04/22/05: TALK: Midwest into the Southeast

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
The deep convection that has developed in southeast MO/southwest IL will likely strengthen as it moves into a more favorable low-level environment, allowing for the activity to become more surface-based -- increasing the potential for damaging winds (quite possibley a few significant gusts with bow echo structures). The background environment is charactorized by more than 1000j/kg of SBCAPE and 40 knots of effective shear.

Still no WW issued...

The cell just W of Mount Vernon, IL is looking rather potent, with good development extending southward from there.

I am ready for some action as this activity gets it's act together and moves toward me later. It's good to see something on the scope after what has been a rather storm deprived season for my area thus far this season.
BTW, just in case anyone would like to listen in to severe weather coverage, here's a couple of radio station streams that provide severe weather coverage:

In the Lousiville, KY area (includes SRN IN):


And in the Lexington, KY area:


Just go there and click the "listen live" option.