teams are reporting power flashes just NE of Concho which I can’t see. This is in the OUN LSR as a tornado at 8:20. At 8:45 I call of chase, b/c it’s getting dark, storms are about to enter OKC metro area, and I’m nearly out of gas.

I gas up in Calumet, buying gas from young woman who says she’d rather be chasing, and start long trip back toward Santa Fe, listening to Gary and his team report the storms progress through the NW parts of the OKC metro.

Day’s total: 2 (or maybe 3) possible tornadoes, at least 3 funnel clouds, cyclonic and anticyclonic rotating wall clouds, 4-inch hail, floods. Had I stayed with the southern storm all the way, I might have done better, as once I switched back to it I was too far behind it to see the rain-wrapped tornadoes or even some that weren’t. Still, an amazing day.
Dang, what a day. Got to my initial target of Enid about 3:30. After hanging around there a bit I headed down 81 to catch the storm west of OKC. Intense storm pretty much sums it up. Got a couple good windshield cracks from baseball size hail.

There were so many frickin' people out it was crazy, not to mention unsafe. Down 3 east toward OKC people were parked everywhere. Even in the section of the road that you swing through to make a U-turn. These were totally blocked by people watching and filming the storm. I don't know how many doors I almost took off.

Might be some severe weather close to home tomorrow. If I can chase around the crowd that was out today, the Ozarks will be nothing. :wink:
Saw 2 tornadoes in western Oklahoma today north of I-40. No good video as touchdowns were brief and only video is while driving:


Did manage to stop and grab a couple of 35mm slide shots of this tube, albeit the funnel had partially lifted. Great contrast though.

Highlight of the day was from tornado #2, mostly invisible except for a brief condensation swirl on the ground along with several airborne trees and small debris. We were less than 1/2 mile south. We heard an amazing sound from the vortex as it touched down briefly, sounded like the reverse thrusters on a jet airplane.

Little scare by a blast of RFD winds in Geary, recorded a gust of 114 MPH on my anemometer as garbage cans and tree limbs fly around and the vehicles rock. We turned around fast and got out of it, thankfully didn't lose any windows.

Managed to squeeze by the same storm before it crossed I-40 into Tulsa. Staying in Joplin, MO for a last-vacation-day-long-shot-chase in MO and AR on the way home.

Detailed report to follow eventually.
Got first cell north of Hammon - was pretty high based at first, but produced a few decent wall clouds. Eventually the base lowered a little and inflow really got cranking - then precip from new cell to the south started feeding into the updraft. Went south on US 183 in heavy rain - then got 1" hail just south of US 183 and Hwy 47 so stopped to let core pass by to the south. Went south to I-40 then went east to reposition. Went up to Geary just as HP monster was closing in on town. Left as soon as inflow jets hit which created blinding dust storm - was amazing to see dust getting drawn into the updraft. Went south to I-40 again then up through Yukon to Hwy 3/Hwy 4 intersection to try another intercept - was a bit surprised at how much the storm slowed after going through Geary so I was well east of it while it was tornadoing in the Calumet/Concho area. No matter though as this storm was showing some amazing structure. Lost view of the storm for a while I was going through the northern part of OKC, then kept going after it after dark through Arcadia, Luther...and finally giving up around Chandler. Saw some lightning illuminated wall clouds but that was about it.

No tornadoes today but just an amazing storm. This storm's dust filled inflow was just as intense as the Portales NM storm from 6/4/2003. Also it was great to see amazing supercell structure in the western suburbs of OKC for the second time in four days. This supercell has to be right up there with the 5/29/2001 storm and the 5/9/2003 storm in terms of long lived supercells - today's storm pretty much crossed the entire state of Oklahoma and finally died at the OK/AR border around 3am! The radar pics from tonight's storm as it tracked along the Turner Turnpike remind me a lot of the radar pics of the 5/9/2003 supercell as it tracked along the Turner Turnpike!
Probably got more than a half dozen tornadoes from the Harper County storm including the huge Argonia area storm. We navigated through some tree filed dirt roads and saw at least F2 damage. After driving 500 miles and heading back to Tulsa, I had to do on-air work at the TV station as that supercell came up from OKC and rotated over my house...fun today....Will post some pics Sunday....
I intercepted the Harper-Sumner County storm from its inception in southwestern Woods County, OK. The first rotating wall cloud was observed northwest of Alva, OK, but this didn't last too long and the storm became high based and looked very non-tornadic...until it crossed into Harper County KS. I observed the first thin tornado from a few miles northwest of Anthony looking northwest towards the Attica-Crystal Springs location. This was on the ground for at least 15 minutes, maybe longer. This was a violent, thin shaped drill bit, that intermittently threw what appeared to be structural debris several hundred feet into the air. Classic debris cloud with this tornado.

The next tornado formed to my east-southeast, then after that all hell was
breaking lose. Soon, two tornadoes were occuring simultaneously, doing the Fujiwara act with a third weak tornado on the rear flank gust front. The dominant tornado became a large cone w/ dark dusty debris cloud and then morphed into a big dusty cylinder. I was hanging back west too long by this point and missed the initial wedge. I hopped on 160 and drove east with the rain-wrapped wedge in front of me apparently. It missed Danville to the east by a couple miles I think. Once I reached east of Danville, the very large tornado was to my northeast, then eventually north when I could pick out both sides of the condensation funnel. It was very large. Probably the the largest tornado I've ever seen. I continued east on 160 through Argonia ultimately stopping at a location 8 S of Conway Springs when the next significant tornado
occurred very near Conway Springs. This was a very ominous, "tornado cyclone scraping the ground" type feature initially with multiple suction
spots. At times this feature would become one dominant earth-grinding wide stovepipe, then back to multiple vortices again... eventually, this tornado wedged out, and I was worried about its proximity to Conway Springs. I think one house was destroyed just outside of Conway Springs by this tornado. My tape eventually ran out and I had to resort to just taking stills (darn!)... as the tornado become a significant trunk as light was diminishing.

What a day. Most of my video was mounted on my suction cup mount on the driver side window. I can't wait to review it. I zoomed in a lot at ground level of the first thin drill bit northwest of Anthony (the first long-lived tornado).... Many digi stills taken as well, which in time, will be posted on my website.

Mike U
From Tulsa,Ok to Buffalo, OK to Derby, KS back to Oneta,Ok just as rotation was arriving then on to Locust Grove, OK. Thought this was going to be a less mileage day..... lol

Have start to end of this first Tornado and video of the snake funnel (last photo)Shane described. it had some wicked moves to it

[Broken External Image]:http://videodave.web.aplus.net/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/.pond/img0671.jpg.w560h420.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://videodave.web.aplus.net/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/.pond/img0679.jpg.w560h420.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://videodave.web.aplus.net/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/.pond/img0684.jpg.w560h420.jpg
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